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    Probably Art ( 2007 )
    Bad Before Good / Cosmopolita / Feet Firmly On The Ground / The Little Things / Saturday Siren / Now I'm A Little Older / Money / Give It To Me / Travelcard Traveller / Probably Art / Who Owns The Rain? / Time To Go

    'Day One' consist of vocalist Phelim Byrne and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Hardwidge. Their music has appeared in many TV/FIlm campaigns, including Cruel Intentions, The Big Tease, Six feet under and the immortal Trigger Happy TV. Originally signed to a record label started by Massive Attack, Day One are a genre defying band hailing from Bristol. Yeah, they've got some mellow beats yet they've also got pop melodies and other influences. I for one listening to 'Probably Art', their 2nd album, hear traces of both The Beta Band and Cornershop as well. Also, rarely for an album these days, it seems to get better both as it goes along and the more times you listen to it. So many indie-guitar bands fail to stay in the memory for very long at all. For the month or so i've had 'Probably Art', it's already made a big impact on me. Although, 'Day One' aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here, these types of bands that mix up their influences and display various disparate influences not only across a single album, but occasionally, a single song, are to be applauded. They don't do self-indulgence, they keep all the songs down to 3/4 minutes, typically. The vocals are usually fairly deadpan and the music is constantly inventive. The title track for example is just so very clever. Trip-hop beats, harmonica, brass, guitar. Very intelligent and literate and story-telling lyrics, very modern. Brilliant stuff. Unbelievably, 'Give It To Me' features Will I Am from Black Eyed Peas. Faster, simpler beats accompany this alongside his rap and weird noises. It's the best track i've ever heard to feature a member of Black Eyed Peas.

    Strings, drums, bass and programming are a feature of the striking 'Who Owns The Rain', advertised on Amazon as the albums closing track, of which it would work well, although my copy of the album has an additional track called 'Time To Go'. 'Money' isn't the Pink Floyd classic, rather a deadly accurate take on how money affects peoples lives in these modern days of ours. Addictive beats, 'whoo whoo' backing vocals, money gets in the way of life goes the chorus, and I can't help but agree. It's a great track musically and lyrically. Hey, this band are good! Other highlights among no real weak links include the Beta Band-esque 'Feet Firmly On The Ground' Well, not really like Beta Band, much better than Beta Band. Lyrics are far better, for a start. What else? The jazzy 'Cosmopolita' and the funny 'Travelcard Traveller'. Opens with sleighbells, has nothing to do with Xmas, reminds this listener of Cornershop amongst others and is just so much cool fun. Day One 'Probably Art' is well worth your investment. This isn't a two week thrill, this one will keep you going for long into the future.

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