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    A Failed Attempt At Something Worth Saying ( 2008 )
    If It Is So / Empty Threats and Recurring Themes / In My World / The Cruelty That Becomes You / Waiting for Morning to Come / A Failed Attempt at Something Worth Saying / The Gun Goes Bang / The Storm / Lost Cause / Misery Needs Company / The Good Things are the Enemy / Poet and a Spaceman

    All those groups like The Fratellis and The Kooks should listen to Ali Whitton and find out how to properly write a hook-laden tune. One listen to 'If It Is So' should be enough, really. Backed by the delightfully titled 'The Broke Record Players' Touches of violin enrich several tracks, we've got moods ranging from happy to sad, lost to in-love. Fast songs, hummable songs, slow songs. Reflective songs such as 'In My World' where the acoustic guitar rathers stabs out, quite appropriately given the lyrical content. Therein lies Ali's problem, people have got used to instant thrills and empty soulless performers. He touted himself around all the labels with no result. Self-financed this album ( it sounds professional, by the way ) with no result. Now self-releasing the album, he's gradually picking up a fanbase through word of mouth. Still, this is an album that requires plenty of time. It's not one for the background and deserves to be listened to from start to finish.

    Well, personally I would have knocked off a couple of songs to make an instant listen slightly easier. If that sounds like i'm recommending compromise, then maybe I am. If you don't want to compromise your music then your presentation is the next thing, because really presentation shouldn't matter, but it clearly does in this crazy world of ours. A shorter, forty minute album would snatch more listeners and hold your attention better. Ah, the title track is excellent with more sailing, beautiful violin. 'Misery Needs Company' is also a highlight, moving from gentle and sad to loud, angry and crying out in anguish. Most enjoyably so, too.

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