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    Lewis Capaldi

    Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent 1 ( 2019 )
    Grace / Bruises / Hold Me While You Wait / Someone You Loved / Maybe / Forever / One / Don't Get Me Wrong / Hollywood / Lost on You / Fade / Headspace

    Lewis Capaldi was a runner up for the 2019 BRITs Critics Choice prize. He quickly picked up two Top 40 singles with Grace and Someone You Loved - with the latter becoming Lewis' first Number 1 single.

    Ok, stole that bit above, and on the second track here 'Bruises' we have everything wrong with modern music. Ok Adrian, you have now set yourself up to describe everything that is wrong in modern music in a short paragraph, essentially impossible.

    You can see it on X-Factor if you still bother to watch that. Every male solo singer must have a gravelly voice like they have a cold. They must also spit out their words and such words will mention love and loneliness quite a lot. Me? I want them all to listen to Roy Orbison to see how a real singer handles love and loss. A real singer does not handle love and loss by belting out the words at the top of their voice helped by standard modern production values. Can someone tell Lewis that shouting is not EMOTION. It is shouting and it remains shouting and oh, your Piano ballad is shit whoever played the Piano, whether it was you or somebody else. I am dying inside and cannot be arsed to check your production credits.

    Ok, all honest, first thoughts below.

    Currently the song being played is 'Someone You Loved' where a Piano is played quite nicely but Lewis sings like he needs a good boxing match. 'Maybe' has folky guitars and seems quite nice until Lewis starts shouting. There is quiet loud singing these days. I've got a cold too, but I do not feel that shouting intro a microphone and calling it a solo album is the solution to my problems. This Lewis Capaldi album is torture, I may have well just strangled myself. I am going into the bedroom right now to tell my wife I have just heard one of the worst albums ever put to tape.

    Reviewing this album was her suggestion and she laughed when I told her I had done it and that it was terrible. I might give it a zero, a score I don't even thinks exists on this site, so I will settle for a 1. I do not want to be an old git shouting into the wind words that fade away, yet much music writing is done that way!

    It's not you, it's me. I have a few things going on, and sorry, but this is not going to work out between us, Lewis.

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