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    Kings Of Leon

    Youth And Young Manhood 9 ( 2003 )
    Red Morning Light / Happy Alone / Wasted Time / Joe's Head / Tranny / California Waiting / Spiral Staircase / Molly's Chambers / Genius / O Dusty / Holler Roller Novocaine / Talinhina Sky

    The NME in their usual restrained fashion, have called this Kings Of Leon debut the best debut released for ten years. But, you know? Maybe they're actually right this time. It's a deceptive thing, since because Kings Of Leon aren't inventing anything - the temptation is to poo-poo everything and stick to your Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Stooges, WHATEVER. Why don't you just go right back to Chuck Berry whilst your at it and be done with it? For you see, 'Kings Of Leon' just DO THIS STUFF so very well. Original, no. Damn good, yes.

    Doesn't it annoy you when albums simply peter out? Pack the first half with great songs and leave the second to fend for itself? 'Youth And Young Manhood' gets better and better as it goes along. Clever stuff, stick your best songs near the end so people remember their experience with a happy smile. Secondly, they don't just stick to one or two bands to be influenced by. There are a host of Seventies rock bands, hairy ones mostly, that spring to mind. They may have stepped right out of the seventies then but their guitar player at least has lived through the eighties and nineties and it shows. Let's take a random song, oooh, 'Joe's Head'. The lyrics mention cigarettes, the singer has a little grit about him and the guitar is just..... AHHH! Ecstacy. The Kings Of Leon understand the value of a simple guitar line that's easy to hum.

    'Spiral Staircase' sounds like a cross between AC/DC and The Strokes. To me, that makes Kings Of Leon some kind of holy genius. This is fabulous stuff. They know it themselves too, 'Genius' follows a little later, ha, ha. Oh, ok. 'O Dusty' plugs into the blues and some imaginary gorgeous desert - least, that's what it sounds like. 'Holy Roller Novocaine'. Wasn't that the first single? It's song number eleven! Back to what I said near the beginning. Other bands would open their album with a 'Holy Roller Novocaine', self-title the thing - lack a certain amount of imagination. The Kings Of Leon suffer no such fate. Hugely enjoyable and a final mention for 'California Waiting'. Kings Of Leon don't have to remain 'stuck' anywhere, in any kind of scene. 'California Waiting' is just so perfect, so happy. It's like falling in love - it's just so perfectly constructed. I'm adding to the hype, but believe.

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    Readers Comments

    Ronan avatar715@hotmail.com
    You forgot to mention 'Molly's chamber' my absolute new fav song which I love... did I mention I like it?

    Fredrik Gierløff ultravix@gmx.net
    I was actually gonna say that this didn't deserve a 9,5 but then I saw you already had dropped it a half point.Good! Also good to see that you did NOT drop the Libertines any points. I find that one more enjoyable than this, and far more enjoyable than most in the same genre! Still, they both deserve a 9(Or actually 8,5...) for now!

    Benjamin Western benwestern66@hotmail.com
    F***ing brilliant. The lead singer, only 21, sounds like he's been smoking 70years and has been on the piss for 3 days...fantastic. I don't mind bands using old music, as long as they do it well. The Kings do and this album is just brilliant. The album of the year so far for me, maybe the best debut since Definitely Maybe, Parachutes at least. THEY ROCK!

    shaunalee mc cann aidan@sportingvisions.com
    its tue what you said about california waitting its so true really looking forward to the new album in november heard the new song bucket brilllllllll

    Mark mark1987bwfc@msn.com
    Thanks for the exellent review, i totally agree this album is pure class, and it doesn't matter that they are not doing anything particulary new, im sick to my teeth of pretentious people saying this about the current indie scene,which I believe to be healthy. My personal faverite on this album has to be Joes Head, its just so catchy and rock!

    john, county kildare john.j.doyle@nuim.ie
    i think benjamin got things spot on in relation to the vocals.when i first heard molly's chambers, i thought it was a newly discovered AC/DC track circa 1976. genius is the most aptly titled song ive heard since i dont know when, this time the guys have a 1973 aerosmith vibe going on, and that raw as kentucky sour mash guitar sound is a god send. the wonderful thing is they managed to get a second album out so quickly just as their influences would have done in the good old days. the fact that aha shake heartbreak is on a par with the debut doesnt surprise me.these guys are no flash in the pan.the kings of leon are not the great white hope of real rock music,they are the saviours.

    gazza garyhess44@hotmail.com
    A very encouraging debut , like a combination of creedence clearwater revival and grunge rock . Killer tunes , great attitude , lots of hair and guitars - Just what the doctor ordered , Mollys chambers is awesome and the rest isnt far behind ! Kings of Leon are simply the best US band since the white stripes . I notice adrians given the 2nd album a good review too so ill check it out next .

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    Aha Shake Heartbreak 9 ( 2004 )
    Slow Night, So Long / King Of The Rodeo / Taper Jean Girl / Pistol Of Fire / Milk / The Bucket / Soft / Razz / Day Old Blues / Four Kicks / Velvet Snow / Rememo / Where Nobody Knows

    Despite lukewarm reviews from the 'proper' critics this is where Kings Of Leon really move into their own. Without the shock of the new or the fashions - they've produced an album every bit as enjoyable as their debut. I want to give this a higher grade but there is some hesitation within me. They don't quite yet have the supernatural depth a higher grade than '9' demands. They are just doing their stuff and their stuff is magnificent. To all those that loved the single version of 'California Waiting', this entire album will prove an absolute delight. Kings Of Leon are now more self-reliant, more mellow and more real. This is an album that has no real highlights, yet also no lowpoints. It could be argued that everything here is highpoint such is the pleasure to be had from listening. The Strokes seem to be the band the press want to succeed yet The Strokes didn't produced a second album equal to their first and Kings Of Leon have. We have rumours Kings Of Leon have a 'mentor' yet to be honest I couldn't care less if all these songs by some bizarre twist of fate actually turn out to be written by Whitney Houston. Kings Of Leon have superb song construction and make wonderful noiseS. They sound real and that's all that matters.

    Lead single 'The Bucket' is just so superb, I don't quite know what to do with myself. The Kings Of Leon are the very best American band around at the moment, as far as i'm concerned. That's it, they move me in ways I can't quite explain. The vocals sound authentic without quite being so, yet still they do. They sound sincere. The music is delicate and aggressive both, with plenty of little catchy guitar riffs. I could do a song-by-song review, yet that would be silly. Every single song here is a song I want to hear and hear again. I don't know who these guys are but I know that there is something here that really appeals to me. Perhaps the fact all the songs are instant, packed full of melody and have intelligent enough lyrics. Perhaps I love them just because the singers voice moves me but then I know the groups song construction is super important also. This is an album without the important of a Strokes or White Stripes and it seems everyone wants Kings Of Leon to be proved false. Yet, they are utterly magnificent and I have no hesistation in proclaiming this album a classic.

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    Readers Comments

    Billy LiarGlenn@mitchell1818.fsnet.co.uk
    Thanks for giving this review more than an 8 most have given it about that I haven’t seen a bad review for this album and why should there be it’s the best album of the year. Just like the first album was the best album of last year. I knew this band were special when I saw them on a show on channel 4 a while before the debut album come out I judge a band on passion and when I sore the passion on Caleb Followhill’s face when he sang ‘wicker chair’ it was special. And with this follow up to Youth Young And manhood I must say the most worrying thing for me was the fact that Caleb had shaved his beard of which is a thing that I really liked about him gave him a really kind of wise look like even though he was young it gave him the right to sing how he does so honestly that put me off its so strange but when I put this album in the mouth of the stereo God I was taken back and by the time we got to Milk hair were standing all over see that one of the best songs ever its for me ! its the ‘Tranny’ of ‘A ha shake a heart break’ Milk, The bucket and Soft what a trio o songs amazing album truly beautiful band. 10 OUT OF 10 “ We drank wine in the matinee and the spot light showed what I chased away” perfect delivery PERFECT ALBUM of this day and age.

    Gareth Houlihan brofitch@yahoo.com
    The kings of leon are making people question their credibility because they are scared !!! They are scared because heres a band that has produced a raw yet melodic, in your face yet subtle, real but so different album that doesn't have that hint of 'i made this for the radio really' that some of their peers have.They really don't seem to worry what people think.they make music from the soul.This is why people are scared.They cannot pidgeonhole them, they cannot love them but they cannot hate them, they are brought to some emotional place they cannot comprehend & they are scared !! but fear is beautiful

    Ben Western benwestern66@hotmail.com
    What a great review. The Kings are simply magnificent. I saw them at their first in-store promo in HMV London and it was a fascinating experience. Caleb looked like a timid, and scared boy when he was signing for the many fans. He looked as though he didn't understand the attention he was getting, as though it was all too much for him. But when he's on stage he is in a place where he belongs....with his 2 brothers and a first cousin. When they play Trani the aggression, passion, and sheer ferocity of his "arghhh" that he sings, send shivers down the spine. The way they look, sound, and simply BELONG on that stage epitomises why they are so good. They don't play music for the fans, they don't write songs for the radio, they write songs because it's what they know. This is a band that grew up in the back of a car, playing in church bands. But that is all significant when you play something as beautiful as Milk. And it is beautiful, they best song on the album. It is worthless giving a song by song review, because they are all so damn good. Slow Nights So Long is just a wonderful beginning, and then the way King of the Rodeo kicks in after the 'mexican tequilla bar' type outro as a friend of mine put it, is just fantastic. After the first 4 tracks you are left hyper, and losing control, before Milk calms you and then touches you like the first time your girl tells you she loves you. Before you're left feeling overwhelmed, the Bucket takes you to new levels. And it goes on and on, taking you high with Razz, down to earth with Day Old Blues, and then wild with Four Kicks. It is a rollercoaster telling of sex with groupies, their life as a child, and just the turbulance of a rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Definitely Maybe was the album we'd all been waiting for, and I was then forced to wait 10 years for Youth and Young Manhood. Luckily next time round was only 2 years for this PERFECT album. I salute the Ki! ngs.

    Jon morley.21@osu.edu
    you paint my fingers and you paint my toes, you let your perfect nipple show. As much as I would love the musically challenged U.S. public to recognize the genius of KOL, I must say I'm pretty pumped that I am still able to go to their shows at small venues and stand face to face with Caleb. I've seen them twice and have been right in front both times. One show with moustache, one without.

    Quickfire follow up , just over 30 mins of crisply recorded songs showing the increasing influence of british post punk bands on the KOL sound , occasionally they also evoke the whos approach of those classic mid 60s singles . The amazing thing about kings is that you listen to the albums and remember little of the actual melodies themselves only to find yourself humming a bassline or tapping your feet to a tune you realise is theirs a few days later. These guys are a rock band for sure but its never overdone in a predictable way ,and theres a few experimental moments here and their to show theyre unafraid to change things. I prefer the songs on the debut overall , and tori amos could sue over "the bucket" but Theres no doubt that they have a huge future ahead of them .

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    Because Of The Times( 2007 )
    Knocked Up / Charmer / On Call / McFearless / Black Thumbnail / My Party / True Love Way / Ragoo / Fans / The Runner / Trunk / Camaro / Arizona

    Over the past five years I honestly can't think of a new rock artist that has given me as much enjoyment as these four guys have. So, what do we get third time around from Kings Of Leon? The songs actually aren't as sharp as they once were. It's hard to say whether this is purely down to the attempted increase in ambition, the arrangements we can certainly say this about. The songs aren't as sharp? Well, no. It's mostly the songs on the second half of the album. The first eight songs or so, just the first eight, you know, are all magnificent. So, not too bad? Bit of a mixed bag? Of course it's bloody not, it's another wonderful album from a band it's almost getting boring to say how great they actually are.

    The seven minute opener could actually have been even longer if it were to fully satisfy the guys thirst for increased ambition. As it is the song comes and goes and doesn't out-stay its welcome. It's a nice groove and that's all but that's enough. A real gem arrives very shortly after, 'Charmer' takes The Pixies and crosses it with Kings Of Leon. Well, who else did you think? Kings Of Leon still aren't inventing the wheel. So, the stop-start yet fluid bass of The Pixies is heard. The shouted yelps and screams of Black Francis ( in the form of Kings Of Leon ) is heard. The guitars bite and then never let go, what a rush. What a joyous song! For Kings Of Leon to show they ain't no slouches in the writing department, whether this author is mentioning the 'sharpness' of their songs or not, they present us with 'On Call'. It's no Pixies run-through. Well, The Pixies are a great band to take from if you have to take from anyone, you know? No, 'On Call' is pure 100% Kings Of Leon distilled whiskey and honey.

    Highlights roll on. 'Black Thumbnail' is a wonderfully titled, instant Kings Of Leon classic. The sweet closer 'Arizona' charms us with the softer, more cinematic widescreen desert plains side of the band. 'True Love Way' is another softer tune. Their music always did have a strange kind of romance to it. Music that isn't romantic yet music it's easy to fall in love to. As if all of this wasn't enough, although the second half does threaten to lose a listeners attention, but only very briefly - needed another 'Charmer' in there somewhere - we get a Kings Of Leon reggae song. Well, 'Ragoo' is only reggae 'of sorts', there's a whiff of a reggae beat. It's actually almost nothing like reggae at all, but the guys are clearly still immersing themselves in the music they love. This is another wonderful album then - all hail the king(s).

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    Readers Comments

    Andy Hanrahan hanrahan_us@yahoo.com
    Its been years since I got so excited about an album/band. I'm almost 28 and listening to 'Because of the Times' makes me feel like I'm 18. The difference now is, this band are amazing, Oasis suck and I now know better. Adrian, I'm so glad you didn't do the whole 'Its not as good as the last album' thing. Everything I read about Neon Bible (arcade fire's new album)was how disappointing it was compared to the last album. Albums don't have to be as good as the last. If its good, enjoy it, easy. Imagine giving up on the beatles after they released yellow submarine only to be rewarded with Abbey Road. Ok, Nobody has mentioned the fact that this latest album isn't as good as the last but before they do...WHO CARES!!!

    Jayson jayson_colhoun@yahoo.co.uk
    I haven't had this record off since it (officially) came out a week ago. Easily adds to a strong, albiet small, back catalogue for KOL. I feel that this album would have worked much better had it been stripped back by one or two tracks though. I doubt anyone would have grumbled had Fans and Camaro been missing from the track list. One of my favourite tracks has to be Trunk. It starts a little like Enter Sandman (Metallica) mixed with Planet Caravan (Black Sabbath) and becomes an exceptional song showing a maturity in style and a diversity that was starting to show through on Aha Shake Heartbreak. Black Thumbnail is arguably classic KOL but I doubt that will ever be a bad thing. I actually love this song. The Runner could have been written by Bob Dylan (Don't think there is a higher compliment than that). Not a big fan of On Call. I seen an interview with the boys on it and they said that they needed a song like this to try and break the American market. I can understand that! they would want to be known in America as they are an American band but to write a song with that in mind is a slippery path they don't want to go down. My faith was restored in any doubts I had of them selling out as soon as I heard Charmer. Great album number 3? No doubt.

    I thought theyd blown this one down to the 1st 2 tracks being completely awful - the 1st sounding like a rehearsal jam waiting for the bassist to get peter hooks bass sound down , the 2nd completely shamefaced in its pillaging of the pixies circa "surfer rosa" After that it settles down to be a really strong album , it rocks in a really melodic fashion but in a less than obvious manner - it takes a few listens for the hooks to develop . This gives it a playability that the best modern rock albums have . Judging by the festival shows in the summer and this record which is built for big arenas , the group are going to break through massively shortly . They have all the attributes necessary , coming on like a creedance clearwater revival raised on joy division,pixies and nirvana instead of the blues with a touch of the stones renegade charms thrown in . "black thumbnail" is the best track in my opinion . 8/10

    Benjamin Western benwestern66@hotmail.com
    Ideal review Adrian. However, not sure about the comments above, as Fans (the one song which actually has pushed them further to 'breaking the scene'), Knocked Up and Charmer are certainly not poor in any way. Well this band just continues to fascinate, amaze and delight my ears. This is why I have my ears on the side of my head. Kings of Leon, alongside The Killers in my opinion, blow away any new band since the turn of the century. I actually disagree with what the critics have been saying, and others on here, that this is the album which could break them. For me, Aha Shake HEartbreak is far more punchy and commerical than this album. BOTT is deep, more layered, more intelligent than the albums gone before....not ideal for commerical reasoning. I think they will get bigger as times go on purely for the fact that everything they have done is continually brilliant, and so with each new album a few more jump on the wagon. They really can not get any better,! and whilst there is a distinctive sound, each album is different. So in terms of why they haven't hit the true big time is just a mystery. But then again, they support U2 and Dylan, they sell out all their tours, and headline festivals....not exactly small time. And the America thing? Well it just goes to show the American's really do have a bent opinion of the music. How can the Kings sell so little and Nickelback sell 5 million of an average album (and Imlove Nickelback) Still, I am derailing from the main topic at hand. The great thing about this album is that it is different from the last two stunning albums. It doesn't matter which I prefer, because quite frankly they're all absolutely gold. McFearless is the highlight for me....the lyrics are just truly wonderful. It is a blessing to hear some softer, less thumping songs, which has really acted to compliment their live set. All hail the Kings....and hurry with the next chapter. I really can't t! hink of a band with their first three albums being so consiste! nt. Any takers?

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    Only By The Night( 2008 )
    Closer / Crawl / Sex On Fire / Use Somebody / Manhattan / Revelry / Seventeen / Notion / I Want You / Be Somebody / Cold Desert

    Unfair detractors of the world unite, Kings Of Leon have made yet another excellent album. Pitchfork or whatever can poke their sticks at Kings Of Leon, questioning their authenticity or the fact they've got bigger and bigger with every album release. Isn't that the point of truly ambitious bands, to get bigger and bigger? I'm sure there were a few U2 fans who wanted them to turn into Joy Division rather than some big Irish behemoth. I'm equally sure there are some fans of The Strokes that wish Kings Of Leon had stuck to a gameplan or a specific style of music. Getting more popular isn't a crime. Being an indie-snob possibly is a crime - there really isn't some magical thermometer that once it hits red and an act sell a couple of million that it's no longer 'cool' to like them. Kings Of Leon perhaps don't help by meeting their detractors even halfway. Don't like the singers voice? Tough, Kings Of Leon have released four albums in six years, a prolific work-rate. Each album has seen witness to a level of artistic evolution rather than progression as such. We're just not sure where they are headed to. The bass-player has clearly improved album to album, though, and I like my bass-lines. We've moments where he just manages to life a song to a better place.

    The first six songs here are all excellent and I say that with no reservations at all. 'Closer' and 'Crawl' are clearly building upto the marvellous groovy fun of 'Sex On Fire', yet both are atmospheric and contain enough substance to work on their own, as well. 'Use Somebody' contains some excellent work from the rhythm section, it's a real power-ballad and that's hardly a trendy word to use, but it is. It also contains some superb inventive playing, though. 'Manhattan' will sound great live with the guitar line sailing and the drummer having some stupendous moments to kick everything along. 'Revelery' is just a stone cold, Kings Of Leon classic and there you are. '17' is just great too and with some memorable bells, surely aiming for a spot in the Xmas charts? In fact, going through the last five songs, we're nearly at the same level as the first six. 'Cold Desert' closes things just right, a bit of a mid-tempo epic. <

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    Ben Smith Chicago
    Rating music is by nature subject. It becomes especially difficult arcoss decades when nostolgia has built for the great bands of old. However, I have to say that you failed here. To rate the first four albums of Kings of Leon with a higher average than the first four Led Zeppelin albums doesn't work. It is rare when a consensus is reached, but there seems to be such a strong general understanding, any critic respectively objectivetivity must consider that consensus. Led Zeppelin may be juvenile, but the creativity and execution are excellent, almost shocking when returned to after any signifcant absence. I really liked the Kings of Leon's first four albums, but you must consider what your ranking mean respective of these issues.

    Johnny Manchester
    As a U2 fan I completely agree with your comments on the fame-thermometer however I think that while are presenting us with some geuine musical evolution Kings have rushed this one. The 2nd half of this album lets it down dramatically - where is fun and kick of the old Kings? Caleb sings "I'm too young to feel this old" and I completely agree - where is the youth and young manhood that made Kings so wild, racuous and even fun? Instead we are treated to xmas jingles, B-side quality filler and for the finale a weak rehash which transforms Arizona's beautiful sonic landscape into a cold desert.

    Burnin' Log Dawkins Brisbane
    U2 get mentioned quite a bit, but does anyone else out there think that there's a strong Big Country influence, especially in the lead work on "Manhattan"?

    Paul Wishart Edinbugh
    RE: Ben Smith's comments. Subjectivity in reviews it the most honest feature of a critic. Appreciation of music is either objective to the point where critics go with the status quo of other reviewers or subjective to the point where it's not a review but someone's opinion on music. Adrian may feel the first four KOL albums are better than the first Led Zeppelin albums. And your argument is that this is somehow wrong because everyone else feels differently? He has not failed; he has expressed his view on each of the 8 albums in question eloquently. You have failed by not accepting that someone else may have a different view from your own

    Ben Western London
    This is a really interesting one for me. As you'll see from previous comments by myself, I am a massive Kings fan. I did, in my own selfishness wish I could still see them at Brixton, in a small sweat pit. Instead, after nearly ten times of seeing them in venues smaller than a front room, and being with a group of people who hung on every word and nearly killed ourselves in teh rock atmosphere....I had to endure getting hit in the back of the head by someone 10 years younger than me (and I'm only 26), at the soul-less O2 arena as I and about 10 others were "ruining it" for everyone by jumping during Trani. Note, I was standing at the barrier, right at the front at a ROCK CONCERT! Trouble is this album has multiplied their audience ten fold, but who are only there for Sex on Fire and Use Somebody......things have changed!Now, I can't knock the Kings. I never understood why they weren't bigger and now they are, best of luck to them.....but as a die hard fan I find ! it hard!To the album....I think Closer, Manhattan and Cold Desert are songs crafted by musical genius. I agree with you Adrian, that Jared on bass is now very accomplished and is writing most of the key notes. Where I struggle with this album is that I don't feel it plays like previous albums. I don't like the Christmas bells, and most frustrating is Be Somebody which sums up my mood in how it is power power power (Kings of old) and then dies at the chorus. There are just many weaker moments amongst some of the genius.Sex on Fire was never a great song for me, and then it became so overplayed that you can visibily see, and even Kings admitted I believe that when it was getting so many awards, they knew they;ve written 30 better musically. Still, we live in a commerical world. It's not a bad song, it's just not a classic Kings song for me.All in all, this album has great moments, and they have produced at a fantastic rate. It's better than most other bands, but by prev! ious albums this was written to be big (and get some well earned cash) . I don't blame them, I just don't quite love it. 7 for me....if I'm allowed to rate it!

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    Come Around Sundown( 2011 )
    The End / Radioactive / Pyro / Mary / The Face / The Immortals / Back Down South / Beach Side / No Money / Pony Up / Birthday / Mi Amigo / Pickup Truck

    I receive critiscm for rating the first four Kings Of Leon albums higher than I rated the first four Led Zeppelin albums. I should explain, it's all about time and place and an acceptance of the balance between some level of objectivity yet a deliberate avoidance of getting too tied up with the 'rock canon' that we all must seemingly abide by. Turning commercial is still seen in these enlightened times as some sort of crime against humanity far worse than the current and oppressive Egyptian regime, for instance. I can see it now, indie fans arriving outside of MTV, Pitchfork and NME towers carrying placards and throwing flame-throwers because Kings Of Leon have supposedly sold out by selling millions of records. We need to look at this in context, in the UK Kings Of Leon albums have charted at positions 3, 3, 1, 1 and 1. Their success has been progressive rather than sudden. Sure, 'Sex Of Fire' caught a new audience for them even though the sound of Kings Of Leon had merely evolved rather than revolutionised itself. Gone forever the edgy fun of their debut or the charms of 'Charmer', we now just have the biggest band on the planet writing accessible rock songs for stadiums. Oh, the horror of it all! Sure, I miss some of the early edginess too but i'm still listening. I'd rater a band took the route of Kings Of Leon and remained relevant than a band take the route of The Strokes and fade into obscurity whilst remaining irritatingly cool.

    'Come Around Sundown' is too things, good enough hook-wise to retain the vast bulk of their newly won-over fanbase and also something containing enough songs that could happily fit on any Kings Of Leon album. Lead single 'Radioactive' is simple and edgy whilst not really being an obvious follow-up to mega hits 'Sex On Fire' or 'Use Somebody'. The album passes by without really anything else sticking in your mind til 'The Face', a classic slice of modern day Kings Of Leon. They always did write hooks you see, they never were lyrical shakespeares but they could always capture emotions. Never quite sure what these emotions are mind you, but you will each feel something. Use your imagination, allow your dreams to fly. Compare Kings Of Leon to U2 if you like or not, but I bet U2 are quite happy fellows, un-deterred being being one of the un-coolest bands on the planet right now. Yes, even Bon Jovi get more respect, baffingly so.

    Basically, we can conclude there is still more than enough to Kings Of Leon for them to either continually pursue a more commercial route or to ease back into their more indie-pleasing origins. 'Back Down South' could be seen as either another sop to easily pleasing older pop fans or as the kind of song Kings Of Leon always wrote, third album onwards. Glass half empty or half full? Annoyed by the guys voice as it's forever blasting out of the radio? This has happened to many a popular band in the past. 'Come Around Sundown' is another solid 'Kings Of Leon' release essentially, even if yes, it does lack the sheer energetic thrills to be found amongst their earlier works.

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