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    Los Ninos De Sara

    Los Ninos De Sara : Gipsy Ole *
    El Nino Del Viento / La Cubanita / Santa Maria / Romance Anonimo / Cae La Nieve / Mazai Mazai / Vagabundo / Vivre Para Ti / Lomos Gitanos / Una Muchacha / Me Encuentro En Tu Desierto / Mi... Angel

    Now here's something to put me to the test....... file under Latin/World/Flamenco it says on the little printout i've got. Hurrah.... er. Right. Now, I can appreciate any kind of music, there are universal qualities. If the vocals aren't in English I can still appreciate the feel and emotions they give, because those are universal qualities. The subtle nature and twists and turns of the music may cross cultural boundaries less easily, but anybody can usually get a gut feeling whether something speaks to them, or not. There is another aspect. Flamenco guitars? Are they well played? Well, are they played better than other Latin Flamenco cheap holiday in the South of Spain guitars? Maybe, maybe not - it's not really that important - any album should be able to stand on its own. 'Los Ninos De Sara' evolved from a group called 'Alabina' who looked like this....

    That blonde one was the singer, who left, voila! Los Ninos De Sara are born, risen from the ashes of 'Alabina' and hurrah! They are apparently a cross between The Gipsy Kings and Buena Vista Social Club, only they don't have any of the grace, natural feel and soulful vocals of Buena Vista Social Club, but maybe Latin and Flamenco isn't about soulful vocals? The vocals are fine by the way - one of the better aspects of this album. The guitar is nifty in places, check the little solo all through 'Santa Maria'. No, please, do! These guys can play, they can all play well - but the sound simply isn't to my liking. The vocals sound like someone is anguished, or rather playing a role and acting at being anguished - it doesn't come across as genuine for a single second, although for the four minutes fifteen seconds of 'Romance Anonimo' the singer digs into his memory banks and expresses genuine emotions of longing, loss and desire - in some kind of lonesome fashion, and I can enjoy this a little.

    Listening to this may feel like i've crossed into Eurovision song contest territory at times, but the Eurovision song contest is funny. This music here isn't. It's sunny, happy music but with slightly sad lonesome disonnected vocals - rather strange. It's the kind of music i'll probably end up killing myself to. The nice fellows at intencity.com are worth contacting if any of this interests you at all. They sent me a copy free, promising me it would fit in happily in my Jazz/Misc section. Well, but of course! And there was me wanting to put it in the Hard Rock category all the time! And, yeah. I was gonna give this a '2', it's a '2' all over, bar the lovely guitar sweet folky and romantic sad feel of the closing 'Mi..Angel' - which given I don't know what the hell i'm talking about is some kind of success for the guys at Intentcity records!

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