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    Greatest Failures( 2013 )
    Stoplight Roses / Checkout Time / House For Sale / Sensitive Man / I Read A Lot / Shame On The Rain / Restless Feeling / Poisoned Rose / Somebody Cares For Me / You Don't Know Me At All / Til' The Real Thing Comes Along

    Baby Scream is the project led by Juan Pablo Mazzola from Buenos Aires. He describes himself as a Power Pop and Classic Rock addict, Songwriter and guitar player. 'Greatest Failures' is a compilation of tracks dating back across the last ten years or so and includes new material. The other band members include Diego Serra (drums), Leandro Emanuele (bass) and y Maximiliano Sueldo (guitar). For those of you unfamiliar with the work of Baby Scream, parts remind one of Pete Doherty of Babyshambles and Libertines fame whilst other tunes are an effort to sound like a cross between Lennon and Harrison of Beatles fame. Opener 'Slut' and 'Every Day (I Die A Little Bit) would not sound at all out-of-place on a Babyshambles album - enjoyably scruffy vocals married to a rush acoustic and an electric guitars. Songwriter mode takes over for 'Mars', a neat tune with good repetition of ideas both musical and lyrical throughout the song. Simple, pretty acoustic guitar decorates the sub-two minute loveliness of 'Ups and Downs', the sort of tune Jake Bugg has taken into the top ten of the album charts here in the UK.

    'The Riots' evokes George Harrison solo material, 'Aching Eyes' something I can listen to all day, very John Lennon circa 'Double Fantasy' - Piano, the right echo on the vocal and quite lovely harmonies all present together with sparsely used Electric guitar utilised in just the right places to lift the song where needed. This review of highlights finishes with 'Morning Light', another Beatles type of ballad, one which this time reminds me of some of the slower tunes from 'The White Album', for some reason. Well, it's there in the feel and the apparent weariness combined with lovely harmonies.

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