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    North Beach Drifter / Vanish / Scared To Death / A Lot Like You / Please Don't Take It So Bad / Sweet / Good Good Man / Jack O Latern / Queen Of Apostles / The Prize

    First things first. It's always nice when you get a mail from a new group wanting you to review their recordings. Of course, it works both ways. They receive some promotion and hopefully extra sales ( you can buy this CD from amazon, by the way ) and you get a free cd of hopefully good music to listen to. So, is it good then? Well, I haven't poured over the bands web-site, haven't asked the guitar player any great personal details, so I can't go and do a bio here. I like to judge new bands on the music alone, sometimes. There is a picture of the guys on the back of the CD sleeve, and they all look like nice kinds of fellows, but beyond that..... what does the music tell us? Well, it tells me that the opening 'North Beach Drifter' is a stone cold wonder and a real potential hit single if only it could gain exposure and radio play. By the way, if your eyes drift downwards to the bottom of this page you'll notice i've put up REM and Midnight Oil as 'related pages'. The voice of the singer reminds me of Midnight Oil in places, it's not a dead ringer or anything of the sort, but it's a reference that makes sense to me. The REM thing? Can you mention 'Metropolis' in the same breath as REM albums? Well, it's better than 'Monster', that's fair to say! And maybe the Mineral Kings music will appeal to REM fans? I'm an REM fan and it appeals to me. 'Vanish' has cool driving guitar parts, 'Scared To Death' opens with an anxious and nervy rhythm, the vocals are sympathetic and understanding before bursting into a full and catchy chorus. There are harmonies through a number of songs and everything is very accomplished and charming. The guitar player can really play, 'A Lot Like You' benefits from the solo that arrives around the two minute mark, for just one.

    Ooooh! I love the guitar introduction for 'Please Don't Take It So Bad', very distinctive and another potential hit is born. These ringing guitars repeat at various points through the song - a song that places images of sunshine and beautiful girls with blue eyes and blonde hair into my mind. A high harmony part is another nice touch and 'Please Don't Take It So Bad' has been a song i've listened to a lot recently. The Mineral Kings can do softer material as well as they can do catchy rock material. 'Sweet' is aptly named, 'Jack O Latern' has more ringing and interesting guitar patterns and the closing 'The Prize' the same, within a harder kicking rock song. Another mention for the vocals throughout this album. The singer really has a great voice, which isn't always the case with many of these kinds of groups trying to make their way in an industry that's lost interest in signing and promoting any new group that isn't a current fashion or a trend. As far as I know, nobody in the Mineral kings is dating Gwyneth Paltrow, but that doesn't mean this album isn't utterly listenable and full of hooks well worth your time checking out. You can visit the groups web-site at www.mineralkings.com.


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