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    Since I Left You - The Avalanches 8
    Since I Left You / Stay Another Season / Radio / Two Hearts In 3/4 Time / Avalanche Rock / Flight Tonight / Close To You / Diners Only / A Different Feeling / Electricity / Tonight / Pablo's Cruise / Frontier Psychiatrist / Ethoh / Summer Crain / Little Journey / Live At Dominoes / Extra Kings

    Apparently, they are crazy in the coconut. Yes, it’s the latest craze to hit the dance music scene. But, far from being a new record, this has actually been sitting around various places for a few years now. In it’s original form it contained samples from the likes of The Smiths and a whole host of other weird and wonderful rock groups. After having failed to get clearance for those samples – they set about making a brand new record. The entire album is composed of beats and pieces of others peoples records but lots more besides as far as an overall effect is concerned. It’s all been put together pretty seamlessly so that you really don’t see the joins. Well, when a Madonna sample from her ‘Holiday’ song, or Kid Creole and the Coconuts leap out at you from nowhere, you see the joins then! To be fair though, any ‘famous’ samples on here are used mostly as linking tracks between the more wholly constructed songs. Everything links together in fact creating a sixty minute 'journey' of sorts. The opening "Since I Left You" and "Two Hearts In ¾ Time" feature sampled female vocals and both are highlights, are far as i'm concerned. The title track is beautifully haunting and one of the most addictive sounding songs you'll ever hear, to boot. "Two Hearts…" features ‘la la la’ vocals and is very much a companion piece. Moving on through the record we have the slightly ridiculous "Avalanche Rock" and many tracks flowing together. Not everything here is particularly memorable by itself, but the whole does end up more than the sum of its parts.

    "Frontier Psychiatrist" made for a good single, if only because the video featured lot’s of 'madcap' antics. But, The Avalanches do need to be careful. A few more Frontier Psychiatrists would probably do them no good at all, and would have them labelled a novelty act. I also suspect they need to vary the formula a little for their next release - this album is a good one off, but more of the same next time out wouldn't have quite the same effect.

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    Martin Gray bustercolumbus@ukonline.co.uk
    A brilliant party record, without a doubt - and the original song which the title track samples (by the Main Ingredient) is a beautiful piece of classic 70's soul in its own right! Perusing through the list of sample credits on the album sleeve is guaranteed to give you severe migraine after the fifth line or so....it's unknown just how on earth they can even follow a record as cheekily and intricately constructed as this - without splitting up and reforming as a completely different sounding band! These Aussie pranksters, eh???

    Jude Bolton Bolton_154@hotmail.com
    For some reason, this album reminds me of being at a party where you don't know anybody, and you sit down alone listening to the noise of everyone else having fun. Maybe because I can recognise the fun the Avalanches would have had recording this album, but I'm not able to share in this fun as a listener.

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