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    Greatest Hits 4 ( 2006 )
    Five Colours In Her Hair / All About You / Star Girl / Obviously / The Heart Never Lies / Please, Please / Room On The 3rd Floor / Don't Stop Me Now / I'll Be OK / That Girl / Baby's Coming Back / Transylvania / The Way You Make Me Feel / Don't Wake Me Up

    McFly caused a mini-storm in the UK press by being a good-looking boy-band who, shock, are an actual real band. Shockingly, in the three and a half years between the release of their debut single and the release of this 'Greatest Hits' set, McFly have enjoyed seven UK number one singles and two number one albums. Frontman Tom Fletcher has even gone down in pop history having written ten UK number ones, three co-written for fellow boy-band types Busted. In the aftermath of McFly going alone with their own label and distributing their latest album free via the Daily Mail, I thought what better time to borrow another family members record collection and check out the McFly 'Greatest Hits'? Well, quite. So, we get the fifties tinged 'That Girl' for a start. Quite a catchy little number if i'm being truthful. McFly also unfortunately see fit to cover Freddy Mercury of Queen's greatest moment, 'Don't Stop Me Now'. It proves both that McFly can sing and play but brings nothing new to the equation other than to trick thirteen year old girls and thirty-something mums into thinking McFly wrote the song. Believe me, there really are that many musically ignorant people out there and McFly fans account for a good proportion of them, or vice-versa, whichever you prefer.

    McFly have released several albums by now then and the rate of artistic progression is a big fat zero. Imagine The Beatles releasing new-versions of the old Mersey-beat sound and repetitions of their 'Please Please Me' albums well into 1966 instead of reaching the peak of 'Revolver' back then. It's a thought to ponder, especially when the debut McFly single 'Five Colours In Her Hair' remains their best, freshest and strongest song to-date. 'Obviously' sounds like a boy-band version of perennial brit-pop underachievers Dodgy. 'The Way You Make Me Feel' sounds like a Green Day acoustic ballad and no, that's not an accolade. Ah, i'm sure they are nice lads. That doesn't make them musical genius however.

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