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    Killer Bees Attack Tokyo

    password 86

    Password 86 9 ( 2008 )
    Revolution Resolution / Desert Dust / Blue Morning / Horizons / Megod / Vivid / Bad Dream / Brood / Mugen / First Smokers

    Based in California, Killer Bees Attack Tokyo are one of the latest myspace acts to create a stir outside of myspace circles. Their brand of down-tempo Trip Hop is a perfect way to chill-out whilst remaining perfectly interesting throughout. Take 'Blue Morning' as an example. Beats give way to ambient, woodwind sounds are enough to transport you to the amazon and this really is a beautiful form of trip-hop/hip-hop instrumental music. Their album 'Password 86' has been released and is really a rather wonderful and unexpected thing. I've heard tons of instrumental music similar ( if not quite exactly ) to this without managing to be even an inch as interesting or enjoyable to listen to. Quiet samples mixed in the background of many songs really do add to the equation rather than take away from it and this kind of ambient hip-hop, or trip-hop if you must, it really rather fine indeed. 'Vivid' continues the albums impersonation of De La Soul during downtime, blissfully unaware that their noodling has a holy future and is perfect for Sunday afternoons or late nights in winter, under the covers, or starting out the window up at the stars. Downtime. This is perfect downtime music.

    Brood proves that the album can mix up the styles, although within the parameters the band have set themselves, so the album remains cohesive. Booming drums and a little catchy riff which might be a guitar, might be something else. Orchestral segments pop up quite unexpectedly and the drums beat on - and this album deserves some hype. Let's get all the hipper than thou publications onto these guys, that's with me assuming they aren't already. Well, none of my friends are talking about Killer Bees Attack Tokyo - then again, they wouldn't do. They'd be more likely to listen to The Enemy and read NME than go outside of their comfort zones even slightly. You can tell can't you, I don't actually have many friends? Still, I have 'Password 86' - which will i'm sure be high up on my end of year best albums list.

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