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    Audioslave 5 ( 2002 )
    Cochise / Show Me How To Live / Gasoline / What You Are / Like A Stone / Set It Off / Shadow On The Sun / I Am The Highway / Exploder / Hypnotise / Bring Em Back Alive / Light My Way / Getaway Car / The Last Remaining Light

    Once upon a time there was a band of cheery fellows called Rage Against The Machine. Rage Against The Machine released several hard rock albums and were all very good muscians! One day, their singer got bored, so he left. The other members of the band realising they were indeed good musicians and getting along with each other very well - enjoying each others company, wanted to stay together. The singer from a band called Soundgarden volunteered to take over the vocal duties, and all was well. Rage Against The Machine had a new singer, and all the children rejoiced. Rage Against The Machine start recording a new Rage Against The Machine album, then decide they want to be called 'The Civilian Project' instead. Recording continued, before their replacement vocalist left the sessions, dismayed at the direction the new album was taking. He re-joined, and all was well. Epic records helped promote the groups new album, a group now called Audioslave, and all the children rejoiced. A super new single and super new video was released, and 'Cochise' sounded exactly like Rage Against The Machine only with a different singer. All the children digged it, but they didn't rejoice.

    Johnny was a happy fellow!! Zits on his face, but he didn't let that stop him dealing in drugs and enjoying Rage Against The Machine! No, sir! Dave worked as a postman, although he didn't have a black and white cat, although he did have a cap. He wore it backwards, and acted 'tough' when he was with his friends. All his friends liked Rage Against The Machine, although they had realised, they'd enjoyed each successive album less than the previous one. Do you know what successive means? A dictionary is a big book, full of meanings of words. A library is a good place nice boys and girls go to learn things! You'll find a dictionary in the library, and go to heaven. Audioslave mean little in the wider grand scheme of things, and dealing drugs is bad! Memories of 'Bombtrack' and the storming 'Bulls On Parade' still haunt the happy kids, but Audioslave songs don't haunt them - they barely even think of them. Audioslave are all still great musicians, and strange noises surround 'What You Are', a song from this album, now in the stores for everyone to buy.

    The postman Johnny took off his cap and sat by the fire, falling asleep. The afternoon sun created shadows on the wall. Johnny was forgetting Audioslave and soon would be going off to do something less boring instead. The children soon forget Audioslave too, and a new form of music took hold. But now, we're entering the realms of fairy-tale and fantasy! Sleep well tonight, and be good - the end.

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    Readers Comments

    A M P amp982@brfmasthugget.se
    5? Hello.......a singer from a band called Soundgarden volunteered..........! Do yourself a faviour and get the "Temple of the dog" album... then.... you will never speak of Chris Cornell as just a singer... no my friend... he´s much more, much more... On a different note.. Cool site, kinda usefull actually....Bye.

    Kiran iuhwdaudhi@oaijwdoija.com
    ratm is one of my all time favorite bands.... dunno about audioslave tho... its just not the same

    hatchy hatchking@hotmail.com
    C'mon! 5!? I mean it doesn't rival RATM for muscle or teeth but it deserves more than a poxy 5! I'd even settle for a 6 even though I think it deserves a 7. The reason why Audioslave don't sound as raw and punchy as RATM is because (this may shock you) THEY AREN'T RATM! If they were some anonymous band you would have given this album a higher score. I agree with you on many scores you've given (Doolittle!) but I think many scores you award are influenced far too much by time and circumstance. Albums should be judged on their content and sonic quality! Your sites excellent by the way. Better than Q's anyway!

    nick nickspicer@talk21.com
    Your review is bullshit. Actually think there are some pretty good tracks on their self titled debut: like a stone, cochise. Chris cornell, great singer, great voice. Give the guys a chance.

    David d_bankier@hotmail.com
    I agree with the rating, and although I know almost nothing about RATM, Soundgarden's last 3 albums were MUCH better than this. There isn't enough variety, and it's overlong. Also, Chris Cornell's voice sounds strained compared to his 90's prime. I suggest you check out "Badmotorfinger", "Superunknown", or even "Down On The Upside"; all are very good, "Superunkown" my personal favourite (worthy of at least 8˝).

    stagepunk gotoparker@yahoo.com
    I have been thrown off soundgardens stage 5 different times and know that these guys were pushed into this first album rush-a-song crap. Check out X-FM's news on audioslave and watch out for some hard core rock on the horizon.

    Ben Western benwestern66@hotmail.com
    It seems you all have reviewed with RATM in mind. When I got this album I had never listened to RATM or Sound Garden with any intent. Obviously knew of them, heard some songs on MTV2, but that's as far as it goes. So from a 'neutral' view...I think Chris Cornell is a superb lyricist, and the band are very very good. Altogether I really dig this album, well produced, flows nicely, and a perfect balance of the heavier stuff, with gems such as "Like a Stone" thrown in for good measure. All in all I give it a solid 8, and that gains a few more points with each listen.

    jess love2hate325@yahoo.com
    chris cornell is the best singer in the whole world and rage against the machine is the best band ever... put the two together and you have the best fucking band in the whole world

    amanda amanda_koura14@hotmail.com
    loved your little story, though it was very confusing... audioslave is far from boring and that soundgarden singer is the best out there... i don't know what your listening too because i can't get enough of listening to audioslave and chris cornell as you refer to him as that soundgarden singer[and soundgarden was just as good a ratm]has a great voice and lyrics... he was doing ratm a favour by joining the band

    dav punk.rock.panda@gmail.com
    The album is a let down, some good RATM styled riffs like 'bring em back alive'but the olny 2 good songs are cochise and show me how to live!

    Ricardo nunez101@hotmail.com
    Yes, Soundgarden kicked ass back in the 90's (badmoderfinger and superunknown to be specific) I never really dug Rage Against the Machine (all their albums sounded too much alike). To me, this whole Audioslave project just didn't break thru. I mean, these guys are really good musicians, their not just a bunch of little boys who picked up some instruments the other day and decided to form a band; no way, these guys (especially Chris Cornell)have been around for a while. So one should really expect something a little more interesting and exiting, not just a handfull of songs that don't really justify their talents and capabilities in the recording studio. The songs are not as creative and there isn't anything here that hasn't been heard or done before; so I guess it is true that this album could be easily forgotten in a couple of years (actually, I think it already is)

    JR jramsag@hotmail.com
    Oh you ignorant......?Soundgarden are one of the best bands of all time. RATM had great riffs and that was it. Far to much political bull going on. Chris Cornell is one of the best rock singers of all time and the sooner you realise that the better for you. Check out any of his albums and real sit and listen to what hes saying. The guy is a legend, the guy is a poet, the guy is God!

    Birdman birmanofAlcatraz@msn.com
    I thought your review was rubbish because you didn't give a mention what any of the music is like, my opinion is that Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk and Chris Cornell have all been able to show what talents they all have even though they have been in great previos bands. RUBBISH REVIEW. I am a music reviewer any way!

    Leif moegeorgeilarry@yahoo.com
    this is in response to your comments regarding the Audioslave album. First off lets get one thing straight, the group is great and the album is as well. I liked RATM and soundgarden equally, considering their different brands of expression. You pass this off just because you want to label them as another supergroup, and that is pure crap! If this album had been recording by some crappy band like Breaking Benjamin, or as I like to call them Banking Benjamins, you'd probably applaud it like it was the second coming or something.

    Phylicia philly__x3@hotmail.com
    yes who didnt love rage against the machine! they spoke loud and they were heard, they do have really amazing songs.. but i dont think you understand that audioslave isnt the same thing as rage against the machine, they are a completely different band now. so don't judge them by how rage was. and p.s, its 2006 now and audioslave has two albums out, and in june they are releasing there third one titled "revelations" and just incase you havn't heard the third one it is kickass. and "children" do think of there songs, they are one of the most played bands on the radio today.... and they are deffinately my favourite band.

    top of page Out Of Exile 7 ( 2005 )
    Your Time Has Come / Out Of Exile / Be Yourself / Doesn't Remind Me / Heavens Dead / The Worm/ Man Or Animal / Yesterday To Tomorrow / Dandelion / Number 1 Zero / The Curse

    A step in the right direction. Audioslave seem to have shaken off the shackles of their respective pasts ( Soundgarden & Rage Against The Machine ) a little better than they did with their debut set. They seemed too self aware of where they had come from, a little scared of stepping on each others toes. Straight out the box this time around, we have a mini-classic with 'Your Time Has Come'. The Rage Against Machine guys are allowed to do what comes naturally to them, eg, create a storming and instantly memorable riff monster. Chris Cornell shows off his vocal prowess, he sounds quite soulful here, in fact. Which isn't something i'd say about the debut record. Yes, I wrote a rather strange review for it. I received some critiscm for that, but I genuinely couldn't think of anything to say about the record of interest. It didn't interest me. 'Out Of Exile' does. I still think they can do better, but going back to the first sentence, this is a step in the right direction. Ah, following up 'Your Time Has Come' is the title track, another excellent rock song that combines Mr Cornell's strong vocals with Rage Against The Machine riffs. Then for the third song, they sound different, but right. 'Be Yourself' is a brooding mid-tempo rock number that Red Hot Chili Peppers or Pearl Jam would be proud of. A strong start to the album then? Well, yes. I've given that impression, haven't I? Good, because it continues. 'Doesn't Remind Me' has a southern-rock tinge to it before getting all angry then quiet and soulful again. It's another step towards the band finding their own voice without having to abandon their past. You need to be aware of where you've come from, celebrate it and move on. It needs to happen naturally. If that's going to take some time for Audioslave, fair enough. 'Out Of Exile' contains enough signs that they are getting there for me to cautiously welcome, even look forward to, a third set from them. Oh, the guitar solo in 'Doesn't Remind Me' is worth a mention, it's superb.

    'Out Of Exile' continues on its merry way, never exceeding the first four songs but remaining interesting and enjoyable. I particularly enjoy 'The Worm', it combines the indivduals in the band very well and plays up to each members strengths. Thus, we have much guitar riffery and trademark Rage noises. The rhythm section are rock-solid and the vocals have power, without resorting to yelling and screaming. It's all good. A couple of rather dull moments result in the enjoyment factor tailing off towards the end of the album, but we can live with that. A happy ending for Audioslave? Not yet, but perhaps it's now worth sticking around for the journey. This isn't an especially remarkable album, but it is a good album, and Audioslave now surely have their place. After three plus years, i'm finally glad they exist.

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    Readers Comments

    Mike Harrison cathairball5000@yahoo.com
    This is a better album than their debut. Cornell is a much better singer this time around, though in retrospect, he's probably a more soulful singer between Soundgarden and Audioslave than many of his 90's alt-rock peers. Fortunately, he doesn't come TOO close to Eddie Vedder territory on every song (no slam on Eddie as a singer, but I get a litle tired of the deep-throated, macho Vedderisms that affect other bands). The album IS a step in the right direction, but I think there isn't a lot of sonic variety here. More than half of the songs just sound the same regardless of Cornell's delivery. They're decent, but I agree with Adrian in that they're capable of a lot more. A couple of tracks (of which I'm forgetting the titles) come closer to punk rock than the usual hard-rock sound, and I sure wish they'd "punk it up" more often.

    Phylicia philly__x3@hotmail.com
    Damn right your glad they exist! hehe.. they are paving the way for all upcoming rock bands! don't worry, rage will never be forgotten.... you should really see audioslave, they kick ass

    top of page Revelations ( 2006 )
    Revelations / One And The Same / Sound Of A Gun / Until We Fall / Original Fire / Broken City / Somedays / Shape Of Things To Come / Jewel Of The Summertime / Wide Awake / Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye / Moth

    Audioslave return singing of ‘Original Fire’, ‘The Sound Of A Gun’, a ‘Broken City’ and ‘Revelations’. Judging by those album titles, this album must be jolly exciting, then! Well, we get a few trademark mad guitar sounds, we get a solid rhythm section and the vocals are the usual we’ve come to expect from Cornell. You could make up a designer rock vocalist from bits of sticky tape and a old washing up liquid bottle and it would at least resemble Cornell. It does seem strange Audioslave calling an album 'Revelations' because obviously, there's absolutely no relevations to be had. They do what they do, at last perhaps shedding some of the baggage from the Rage / Soundgarden days. Audioslave are now audioslave, for better or worse. 'Sound Of A Gun' for example is good enough to take us back to the power of the first couple of Rage LPs, although doesn't obviously resemble them. Cornell sings pretty well here. Favourites from the album? 'Summertime' moves around a stop/start, fluid funk/rock pattern that's as repetitive as it is addictive. The only downside of the track is actually that at just under four minutes, it's too short. 'Wide Awake' features an impassioned Cornell yelling and screaming and drawing us in through his sheer passion. Very good, indeed. The title track also, good enough to remind us of lots of other decent modern rock acts whilst also sounding exactly like Audioslave, thanks largely to the distinctive voice of Cornell. The comments earlier concerning sticky tape and washing up liquid bottles will make more sense during the songs where Cornell and co appear to be coasting. 'Somedays' sounds like Australian Nirvana-lite band 'The Vines', for example. Not a pleasant thing. 'Shape Of Things To Come', a softer, slower Audioslave lacks hooks and floats by inoffensively, but may as well not exist. The louder, rockier chorus springs up from nowhere sounding muddy and unsatisfyingly strained vocally.

    Back to finer things, 'Original Fire' is hilariously funny, The original fire is dead and gone, but the riot inside moves on. What can you say to a lyric like that? Nothing, it says all it needs to say..... ROCK N ROLL! Have the guys been listening to AC/DC? Have they been listening to the Chili Peppers? Parts of 'Revelations' make me suspect that they have been. Audioslave have never been the most original rock act out there and innovation is limited to the guitar player trying to sound like a keyboard. It was amusing ten years ago when Rage Against The Machine first surfaced, these days, the guitarist sounds way better when he sticks to riffs and the occasional proper solo. I wish he'd solo more often, actually. A fault of this 'Revelations' album other than the minor faults i've already mentioned ( eg, the odd individual song here and there ) is the fact, a couple of tunes apart, it majorly loses a listeners interest as the 2nd half of the album progresses. Audioslave have yet to produce a proper, cohesively or intelligently structured album that works as an album, rather than a random collection of songs. As modern hard rock albums go however, 'Revelations' will do for now and is hardly likely to upset too many Audioslave fans.

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