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    Secret Traffic ( 2008 )
    Wide Awake / Strangest Conversation / White Light / Uptight / Waiting For The Day / Passenger Seat / Life Most Ordinary / Worse For Wear / Barricade / Secret Traffic

    Mesh-29 were formed in 1996 and this is their 2nd full-length LP. On the face of it, they have a similar make up to Keane, in that they rely on keyboards to provide the lead melodies. Their debut single 'Over The Barricade' reached number thirty-five in the singles charts during July, 2007. They could well be set-up to step into Keane's shoes, now Keane have changed their sound. Pleasingly though, 'Mesh-29' don't sound half as over-produced as Keane. The singer here as a lot more spark about him too and several Mesh-29 songs rank as proper foot-stompers. As well as the foot-stompers though, several songs here on 'Secret Traffic', I must say, I far prefer to anything Keane have ever done. Lead single 'White Light' for instance is just wonderful and such a surprise after I was kind of ho-hum about an earlier Mesh-29 single. The melodies are instantly distinctive and the falsetto parts the vocalist reaches most impressive on 'Wide Awake' which opens the LP. This is another glorious track and excuse me for getting cautiously excited, even though the remainder of the LP rarely reaches such heights again.

    I spoke about 'foot-stompers'. Well, 'Waiting For The Day' goes from earnest power-ballad into a quite tremendous coda that's all smashing piano chords and much fun. 'Uptight' features moments of these piano smashes too, alongside some nifty hammond organ sounds. Only really the last four tracks let the side down slightly, one ballad too many for my liking in that particular sequence, but nevermind. This is a promising step forwards for Mesh-29 and besides, they already have a dedicated fanbase.

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