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    Myths Of The Near Future

    Myths Of The Near Future ( 2007 )
    Two Receivers / Atlantis To Interzone / Golden Skans / Totem On The Timeline / As Above So Below / Isle Of Her / Gravity's Rainbow / Forgotten Works / Magick / It's Not Over Yet / Four Horsemen Of 2012

    The NME have made this their album of the year, a highly prestigious prize even in today's lower circulation NME world. Klaxons emerge with the clumsy 'New Rave' tag thrust upon them, an excuse for scene-mongering journalists to attempt creating something tangible where nothing actually exists. This isn't a re-run of 'madchester' and it isn't even a new type of thing, the crossing of dance and indie has been happening since at least 1988, if not earlier. I'm also reminded of Bloc Party whilst listening to Myths Of The Near Future. A rock form, basically, with added dance instrumentation. Battles are more my idea of the future, a rock band utilising dance music forms and structures, played out in real time by a highly talented bunch of musicians. As for 'Myths Of The Near Future', we've four hit singles contained on the LP. First out in November 2006 was 'Magick', it reached number twenty nine. 'Golden Skans' did better, peaking at number seven. Since then, even the likes of the decidedly backwards looking Babyshambles have outperformed Klaxons, with 'Gravity's Rainbow' only reaching number thirty five. 'It's Not Over Yet' did do better, peaking at number thirteen.

    'Magick' then, opens with a dance beat before funny noises arrive. At this stage, it is indeed hard to tell whether a dance or rock track will reveal itself. A good half a minute passes before the vocals come in and ultimately disappoitment as you realise 'Klaxons' are trying to be a Happy Mondays for the 21st century. 'Golden Skans' on the otherhand is a fine pop song, nothing more, nothing less. Rock bass, rock drums, a speedy rhythm and the odd hint of electronic noise. 'Gravity's Rainbow' opens up with bass and drums, real ones. The bass here is funky as it is across the album as a whole. The lead guitar and lead melody is slightly more dischordant for 'Gravity's Rainbow' and it's all the better for it. One day someone will cross Captain Beefheart rhythms with dance music, then we'll really be laughing joyously. As for now, Klaxons 'Gravity's Rainbow' sees punk mixed with funk. Fourth single 'It's Not Over Yet' sounds like a Bloc Party b-side, albeit one with a particularly catchy chorus, to give Klaxons credit where its due.Perhaps the most 'out there' track on the LP is 'Atlantic To Interzone', it is sheer energy and noise, it takes no prisoners. The rest of the album resorts to baggy beats and indistinct fantasy lyrical themes. Singles apart, the all-conquering mediocrity of The Klaxons is coming to a theatre near you.

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    Mike mckittrickmichael@yahoo.co.uk
    I really can't believe you've given this a low score 8 1/2 "Magick then, opens with a dance beat before funny noises arrive" that hardly great reviewing because you could turn around and say the same with Radioheads song on OK Computer. I enjoy reading most of your reviews but I think this one is like some that fall into the catagory of reviews like Artic Monkeys or The View in which you're taking a shot at NME through an album they rate.

    Mojo PiN north.mojopin@gmail.com
    Spot on review, absolutely spot on. Album of the year? Hardly. Golden Skans and a few other tunes are quite nice to listen to, can get you in the mood to go out and dance, but in truth, aside from that time the album kind of meshes into itself and never stands out or inspires you to any great lengths. I find that it's good background music if anything but there isn't enough here to warrant a solid following. 6/10.

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