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    The Block 3 ( 2008 )
    Click Click Click / Single / Big Girl Now / Summertime / 2 in the Morning / Grown Man / Dirty Dancing / Sexify My Love / Twisted / Full Service / Lights, Camera, Action / Put It On My Tab / Stare At You

    With the daft titled ‘The Block’, one of the worst boy-bands there ever was return to haunt us all. They seem to have improved though, going for lots of production assistance and a slick, mature R’n’B sound. The vocals of course have been processed and the dancing fifth member that only ever sang one line ‘we can have lots of fun’ on ‘Step By Step’ still manages to be in the band. Even Jason Orange from Take That has more talent than Danny Wood. Anyway, insults out of the way, ‘Click, Click, Click’ and ‘Single’ ( the latter featuring ‘ne-yo’ ) are both decent enough slabs of R’n’B. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the rest of the LP. At times it sounds like the boys are guests on their own album and that can’t be good, can it? Happily, at least as far as the UK is concerned, this comeback has only been relatively successful with ‘Block’ only nestling inside the top-twenty and the bands new songs not really getting a lot of airplay.

    God, the song-titles alone are almost enough to put a sane man off listening to this record. ‘Dirty Dancing’, ‘Sexify My Love’, ‘Grown Man’ and ‘Lights, Camera, Action’. Kind of tells you that yes, this album is indeed pretty much music by numbers. Fifty-six minutes of this slickly produced, soul-less stuff is too much anyway. Well, six minutes is about enough, only the first two numbers on ‘Block’ really having any merit at all.

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