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    Snakes And Ladders 7 ( 2008 )
    Maniac / Summer Sun / Invisible Man / Too Bad / Thieves / Words / Rockstar / Same Old Games / Miles / Find My Place

    Both the first Reemer singles were serviceable, 'Maniac' a fine, fine song and 'Rockstar' also a decent piece of writing. On the singles page, I did comment that I wish Reemer had better production values and that issue remains. Funnily enough, it doesn't seem as much of a problem during a full LP set. The songs are good, you see. Huge choruses. Reemer are a four-piece hailing from Manchester and popular in the North-West. The sort of band you would definitely enjoy live and it's clear these songs were built on the road. Great arrangements, decent stuff all round bar the production. It's rock/indie music with the emphasis on rock. We do get a few ballads thrown in, 'Words' being particularly emotional. 'Find My Place' matches the two singles in both quality and energy and could be released as a single.

    A short album this one, just thirty four minutes of music. Good job too because I think any longer and we'd be reaching for something to cover our ears. Not that Reemer are bad or the album inconsistent, it's just the sound of this thing. It sounds like it was recorded on a TDK C90 then copied off a mate who copied it off another mate. I do have the original CD, mind you. Still, sat in the middle of the album is another fine rocker, 'Too Bad' and if Reemer can maintain some kind of momentum they'll be ones to watch in a year or two, certainly.

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