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    Living A Dream 7 ( 2004 )
    L'Amore Sei Tu / I Vow To Thee My Country / One Fine Day / Canto della terra / Music Of The Night / Nessun Dorma / Cinema Paridiso / Ebben? Ne Andro Lontana / Amazing Grace / David Of The White Rock / All Things Bright And Beautiful / Samsin et Dalila / Over The Rainbow / Torna a Surriento / Dont Stand On My Grave And Weep / We'll Meet Again / Don't Cry For Me Argentina / You Are My Miracle

    Katherine Jenkins appeared in Doctor Who, it was Christmas type stuff. She sings usually surrounded by a string section, she is Welsh yet doesn't belt things out. Even without Christmas type material she can send you to another place in time and another country and landscape. Let me make things clear, this absolutely is not the type of music I would normally listen to, but it seems I have a soft spot for Katryn Jenkins. A little comment, which will mean nothing to most people - thank you Steven Moffat. Living A Dream was released in 2004 and reached number four in the UK album charts, after her previous two albums had barely cracked the top twenty - she was on her way. Having the opening track as a cover version of Witney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You' yet sung in a foreign language was brave. I haven't looked up what that foreign language is, I was good at german, terrible at french and never bothered with anything else. Here therefore, the song is titled '[L'Amore Sei Tu'. The album follows a pattern, with very well known songs like 'I Will Always Love You' sang operatically with lovely full strings and her soaring yet still delicate voice. 'One Fine Day' features The Prague Symophonia, and she does tend to work with different orchestras and different collaborators. 'One Fine Day' if you were being cruel, you could say sometimes she borders on screeching, yet she dips her voice down then rises up on occasions, so overly she does well enough. You know, writing about music is really difficult. How do you describe a voice, how do you describe a string section. When Katherine sings very well known songs like 'I Will Always Love love you' and later on 'Music Of The Night' from 'Phantom Of The Opera' you still sit back and like her voice. The strings during 'Music Of The Night' swoon and swirl and create melodies not necessarily in the original tune. That is good. She does 'Nessum Dora' and she does 'Amazing Grace'. I have the deluxe edition so apologies if some of these were not on the original LP - I would love to have this on vinyl. 'Do Not Stand And Weep ' is described online as a bereavement poem. We have lovely little Piano lines and it sounds like a hymn to me. It dates back to 1934 and is a good stage at which to end this review - with god.

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