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    Life In Cartoon Motion

    Life In Cartoon Motion 5 ( 2007 )
    Grace Kelly / Lollipop / My Interpretation / Love Today / Relax / Any Other World / Billy Brown / Big Girl / Stuck In The Middle / Happy Ending / Ring Ring /

    If the Smash Hits magazine were still around they would have loved Mika. If it was 1972, Mike would be Marc Bolan having just released 'The Slider' to a storm crowd of screaming pubescent teenage girls. It it was the early eighties, Mika would be Nick Kershaw or somebody like that. Closer to home, Mika is Robbie Williams. Indeed, Robbie Williams ever returning again is somewhat unnecessary when Mika is twice as much fun as Robbie ever was. That's the problem I have with 'Life In Cartoon Motion', the albums scope is so narrow that it hurts. Every song is painted in bright flourescent colours and aimed squarely at the under thirteens. Number one single 'Grace Kelly' is as good a place to start as any as the sound across the album as a whole rarely strays from this hit making formula. Mika's falsetto vocals are much to the fore, a hint of 70s pop permeates the backing track and the lyrics are clever and irritating in equal measure. No doubting this is a catchy song but also no doubting it's not a song that's going to survive the test of time. It's a very instant, summer sunshine kind of hit song but lacks depth and doesn't really give you anything to empathise with or be thrilled by emotionally. 'Big Girl' sounds like a hit also to these ears, same formula as 'Grace Kelly' only with added disco beat swirling around. Robbie really will be kicking himself for not having a song such as 'Big Girl' to produce a gurning video to accompany it. 'Lollipop' sounds like the kind of song Kelis could take to the top of the charts, the vocal meanwhile sounds like it's sung by two thirteen year old twin girls. Some feat, I suppose.

    'Stuck In The Middle' sounds like Elton John with a labotomy, 'My Interpretation' comes across as an attempted serious ballad yet sounds like Robbie Williams, so can't be very good, can it? I do enjoy 'Relax' for said song reminds me slightly of Pet Shop Boys but mainly like an accomplished early to mid-eighties synth act, most pleasing. 'Billy Brown' is a character study, Billy falling in love with a man. 'Love Today' sounds like Ace Of Base. Enough said. Ah, Mika, what is it with this album, were you sniffing down the sherbert through it's making? Yes, I do mean sherbert, nothing more sinister. The entire album is one big sickening sugar rush, yet Mika clearly does have talent. It'll be interesting to see which direction he takes his career, anyway. More of the same or attempted maturation? Can you even be bothered to wait and see?

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