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    Liquor And Whores ( 2008 )
    Terror At Sea / The Recruiter / Jon's Song / Liquor and Whores / Gotta Quit Drinkin' / Jolly Rodger / Whiskey Down / Waitress oh Waitress / Forest Deep / Livin' The Dream / Last Days

    The internet allows bands with a local reputation wherever they may happen to be to try and get their music heard worldwide. Thus, this strange live album made by an Irish linked folk duo transported back to an Englishman via the Internet is rather a strange thing. They do this kind of stuff well though, a raw sound mixed with the sound of whiskey and cigarettes in true Irish style. 'Jolly Roger' gives the audience a chance to sing-a-long, as do many other tunes here. 'Jons Song' is proof enough that the singer is no Shane MacGowan, but nevermind, we can't have everything, can we? Opening with 'Terror And Sea', the excellently titled 'Liquor And Whores' promises to be fun. A fuzzy, grungey and lo-fi guitar riff underpins some drunken sounding Irish vocals and the song proceeds in story-teller mode, a weird mix of 70s rock, Irish Punk and The White Stripes. All recorded live, of course. Do these guys ever cover Thin Lizzy? I only ask because 'Forest Deep' appears to tantalisingly mix up a Thin Lizzy electric guitar, mix it in with an acoustic and matches these elements with the same drunken and slightly grumbling styled vocals the rest of the album presents us with. Good guitar mind you, good guitar player whoever it is. I can safely say that much.

    'Gotta Quit Drinking' is another pleasing, rollicking type of song this unassuming album presents to us. The world needs more bands like Dannicus and proably has them, only not being Irish I don't get to hear them. Well, our local pub is Irish but they play the worst kind of Irish country/folk, the stuff that isn't at all real. These guys seem real and I can even live with the fact this live album has a somewhat thin sound. It's enjoyable and isn't that what music is supposed to be all about?

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    Yyvonne Walker Pogo
    My favorite CD from my favorite band!! The fact that they can go out of their way to make friends with ALL their fans, and still rock their socks off every time makes them truly unique. I can never get enough of them!

    Jason Gable San Diego
    I have been a big fan for a long time. Never once have I been to any other show that made you apart of it. Imbrassing you into a scene with the best and most intriguing people. Great Live band.

    German San Diego
    I been following this band and going to their shows for almost 2 years now... they are awesome… not only the music is good but they always tend to create a party atmosphere where ever they play... its rare to see any one standing still and not moving when these guys are on the stage. I like the direction that the band is taking, they are sounding a bit darker than the first album. This i believe are the roots from where they come. The lead vocalist Dannicus himself is a fan of Cradle of Filth. Although the band is not any where near black metal, the twist from it comes through in some sets. To further add the kettle, the album cover is indeed a work of art. The nice figure that we see on the cover is actually Jaime the guitarist. If that is not dedication nay I say devotion to the band I do not know what is. In the song Forest Deep, the Bassist Mickey switches to the guitar and Jaime takes on the bass. If you are ever over in S! an Diego Ca, make sure you make it to one of their shows!!! Look for them on my space also.

    Michael San Diego
    I've been to almost every show these guys have ever played and their live shows are a blast, they make you down your pint if you mess up the audience response they tell jokes sing funny songs containing sexual inuendo, and of course they always rock the place with their originals. every Dannicus show you go to you can always count on the fact debauchery WILL ensue!!! 10 OUT OF 10 FROM ME!!

    Hamish San Diego
    Thank you for reviewing this album. While I have been a fan for years (note the bias in my opinion) I think you really hit the nail on the head about their appeal. Their eclectic mix of different musical genres, fun and playful stage presence, and interactive elements make their albums and shows high spirited and just plain fun. They have inspired a faithful following here and every show has something new to entertain us. Like when Jaime cut his hair and was late to the gig, Dan and the crowd were ruthlessly jeering him all night. Well enough said, thank you and if you are ever in town look them up. Live they Truly ROCK! http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=59714976

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