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    liverpool 8

    Liverpool 8 8 ( 2008 )
    Liverpool 8 / Think About You / For Love / Now That She s Gone Away / Gone Are The Days / Give It A Try / Tuff Love / Harry s Song / Pasodobles / If It s Love That You Want / Love Is / R U Ready?

    Ringo has re-signed to Capitol Records to record and release his first major label album in a good five years. Now, we all like to think we know Ringo. He creates unassuming music, he's a jovial fella who entertained loads of kids by voicing the definitive episodes of Thomas The Tank Engine. He's not been so famous for his albums in recent years, although working with a small group of musicians he's released some tidy records. 'Liverpool 8' had a strange gestation though, after Ringo fell out with his decade-long, main collaborator and producer. In comes Dave Stewart to re-produce the album and co-write the title track with Ringo. Ringo co-writes every track here, by the way. 'Liverpool 8', odd dodgy lyric aside, is actually a stompingly entertaining pop album. Sure, it's nostalgic but the production actually sounds fairly modern in places. Well, we don't have any dance-beats thankfully but 'Liverpool 8' is at least as modern as any album by Weezer, for instance. The sound here will come as no surprise to anybody, the backing tracks often recalling The Beatles and/or ELO. This gives the album a familiar tone as if we've know the songs all these years they haven't existed. Love is a common lyrical theme in addition to individual songs reflecting upon mortality, and 'Harry's Song', an ode to Harry Nilsson.

    Now, I may be a soppy, sentimental type at times. I may also have my aggressive, booze fuelled moments. I think many of us, Ringo included, can associate with such emotions. This is an album where Ringo's character filled singing voice does what supposedly great singers often find difficult. He infuses his lyrics with belief and with simple emotions. His vocals are warm, occasionally tinged with sadness yet always entertaining. The title track has been picked as a single and was co-written by Ringo and Dave Stewart towards the very end of the album sessions. The lyrics tell the tale of Ringo joining The Beatles, loving and leaving Liverpool and how he's never let Liverpool down. The lyrics aren't exactly poetry but I guess, if you have any kind of affinity for the city of Liverpool, this song will tug at your heart, especially the chanted 'liverpool, liverpool' towards the very end. 'Love Is' manages to bring me to tears and it's a stupid kind of silly reflective song that moves in entirely expected places! Yet, it's also clear Ringo and his chums have been studying The Beatles catalogue, particular the songs of John Lennon.

    'Liverpool 8' should be a triumphant return for Ringo. Well, Capitol are certainly treating it as such. In reality, long-term fans will know this is merely something of a continuation and evolution of his recent, lo-key, indie-label albums. It's very consistent though, there's nothing actively wrong with this album and plenty of things that are right. 'Think About You' even manages to be at least as a convincing rocker as McCartney's recent efforts in that field. Lapsed fans, come home. I'm not one for loving major record labels, but I always have a soft spot for the legendary Capitol Records. Congrats to them and I really should shut up now before you all think i'm an idiot!

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    Readers Comments

    Mike MC
    Well I think this is an ace review, It's good to see someone not throwing it down the toilet just based on sentimentality, Nice one

    Kier Smith Nottingham
    Nice one Adrian, Good review! As (sadly) this is the only Ringo review here i wanted to give a big shout out to his other albums too. Sure, Liverpool 8 is good stuff, and other good stuff can certainly be found on the following Ringo albums. "Rotorgravure", "Goodnight Vienna" , "Ringo the 4th" , "Time takes time" and especially the recent 'Y not' album - a brilliant album full of good songs like 'Mystery of the night', 'Time', 'Walk with you' (RIngo & Macca!), 'Fill in the blanks' & 'Who's your daddy?' If anyone picks up 'Photograph' - Ringo's best of - you won't be dissapointed. Say no more. For anyone not aware, If you pick up Ringo "I'm the greatest and you better believe it!"

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