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That was because you spent all your money on triple gatefold vinyl you would read walking down the street causing a level of chaos Mr Magoo would be proud of.

last updated : 11.11.14
A new update. Yeah, getting kinda slow in my old age and senility.

Newly Added Reviews

Syro Aphex Twin 2014 Aphex Twin

" One track here has received almost no mention, positive or otherwise, in early reviews... "

Kate Bush The Red Shoes Kate Bush
The Red Shoes

" Her highest charting album on Billboard, this record is notable for a number of guest artists..."

U2 Songs Of Innocence U2
Songs Of Innocence

" I've been a U2 man in the past, although I've never been an Apple man - having played around with computers..."

Madness Absolutely Madness

" I hadn't heard it for thirty years before reviewing this set yet now remember it instantly..."

Pixies Indie Cindy Pixies
Indie Cindy

" Context plays an important part in music - a great latter-day set of songs from a rock survivor, in some respects better than..."

Babyscream Greatest Failures Babyscream
Greatest Failures

" Baby Scream is the project led by Juan Pablo Mazzola from Buenos Aires. He describes himself as a Power Pop and Classic Rock addict..."

Nick Cave Push The Sky Away Nick Cave
Push The Sky Away

" Once it was impossible to think of The Bad Seeds without their guitar great Blixa Bargeld, now without Mick Harvey either"

James The Morning After James
The Morning After

" perhaps they are, but this plodding slice of middle of the road indie wallpaper is hardly likely..."

Yardbirds For Your Love Yardbirds
For Your Love

" This album was put together by their American label and features three tracks with Eric Clapton replacement Jeff Beck"

Other Lives Tamer Animals Other Lives
Tamer Animals

" I've had this record for about a year, and cannot review it. The first four songs border on perfection... "

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