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    Greatest Hit 8 ( 2008 )
    Pull Me Under / Take the Time / Lie / Peruvian Skies / Home / Misunderstood / The Test That Stumped Them All / As I Am / Endless Sacrifice / The Root of All Evil / Sacrificed Sons / Another Day / To Live Forever / Lifting Shadows Off a Dream / The Silent Man / Hollow Years / Through Her Eyes / The Spirit Carries On / Solitary Shell / I Walk Beside You / The Answer Lies Within / Disappear

    This collection varies a lot, from death metal to straight up prog to the kind of songs latter day Genesis would have turned down for being too boring. Still, it's the livelier numbers I keep coming back to, the likes of 'The Root Of All Evil' seemingly based upon British acts like Iron Maiden. 'Pull Me Under' is the hit in question, incidentally. The tune is presented here in a slightly different ( new ) mix and sounds to me like Metallica, at least as far as the intro is concerned. What's this, a little vocal part that reminds me of Rush? Well, the lyrics are just as daft and pretentious. Actually, as the song progresses, I like it more and more. The sheer quality of the musicians and the energy presented out is enthralling. Quality solo's abound, you see. You may have been able to tell by this stage in the review that i'm coming to Dream Theatre cold, so to speak. Well, it is cold, it's bloody blowing a gale outside and i'm sat here with blue hands, trying to get my fingers to move across the keyboard in frustration. That wasn't what I meant of course, rather that reviewing compilations is always farer and better if you are entirely unfamiliar with the band in question.

    I'll pick out some tunes at random, then. 'Lie' is impressive, slightly old fashioned metal, yet with progressive elements that help it ultimately, sound strangely modern. Stupendous playing throughout. I do wish sometimes they'd just scream a bit louder and sound a bit more insane, however - you know, like they do on the seven minute plus 'Root Of All Evil' for instance. 'Pull Me Under' sounds all the world like a great Rush song and as a fan of Rush, that's no bad thing in our house. The nine minute, multi-part 'Sacrificed Sons'? Well, after a slowish beginning it thrills and storms out in a flurry of very impressive playing and soloing, the kind we thought musicians had either forgotten how to do, or simply, weren't interested in any more. An impressive bunch of guys these. Not knowing the chronology at this stage in my eyes is a good thing - i'd hate for the slower songs to all be from the bands latter years. Still, if you're so inclined towards art-rock or prog-metal or anything similar, this compilation is a great two hour listen or so, and i mean that.

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    Michael McDonell Canada
    As many good songs as there are on this, it is very far from being the true story of Dream Theater, or even a "Best of..." since many of their better songs are left out. As well, it overemphasizes the "light" side of Dream Theater, which is, to be honest, the least successful side. The two albums "Images & Words "and "Awake" are probably the best they ever got.

    Pete UK
    Dream Theater are frustrating at once brilliant and oft incompetent. You should check out "Scenes from a Memory" it's brilliantly silly but surprisingly coherent concept album stuff and the music behind it is mind bending. They got sillier and heavier with age and then went back to the 90's with their latest stuff.... which is a shame. They were best when being ridiculous,

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