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    Love The Groove 3 ( 2008 )
    Eurotramp / Dancing By Myself / Bimbo (Funky In Your Disco) / Blue Sky / Look Up At The Stars / Blind Panic / Cool Party People / It's Our Time / Love The Groove / If I Lived On The Moon

    No prizes for originality in the Paleday camp, their slightly kitsch euro-disco sound has been done to death recently. The music is good though, very tight and accomplished, although this listener yearns for something a little less processed in sound and more 'live' - a live sounding Paleday able to impress with real musicianship, you know, big guys pulling at their bass guitars - would be better than this, which kind of comes and goes in long sentences.... 'Bimbo' is proof that 'Love The Groove' has nothing to offer other than someone else's nostalgia rather than being able to evoke a listeners own. My god, the album is full of the same kind of beats, the same little fake disco guitar lines that go round in small decreasing circles. Indistinct and processed vocals. Nothing about this album is real, it was actually dreamt up by a marketing executive to play during a rain-sodden and windswept holiday in fuertaventura - rain-sodden and windswept because you arrived, quite stupidly, in the middle of the rainy season. You know, the rainy season only lasts a couple of days, but you managed it. When the sunshine arrives again, you want to do anything but listen to Paleday and 'Love The Groove', rather you head to the nearest camp bar full of Spanish people and British holiday-makers and listen to some proper dance music instead.

    It's all rather sad isn't it, that such mediocre music as this exists, singularly lacking in artistic vision? We all of course need music to dance to that doesn't require us to think, but it's such a crowded market, it's hard to imagine what Paleday have to offer that others don't. For the record, I quite enjoy 'It's Our Time', at least it isn't horribly annoying. How about, I don't know, incorporating some reggae grooves into upbeat dance tunes? I know we've got dancehall, but what about a european dance sound incorporating some actual new elements? Worth a thought, isn't it. I'd do it myself, but I lack any musical talent whatsover, a bit of a problem for making music but not so for freely expressing an opinion on my own web-site that will probably cause a fan or two of Paleday to break down my door and shit on my hi-fi. Well, stranger things have happened.

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    Jenny New York City
    The reviewer must have been listening to a different CD. Love The Groove by Paleday is one of the most original CD's to come out in a long time. Maybe the reviewer likes American Idol type cookie cutter music. This CD is not. Real people, singing real songs that aren't mixed to high hell or sampled, and instruments being played instead of keyboard backing tracks. Wish there were more bands like this coming out. Songs that actually have lyrics that you continue singing once you leave the club. Paleday rocks. And I am sure the world is going to be hearing about them real soon.

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