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    Copenhagen 7 ( 2008 )
    Come and Go / Radio / All You Can Say / Back Again (So Damn Smart) / Copenhagen / Direction / Hardest Summer / Stay Positive / Untied / For The Best

    Producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Opshop, Catatonia) has helped Chris shape his debut LP. He plays a mix of acoustic guitar with bass and the use of effects to help create a full and distinct sound. His voice is strong and sensitive, without being overbearing in a Joe Cocker type of manner. You know what I mean, Chris is smooth and passionate, so no drips of sweat as he contorts his face, no, none of that. He does fascinating melodies that keep you interested, even if his vocals do tend towards the bland side. Having said that, the likes of 'Direction' showcase his sound well and remain catchy enough to overcome any, erm, shortcomings. Lyrics generally are pretty ordinary, a song such as 'Stay Positive' is a strong production, a good arrangement and would be pretty memorable yet the lyrics are rather simplistic and the verses not quite strong enough to hold your attention. Better, much better in fact, is a song like 'Hardest Summer'. Chris still isn't Shakespeare yet the song opens with much energy and attractive guitars which frame his voice well. The song has a radio-friendly chorus and deserves some airplay.

    Chris proves his pop writing chops again on 'Back Again', that like 'Hardest Summer' proves this man has talent. Whether it's talent enough to break through the sheer vast quantity of similar artists all vying for the same things - fans, airplay, a bit of money, is another question altogether. I'll cut this review short by saying 'Stay Positive' is a captivating piano/bass/drums power ballad. Power ballad? Yes, sir. Well, it's a power ballad, it's not the chicken pox and he does this so well that Richard Ashcroft must be wondering where his own solo career went wrong when a guy like Chris Townsend can come along with 'Stay Positive' and do everything Ashcroft tried to do solo-wise but better. It's a question to ponder at any rate.

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