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    This Is Fats Domino ( 1956 )
    Blueberry Hill / Honey Chile / What's the Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You / Blue Monday / So Long / La-La / Troubles of My Own / You Done Me Wrong / Reeling and Rocking / Fat Man's Hop / Poor Me / Trust in Me

    Fats Domino came out of New Orleans to become one of rock and roll's earliest stars. Fats out sold everybody rock and and roll in the 50s except Elvis Presley. Recording for Imperial Records during his best run, most of the LPs from that era were simply collections of a-sides and b-sides. This particular one came out in 1956, 18 years before I was born. Ever since first hearing 'Blueberry Hill', actually not a Fats composition, but it may as well have been, i've been fascinated with his sound. I'm not a musician so I can't say exactly what it is, but you always know when you're listening to a Fats Domino record. I like that kind of distinctive-ness and all great artists usually have it. These piano/sax/double bass recordings are simplicity in themselves but present out a feeling over any kind of technical perfection. The song lyrics are also simple, easy to remember refrains about universal themes. I also like how much jazz music is here in Fats Domino's take on rock and roll. Check out the absolutely storming 'Trust In Me' for a great example of jazzy lines and swing as Fats pounds out his rhythms and gives a superlative vocal performance. 'Blueberry Hill' is of course one of the all-time keepers, one of the greatest recordings in musical history. The feeling in his voice is immense, the way the song lazily comes into view, lingers in your mind and memory and places superb imagery into your mind. It's easy to imagine a dark, starry night on top of a lonely place, it's cold and the chills get to you and this is all expressed, and so much more, in Fats take on 'Blueberry Hill'. I can't speak of it enough.

    Songs of a similar quality pop up on the LP. 'Blue Monday' is another mid-tempo tale of the blues and is joined by 'So Long' and others here. Fats could infuse his songs with the emotions required expertly. A couple of uptempo numbers follow 'Blueberry Hill' to form a strong start to the LP. 'Honey Chile' is jazzy rock and roll, 'What The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You' swings and rolls along most enjoyably, got to love the sax break in the middle. Reportedly, Fats worked with the same Sax player for many, many years. What else? What, you need something else, we've already got a handful of classic recordings? Well, one more will do, I guess. 'Reeling And Rocking' is moody, slow-tempo Fats Domino rock and roll blues, again with delicious piano and sax lines. You can get this album by the way as a 'twofer' or invest in the complete imperial recordings. Either way, a bit of fats is required in anybodies record collection, I would have thought.

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