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    Daniel Fjall : Honest But Modest ****
    Oh, Take Me Down / Runaway / The Drapes / Like Me

    First things first, visit here to listen to more Daniel Fjall songs. Send him an e-mail, ask him for a copy of this EP, whatever you wish for. I'm sure he'll come to some sort of arrangement so that you too can enjoy this music. And yeah, it's worth tracking down, the man has voice. One song of his I heard reminded me a little of Tom Waits. The opening song here includes the sound of cars passing by a homegrown recording with simple acoustic guitar patterns and simple lyrics, but the voice has a quality and class about it, and class is the right word to use. The opening track here is just over a minute long, second song 'Runaway' features quite beautiful Piano work, always a favourite instrument of mine - and when Daniel opens his mouth, all gravel, all lonesome and crying into his beer sounding - it's just so very affecting. 'The Drapes' is a stone-cold classic and the best song here. You know, think what you like about a group like Dire Straits, but they make lots of money, sell lots of records and have a fanbase that enjoys their records. The songs here, especially the glorious melodies and vocals displayed all through 'The Drapes' could sell hundreds of thousands if the name Mark Knopfler was attached to it. Really. Oh, 'Runaway' features a bluesy guitar solo that's pretty accomplished and it really adds to the song. It's a lovely song - the Piano comes back in........ you wanna cry listening to this song. After 'The Drapes', Piano returns for the closing song, and it's beautiful. I dearly wanna hear a sequenced full length album by this guy, and PLEASE visit his web-site and listen to the songs. 'Like Me' sounds a little Dylan, a little Dire Straits. The lyrics aren't Dylan quality, let's be frank about it, but Daniel is at the beginning of something here, and it seems to be a beginning well worth sticking around for. I hesitate to give an EP by any unsigned act a maximum five stars, but this guy just really has something. I can't help myself. Call me a fan.

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    top of page Daniel Fjall : Tramps Like Us ***
    All We Got / Most Of All / Soft And Clear / Blues #73 / Say Goodbye

    Another five songs from the glorious vocal chords that belong to a Mr Daniel Fjall. I was initially a little put off by the Mark Knopfler vocal stylings of 'All We Got' - but the guitar parts get to you. A few more listens, and the vocals hit home too. I should really review Dire Straits, shouldn't I? It'll be fun!! I do like them, by the way. Well, that's for later discussion. 'Most Of All' is beautiful, and it suddenly hits home how good these songs are - seriously. It can be a little tricky reviewing music by someone whom you actually know, if only through various internet conversations - but i've been sent music by loads of people for review. Some good, some okay, some ugly. One of the CDs I got sent was by a reasonably well known musician now striking out on his own. The songs here, are better. And Daniel is just some guy recording at home, or wherever he records, but somebody give this man a record contract, NOW! And Daniel? Give us all an album to enjoy, please. Please? Ah, let's carry on. More good guitar parts feature in 'Soft And Clear' and fantastic blues guitar in the appropriately named 'Blues #73', although, why #73? It doesn't matter. And! More astonishing VOICE of Daniel Fjall continues, a voice to fall in love with. I was blown away the first time I heard one of his songs, and I remain blown away by his voice - it's such a damn good voice. 'Say Goodbye' is a little heartbreaking - all the songs here are good, and the only reason I give it less than the previous EP is the fact there is arguably nothing here quite as affecting as 'The Drapes'. Although, remember. The important word here is 'arguably'. And, thanks, Daniel.

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    top of page Daniel Fjall : Transparent Melodies
    All Too Late / Would It Be So Bad / From An Open Sky / Don't Remember / And This Rain / You Don't Love Me / What You Would Want / Ride The Train / The Drapes

    'The Drapes' remains as stunning as ever, a song of genuine and real quality that makes you wonder what other relatively unknown talented artists are out there in this world? Oh, and if you visit this sites downloads section, you can listen to 'Most Of All' from Daniel's 'Tramps Like Us' EP. Listening to that will give you a good idea of what to expect from the wonderfully titled 'Transparent Melodies' album. It sounds like the title of a Stereolab album, or something. I'm rambling a little I know, but 'Transparent Melodies' will do me as a title. Anyway, yes. The voice of Daniel Fjall is showcased via a further nine songs. The same delicate and love-lorn and lost romantic quality that made 'The Drapes' so very fine is also present in a few other songs here. The second song, delicate guitar melody, a vocal that sounds like it's a vocal projected from a beer glass full of tears. It's quite something, it's special and sends goose-bumps all over me. Yet, not everything here works as well as perhaps it should. 'From An Open Sky' I would have loved to have heard with a semi-country treatment, the kind of thing Will Oldham does so well. It's a simple song, perhaps too simple this time around. The lyric isn't as engaging as usual and the music isn't as evocative as needed to hold the listeners attention, although it does have its moments here and there, a few sounds here and there that are nice touches.

    'What Would You Want' joins 'The Drapes' and 'Would It Be So Bad' in being a highlight of this debut album set from Daniel. It's as simple as simple can be, a vocal and an organ sound, that's all you're getting, more or less. Simplicity works very well sometimes, especially when a brass instrument appears out of the blue and both the vocal and lyric are something to be cherished. This is a late night listening gem. Piano for 'Ride The Train', uptempo guitars for the opening number, yet I would have liked perhaps a bluesy thing, a little more variety across the album as a whole. 'Transparent Melodies' has a few wonderful songs that continue to indicate that Daniel is, and has, a real talent, yet i'm sure there is more to come in the future and that 'Transparent Melodies' isn't the height of what he is capable of.

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