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    3 Words 6 ( 2009 )
    3 Words / Parachute / Heaven / Fight for This Love / Rain on Me / Make Me Cry / Happy Hour / Stand Up / Don't Talk About This Love / Boy Like You / Heartbreaker

    Cheryl Cole goes solo after a number of successful albums with British girl-band 'Girls Aloud'. With a high profile thanks to appearences on ITV ratings behemoth 'The X-Factor' commercial success for any solo venture was virtually guaranteed. Yet, credit where it's due rather than work with 87 producers and engineers, '3 Words' largely is the production work of Black Eyed Peas 'Will I Am'. Cole herself contributes lyrics to but a handful of tunes and Will I Am is heavily involved in co-writing much of the material. This approach though lends the album a genuinely cohesive feel largely absent from the albums of X-Factor winners, who tend to have eight producers and writers on every single track. Also, 'Cheryl Cole' is quite generous with her vocal space, perhaps knowing deep-down she's not the world's greatest singer (or even Girls Aloud's greatest singer) and has thus let common sense prevail given up vocal space instead to Will I Am and others to flesh these tunes out. Yes, Cheryl Cole' is incredibly cute and sexy (for the boys) and very much a role-model (for the girls) and good on her for releasing a solo album. It's professionally produced and catchy enough to stand out in the commercial end of the market-place with or without her celebrity.

    The first two singles 'Fight For This Love' and '3 Words' are standouts, the rest of the album passing by nicely enough without really registring in the brain as long as it should. Another possible single though is 'Boy Like You' featuring Will I Am and also featuring a sample of Fleetwood Mac's 'Little Lies'. It's the kind of tune you expect to hear on Radio One circa 7pm on a Friday Night. You'll enjoy it then although probably not want to listen to it at home on a Sunday Morning. The whole album is like that though, very much an album to put on whilst waiting to go out for the weekend. For her target audience, this is probably the best LP she could realistically have done. For the rest of us, well, you'll already know whether you'll like it or not, without even bothering to listen to it, I suspect.

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