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    Andy Abraham

    The Impossible Dream 2 ( 2006 )
    Hang Up / Me And Mrs Jones / When A Man Loves A Woman / Sticky Situation / Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Greatest Love Of All / Where Would I Be / All Around The World / Unforgettable / When I Fall In Love / Lately / If You Ever Go Away / No One Could Love You / Impossible Dream

    Andy Abraham, the singing dustman. Brings to mind images of old George Formby movies, doesn't it? Perhaps that's just me, then? Anyway, Andy Abraham? My American readers may very well be completely unaware of him, and will be for a very good reason. No, I haven't just invented him, he's one of the latest in a production line of artists to come from the pop idol/x-factor stable. All three X-Factor finalists are releasing albums this year, so be very afraid. I'm absolutely petrified, myself. Singers like Andy are dime a dozen on the US cabaret circuit, and even in this smaller United Kingdom of ours, plenty of professional singers of that ilk are more than a match for Andy 'I love Nat King Cole' Abraham. So, what's special about him then? Well, absolutely nothing, of course. Sure, he has a technically good singing voice, a powerful soul voice. So do lots of other singers. The best track here remains the tune he sang in the final of X-Factor, 'Me And Mrs Jones'. He does a very professional job, a very straight vocal that's very accomplished, if you like that kind of thing. The rest of the album is utterly generic, but that will come as no surprise to anybody at all.

    I had a dream last night about Andy Abraham, actually. It results in a suggestion that may increase listening enjoyment. Burn a copy to MP3/CD. Replace the first and last songs with a mix of 'Me And Mrs Jones', just the bit where he shows off with his vocal, swoops down with the microphone and grins as the audience go wild. You know, that old crowd pleasing trick he did? You keep the "Meeeeeeeeeeee annnnnnnnnd........." drop the "Mrs Jones" and repeat over and over for around two minutes. Just repeat that single vocal line/phrase for a little while, as if you're listening to a stuck needle on a vinyl record. Trust me, it works. Add a kind of clicking noise and a few crickets chirping as well, as if Andy is stuck in some dark woods with Mrs Jones. Almost like a psychedelic trip 'Me And Mrs Jones'! Well, it makes for a more enjoyable album. Still, there's a song on this album that almost makes the price worth it for pure comedy/revulsion value alone. Andy, our forty something binman sings something like 'it's a sticky situation, i want to give you my love, open your legs'. I may be paraphrasing, but it definitely contains the words love, sticky, open and legs. Ewwww!

    Sometimes when listening to product like this I get angry, and the readers/fans get angry. Read my Will Young, Tatu or Robbie Williams page for proof. I don't get angry about Andy Abraham or his album, which is kind of even worse. This album is tasteful, with fake sounding instrumentation, yet utterly bereft of character. It drains the life out of me for being all so terribly predictable and boring. In summary then? Deaf people will lap it up.

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    Peter UK
    Finally someone has the guts to say that these people are shit, rolled off one after another on a long production line of Shit. Your views on Robbie Williams and Tatu are spot on. I would love you to here Alexandra Burke's rendition of Hallelujah, it made me feel sick.

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