Classic Line Up

Mike Love lead vocals, Carl Wilson lead guitar & vocals, Al Jardine guitar & vocals, Dennis Wilson drums, Bruce Johnston bass, keyboards & vocals, Brian Wilson keyboards, bass & vocals

Quick Quote

Dennis Wilson: I can tell you the day the Beach Boys will no longer exist - never. We'll be on stage in wheelchairs.


Surfin' Safari (1962) - Early, amateur and raw.
Surfin' U.S.A. (1963) - The Surf album.
Surfer Girl (1963) - The songs album.
Little Deuce Coupe (1963) - The hot-rod cash-in album that only contains about 4 new songs.
Shut Down, Vol. 2 (1964) - A follow-up to a prequel that only contained a couple of Beach Boys tunes.
All Summer Long (1964) - The best of the surfing albums.
Christmas (1964) - The Christmas album, home of 'Little Saint Nick'
Beach Boys Concert (1964) - Surprisingly fun.
Today (1965) - The sophisticated album.
Summer Days And Summer Nights!! (1965) - The slightly less sophisticated album.
Beach Boys' Party! (1965) - The rubbish one.
Pet Sounds (1966) - The artistic, mature and best one.
Smiley Smile (1967) - The 'wasn't smile' album.
Wild Honey (1967) - The Stevie Wonder album.
Friends (1968) - The far more influential that it looks album.
Stack-O-Tracks (1968) - Inventing Karaoke
20/20 (1969) - The last Capitol records album.
Sunflower (1970) - The one almost as good as 'Pet Sounds'
Surf's Up (1971) - The one with that song from 'Smile'.
Carl and the Passions-So Tough (1972) - The slightly disappointing album.
Holland (1973) - The slightly good album.
In Concert (1973) - The overly slick live album.
15 Big Ones (1976) - The comeback one.
Love You (1977) - The 'Brian Solo' in all but name album.
M.I.U. (1978) - The Al Jardine album.
L.A. Light Album (1979) - The Bruce Johnston album.
Keepin' the Summer Alive (1980) - The forgettable one.
The Beach Boys (1985) - The Eighties one.
Still Cruisin' (1989) - The movie soundtrack one.
Summer in Paradise (1992) - The really don't even consider buying record.
Stars & Stripes, Vol. 1 (1996) - Same as above.
That's Why God Made The Radio (2012) - The actually good comeback one.

Biggest Album Commercially

Endless Summer released in 1974 has sold in excess of 3 million copies in the US, in the UK 'Pet Sounds' was actually their biggest selling album where it relatively flopped in the US, only spending a couple of weeks on the Billboard Top Ten.

Best Album Critically

Two words, 'Pet Sounds'.

Biggest Selling Single

'Kokomo' has sold over 1 million copies in the US, although only reached number 25 in the UK.

Delve In The Deep End

Swim In Shallow Waters

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