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    cute lepers can't stand modern music

    Can't Stand Modern Music ( 2008 )
    Terminal Boredom / Cool City / The News Is Always The Same / It's Summertime, Baby / Prove It / Modern Pests / I'm Out of Order / Nervous Habits / So Screwed Up / The Day After The End of the Wolrd / Opening Up

    Formerly of Seattle band 'The Briefs', singer Steve E Nix and bassist Steve Kicks formed The Cute Lepers. Signing to Joan Jett's 'Blackheart Records', 'Can't Stand Modern Music' is their debut LP. They formed in 2007 not 1977 but nobody appears to have told them that. They basically mix-up The Buzzcocks, Ramones, Undertones - those sort of bands. Every song is between 90 and 180 seconds and the whole album is good enough and short enough ( 11 songs running to twenty-six minutes ) to ensure that you'll never get bored with it. This album is just so much fun, whether 'The Cute Lepers' will last very long is another matter, surely this stuff has a shelf life once you do the same old formula three or four albums down the line? Well, that's my only real concern because this retro sound combined with modernish lyrics is good enough for me. The album is even structured like an old vinyl album with each 'side' opening with a couple of strong, tuneful songs. So, 'Terminal Boredom' and 'Cool City' are fantastic for Side A, especially 'Cool City' which is just so fantastic I don't know what to do with myself when I listen to it. Just wave around your arms, jump around, look stupid. It's that kind of music.

    'Prove It' sounds like an early Elvis Costello song providing enjoyment before Side B begins. 'Modern Pests' is as catchy as this killer flu that seems to be going around, 'Out Of Order' is all chiming, riffing speedy guitars with 'whoa-ooa' backing vocals in the chorus. 'Nervous Habits' sounds stuttering and anxious enough to match musically it's lyrical title and the closing 'Opening Up' is one of the best songs here to, sounding like a beginning rather than an ending. You can dance to it, sing-a-long, no doubt have a riot if you see these guys live and 'Can't Stand Modern Music' is the real deal. It's not Talking Heads or The Police, you know? Buy it today.

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