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    Back To Basics 7 ( 2008 )
    Scary Monsters / The Devil (Ain't Getting My Soul) / Real Long Day / Scholey King / Hang Onto Your Dreams / The Circus / My Friend / Come Along With Me / Too Many Hearts / Back To The Start

    This new Finlay Morton album ran slightly behind schedule as Finlay managed to have a heart-attack during mixing. What, was he mixing the new Metallica album by mistake?! Anyways, rubbish joke out of the way - i don't do humour - what or who actually is Finlay Morton? Well, he was born in Aberdeen, this is his second full-length LP. He enjoyed the services of some experienced session-men to help put 'Back To Basics' together and writes genuinely heart-felt, emotive tunes. As far as the sound is concerned, we've got some mid-tempo tunes all wrapped up in Finlay's low, slightly husky, remarkably deep and occasionally soulful voice. The music keeps things simple, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, gentle drums and various keyboard and organ type sounds. He's obviously a guy that likes a certain kind of classic country-rock from the early Seventies. Maybe there's some folk and blues in his influences, there certainly are touches of the blues and melancholy feelings present on his album.

    I'll be honest, and in all honesty, I didn't expect to like this record. It's not innovative, the melodies are often subtle and the musical backing often rather polite - yet his distinctive voice presents something to me, it makes me feel. This is a frequently very pretty album, 'Real Day Long' being accomplished enough song-writing to have Van Morrison cover it. 'Too Many Hearts' reflects on relationships, yet marries such lyrics to upbeat, optimistic sounding melodies and a memorable chorus. The various bluesy touches across the albums ten songs lend musical weight where it's needed. The lead track 'Scary Monsters' isn't the more famous David Bowie tune, rather another Finlay Morton original that wins or dies on whether you get off on the vocals. I do, but even if you initially don't, try and look past that to the song construction, the open feel of the music and the warmness this album exudes.

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