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    La Roux 8 ( 2009 )
    In For The Kill / Tigerlily / Quicksand / Bulletproof / Colourless Colour / I'm Not Your Toy / Cover My Eyes / As If By Magic / Fascination / Reflections Are Protections / Armour Love / Growing Pains

    A number two single with 'In For The Kill', a number one single with 'Bulletproof' and now a number one debut album. It's fair to say La Roux has made quite an impression with her modern take on eighties synth-pop. Well, the songs are constructed in a modern way and the lyrics are modern. The music sounds all the world at times like Depeche Mode/Erasure/Yazoo man Vince Clarke has been involved, at least spiritually. There is a feeling in our house that seven tracks in was probably too late in the album running order to place the first slower song. There's another feeling, one that nags away at me and that's La Roux's voice - a voice that's continually breathlessly pressing onwards, varying around three notes or so. In addition to this, the squelchy, ever so slightly tinny synth sound s that permeate every single track can get a little trying at times. Having said the above, I still enjoy this La Roux debut album far more than I probably should. Oh, i'm not being snobby or anything, yet with an alarming lack of variety, this album shouldn't be taken too seriously, really. So, in that spirit, I can say that both singles are absolutely tremendous, especially good for being such big hits, too. 'As If By Magic' would also make a good single - it's simple, a little less pounding around the head than either 'In For The Kill' or 'Bulletproof', yet none the worse for that. 'Fascination' could also be a hit - it's very Human League. Well, the entire album is very likely to appeal solidly to anybody old enough to remember the early eighties, a great time for music before Phil Collins went and ruined everything.

    Could 'La Roux' work in America? Absolutely, providing she's not hyped too much over there. The early eighties synth-pop sound produced by the British was huge in America, after all. A final few words then? Bonus track 'Growing Pains' is also a good track and another potential single and makes for a far better closing track than the rather lack-lustre 'Amour Love'. The entire album may only be good for enjoyment over a few months or so and at times reminds me of Lily Allen, yet good on La Roux for producing something that's so much fun in these troubled times.

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