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    Oracle / Mouthful Of Poison / In Winter / Severed / Run Like Hell / Pain / Wolves / What I Always Wanted / Safe / No Name / Pink Lemonade

    An all female Canadian death metal trio. This is their second album but the first as a trio following the departure of one of their guitar players. And, when the opening title track kicks in, you are thinking to yourself 'this is a trio?'. They create a hell of a noise. The vocals are in best death metal style and we all know what to expect. Morgan Lander ( guitar player/singer ) does have one hell of a scream on her. The second song is interesting with nice switching between straight singing and that screaming roar. The counterpoint 'sweet' vocal works very well. A hell of a dirty guitar riff kicks in and this is certainly a thrilling rock song. 'In Winter' follows and completes a strong opening to the record. The straight vocal style dominates this and yet more dirty riffing guitar playing of course. 'Run Like Hell' is a cover of a Pink Floyd song. Doesn't sound much like a Pink Floyd song here of course. It does sound wonderfully doom laden however and it's a nice moment. 'Wolves' is a good song! Another stupendous riff, good vocals. And, you know. These aren't standard death metal type lyrics. These are interesting lyrics although it's hard to make them out because they are often buried in that scream of a vocal.

    On the whole it's a very consistent recording, this album. 'What I Always Wanted' reintroduces the switching 'straight' and 'screaming' vocals and I really do like the effect. 'Safe' unexpectedly opens with a piano introduction and the closing 'Pink Lemonade' is ten minutes long. Slightly too long to tell you the truth but it does close the album well enough. You are left in no doubt... this is the end.... in more ways than one. A nice album.

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    Pat D pd6941@albany.edu
    This band represents all that is wrong with most female metal vocalists. Sing, dammit! Dont growl! When you try to scream, Morgan, it sounds really stupid and pathetic.Now, Anneke from the Gathering has female metal vocals down pat, the way they should be done----with range and beauty. These girls fron Kittie, on the other hand, are just sad. Not to mention that most of their music sounds like half-assed ripoffs of Slipknot without the killer Joey Jordison attacking the drumkit. I'd give it a 2 because "Wolves" is indeed a really catchy song. But the rest is beyond terrible for this genre.

    Tapeworm andrewjustus@hotmail.com
    this is probably one of the only good bands you have written anything about. kittie kicks ass mouthfull of poison is one of my favorite songs.. do a page on otep

    J thelial@hotmail.com
    Pat D is a nobhead. wat the fuck man, u need to shut up first of all slipknot are old and crap and secondly kittie is fucking amazing and thirdly morgan lander is a fucking goddness so shut the fuck up like to see u play the guitar and play the guitar and scream!

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