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    Wild Young Hearts 6 ( 2009 )
    . Sometimes / Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) / Wild Young Hearts / 24 Hours / Every Now And Then / Beat Of My Heart / Atticus / Never Forget You / So Complicated / Saturday Night / Cheap Kicks

    Wild Young Hearts is the second album by Noisettes, a three-piece indie band from London. Getting a song 'Don't Upset The Rhythm' on a car-advert in the UK has furthered their commercial fortunes no end, helping this, the parent album, to the top ten in the UK. In truth, the majority of this record has little to do with the dance/soul stylings of 'Don't Upset The Rhythm', preferring to concentrate on Amy Winehouse style retro. Well, 'Saturday Night' is a bit of a dance-thumper so that's ok. Not usually a fan of dance-thumpers me, yet this is the sound that suits Noisettes. The opening 'Sometimes' for instance is all earnest acoustic guitar, doesn't suit Noisettes at all, much like humility doesn't suit Sir Alex Ferguson. 'Wild Young Hearts' was released as a single and did significantly worse than mega-hit 'Don't Upset The Rhythm'. It's very akin to a cross between Duffy and Amy Winehouse yet this is the kind of stuff that usually sells. I guess Noisettes needed the extra exposure a television advertisment was likely to bring them? Like the quite frankly dull 'Sometimes', 'Attitus' is another insincere moment, all tasteful acoustic under which the soul singer gives up lyrics that mention flying and constellations. Quite frankly, she's out of tune half the time. You wouldn't let Mark E Smith get away with it, would you? Well?

    The music by the band on album closer 'Cheap Tricks' makes Kasabian sound like Mozart. This is terribly by numbers dullness, like the recent ITV remake of Krypton Factor. It hits all the right notes in theory yet there's soul missing, daring and experimentation. Oh, the singer here should probably go solo. She's definitely got a good voice and if Duffy, Adele and Amy can do it, why can't she? She should probably hook up with a few dance producers, though. Oh, a final word for '24 Hours' and 'Never Forget You'. The latter is a very enjoyable slice of retro Motown stylings whilst the former is pop gold.

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