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Adrian's Album Reviews |

Album Reviews. Adrian Denning. I've been doing them for years and years using NOTEPAD. I will never sign up for a PROPER web-site and screw GOOGLE for marking my site as not secure.
Nope, I am not moving to fucking wordpress or the like.

last updated : 29.05.17
Rocket Man............. sorry, wrong artist.

Newly Added Reviews

The Walker Brothers Take It Easy The Walker Brothers
Take It Easy

"Now better known for whacking slabs of dead meat to achieve a percussive sound..."

The XX I See You The XX
I See You

"The greatest part of opener 'Dangerous'? Those brass parts parp in the out of the sound mix..."

Rick Astley 50 Rick Astley

" After retiring from the music business in 1993, Rick had an unexpected recovery in 2007 thanks to the internet ..."

Paul McCartney Pure McCartney Paul McCartney
Pure McCartney

"A lady in Paul's office apparently suggested the idea of a lengthy playlist of Paul songs she could enjoy..."

Pete Townshend Empty Glass Pete Townshend
Empty Glass

" We have some songs that were offered to The Who, one song reportedly offered to Bette Midler..."

The Fall Wise Old Man The Fall
Wise Old Man

"The Fall releasing EPs in this day and age makes sense. They do not get the radio play..."

Jason Derulo Everything Is 4 Jason Derulo
Everything Is 4

"Talking of Motown, who talked Stevie Wonder into appearing on 'Broke'? I mean, Stevie, I know you are blind, but you ..."

Palamo Faith Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful Paloma Faith
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful

"Paloma comes from Hackney, London. She sounds all the world like an Amy Winehouse"...

Coldplay Ghost Stories Coldplay
Ghost Stories

"Tom Bailey was the studio assistant. What, did he make the tea? The odious Paul Epworth produced, so hence no subtly is ... "

Fairport Convention Expletive Delighted Fairport Convention
Expletive Delighted!

"The closing medley is interesting in that it sees Fairport take on a number of classic guitar...

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