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    Robbie Williams

    Life Through A Lens 4 ( 1997 )
    Lazy Days / Life Thru A Lens / Ego A Go Go / Angels / South Of The Border / Old Before I Die / One Of Gods Better People / Let Me Entertain You / Killing Me / Clean / Baby Girl Window

    You leave a boyband, and a very successful one at that. What do you do? Well, you release a crass and embarrassing cover of George Michael's 'Freedom', then go indie after hanging out with Oasis, or at least at the same places as Oasis. Get seen with a healthy amount of ROCK stubble on your chin at Glastonbury. Release a string of singles to preview your first album proper, all of which chart progressively lower until one song, 'Angels' becomes a big hit. Voila! A superstar is born!! Well, not quite. One song doesn't change how predictable and lacking in surprise most of this album is. It doesn't change how calculated it all comes across as. He likes Tom Jones, really respects him. Robbie Williams you see has a desire to be an all-round entertainer. He wants to be a writer, he wants to be loved and for his cheeky face to beam from magazine covers. He wants somebody else to actually write all his songs for him, and then layer his own lyrics over the top, none of which reveal a single thing about Robbie Williams. I'd rather listen to Robin Williams. At least he's funny. Let's be fair. 'Angels' is pretty good all told, 'Lazy Days' is suitably laid back and flowing and a decent enough song. Uh...... 'Old Before I Die' could be seen as a clever inversion of a line made famous by The Who - shame the song is a poor Oasis rip-off, vocal mannerisms included.

    There are some awful things here, the very earnest sounding 'One Of Gods Better People' for one. Nothing seems to happen, everything is far away but his voice comes at you, he starts yelling, and it may as well be the universally despised Michael Bolton for all it matters. 'Let Me Entertain You' is a desperate piece of misplaced self-bravado, but what's this? Does he like The Who? It's possible. A certain faint echo of a time gone by, when music was good and singers like Robbie Williams...... but wait! There have always been singers like Robbie Williams aping genuine artists work. Tom Jones? God, I hate Tom Jones. Why the fuck would I want to listen to a nineties version of Tom Jones? I may as well listen to Tom Jones. I'd throw-up in the meantime, but at least Tom is Tom. I can respect Tom Jones for what's he's done and who he is, and I bet he's a really nice bloke. I bet Robbie Williams is a cunt. In fact, i'm sure of it. Why such a high rating? If 'four' can be seen as high? Well, this is accomplished music of a kind. It's produced well, performed well, Robbie sings well enough. I don't like his vocal mannerisms, but there is a level of talent here. It isn't absolutely awful or anything. 'Angels' is quite good, so is 'Killing Me' actually. It's softer, more humble, possibly only because less effort was put into it, eg, it wasn't a prospective single and as desperate sounding as much else of what's here. 'Angels' actually WASN'T initially a prospective single. It was released as a last throw of the dice, and it worked.

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    Readers Comments

    it's such a shame your so jealous of Robbie, but then again i suppose if you had talent yourself you would'nt need to be. Never mind you'll get over it.

    Dan Shirley danshirley@blueyonder.co.uk
    Yes you are quite right. Robbie Williams is a cunt. He is a talentless bastard, and hilariously he doesn't know it. But he will.

    hatchy hatchking@hotmail.com
    please piss of now victor love whoever the fuck you are. The guy who wrote the review clearly demostrates a grasp of the english language which takes much more talent than fat bastard Williams havs ever demontrated in his life! Why dont you fuck off back to your Topman River Island UK Garage Clubbin every weekend fat bastard WKD Smirnoff Ice I love Justin and Samuel L Jackson cos hes cool mates, and leave this website to the people who enjoy actual good music! Phew!

    Michael Dallaway michaeldallaway@hotmail.com
    Most of these replies are a little uncalled for. Sharing similar opinions with many UK citizens, I neither love or hate the man but the way he carries himself on stage, and the way he entertains crowds is unbeatable. You can't buy that skill for the world, and that will be what he'll be remembered for. Life Thru a Lens was a very enjoyable album full of brit-pop lite gems that he's never really matched, but he cannot be faulted for his abilities with an audience- he's the closest the UK have to an on-form Michael Jackson in that respect.

    Lee Foster loving the robbie reviews Adrian . the pain you have to endure to keep this site diverse hey? lol Basically I had the missfortune of hearing some of his albums aswell an what is there to say? He is essentially the none artist lovers artist. The people who can't tell good from bad an real tallent from a piss poor act from a desperate people pleasing circus clown who wants everyone to love him an tell him how great he is an is desperately un original an failed to do anything of any real worth . It is however easy to slightly enjoy this comercial shit . but we must resist. This album is obviously before he had to fall out with OASIS which was a joke in itself that he could even be mentioned in the same breathe of such a band . On here we have him trying to copy oasis on songs like OLD BEFORE I DIE an maybe CLEAN ect an he does it awfully an it sounds like OASIS for kids TV . basically all is good an people can like what they want but i think ROBBIE has been the most unworth! y success of all time . but maybe its the kinda people who are fans who dont no real music an tallent if it bites em on the arse . I dont dislike the guy an i aint gonna be personal . but this album is crap . most of his albums are really piss poor an his shows suck . FEEL however is a great song an his best by far . I think since the oasis fall out he has made an effort to be very un oasis . on here he is obviously still under the influence an thinking he can make it like that an impress an get liked by real music appreciaters but the result is pretty embaressing an kinda desperate an although i dont dislike the guy i am glad that they pulled the rug an glad he was at the Q AWARDS an had to see liam an for some reason he shit himself an left early an has stopped running his mouth off an dissing oasis an liam since that day . robbie dug his own grave with me by dissing OASIS . but he was crap before an i wouldnt have rated him much anyway. Give me some real music any day of! the week an I love the way you reviewed these albums an been ! so gener ous with the ratings .lol. lee

    I've Been Expecting You 4 ( 1998 )
    Strong / No Regrets / Millennium / Pheonix From The Flames / Win Some Lose Some / Grace / Jesus In A Camper Van / Heaven From Here / Karma Killer / She's The One / Man Machine / These Dreams

    Led by indie struggler Guy Chambers formerly of The Lemon Tree's - the Robbie Williams band, if you can call it such - hit it especially big with this, their second album. Eight of the twelve songs were UK hit singles. And, right from Robbies former band 'Take That's early days on TV - it was easy and obvious to see the man Williams had charm with the general public. His personality is dominant here over the top of often obvious, certainly not original but always accomplished pop music with the faintest of rock edges. Four hit singles to open, none of them startling - this isn't The Beatles here. The production is often over the top with guitar solo's, or string sections plonked onto the barest of song structures. Obvious song structures. Robbie himself does indeed sing in a manner akin to Sixties crooner Tom Jones. Yes, its a 'don't sing, always shout' method of performing! It gets tiring after more than just a couple of listens. The lack of subtly is alarming. As the album progresses, it soon becomes clear the sound ( strangely muted and polite rock based pop ) isn't going to vary at all across the albums length. Having said that, 'Grace' is pretty nice. A little less restrained than some of the other songs here. Such is Robbie Williams lack of originality the lyrics to 'Jesus In A Camper Van' caused a lawsuit with the estate of Woody Guthrie due to the similarity of certain lyrical sections. The song stinks, in any case.

    There is one fine moment here, one that rescues the entire album and makes it at least semi-respectable. Written by former Waterboy Karl Wallinger, 'She's The One' not only is a fine song but even features a perfectly judged and restrained performance from Robbie. Now this, was a deserved hit single. A wonderful song. The rest of the album is just too obvious, too lacking in subtly and so commercial in intent it just hurts. Oh well. A fact of life I guess.

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    Readers Comments

    Malcolm Dalziel malc@dalziel99.fslife.co.uk

    ric richarddaniel1976@btinternet.com
    Gary Barlow had ten times more talent than Robbie Williams, and look at the positions they're both in now. Good guys get shit on. Im no fan of boy bands, but Barlows songs were at least slightly original. I cant think of a Robbie Williams song that doesnt remind me of some other song. He rips everything off - its not music - you lot should listen to Led Zeppelin and The Doors - then decide where you rank Robbie Williams in terms of originality and talent. He doesnt even play an instrument, and no, his voice is not his instrument because his voice is SHITE! He has no range at all. Listen to Tom Yorke from Radiohead then Robbie afterwards. No band/artist ever covers Radioheads songs, wonder why?! Coz they cant sing it! Same with U2. I rest my case (I think)

    Sing When You're Winning 5 ( 2000 )
    Let Love Be Your Energy / Better Man / Rock DJ / Supreme / Kids / If It's Hurting You / Singing For The Lonely / Love Calling Earth / Knutsford City Limits / Forever Texas / By All Means Necessary / The Road To Mandalay

    The guy chambers / robbie williams road-show rolls forever onwards, Robbie tellingly making a dedication to Mr Chambers, towards the rear of the CD booklet - "To Guy Chambers, who is as much Robbie as I am". You see, most Robbie Williams fans are perhaps unaware that Guy Chambers writes the songs, he arranges the songs, he leads the musicians and produces. Robbie? He writes the words and then proceeds to shout them as loud as he can, in front of the petrified studio microphones. Still, credit where credit is due. As far as Guy Chambers albums go, this one is a doody!! Let's take the opening number, the stunningly titled 'Let Love Be Your Energy'. Guy and his bunch of studio session muso's make enough of the music. It's enough, it sounds suitably epic and would make for a suitably grand opening number on any number of average to good rock albums. Unfortunately, Robbie sees fit to spoil this good to average opening number by shouting tunelessly and painfully across it in an attempt to be Liam Gallagher. So? Well, Guy Chambers ups the ante with the well arranged 'Supreme'. Slickly commercial, distinctive enough to stand out thanks to a sweeping melody, even if lots of the melody has been swiped seemingly from other places. Robert Williams enters the fray. He doesn't shout this number, but does see fit to sing the vocal melody of 'I Will Survive' throughout the verses. 'Rock DJ' had a very expensive video in which Mr Williams not only stripped his clothes, but his skin as well. He tore off his skin to leave himself only as a grinning skeleton. This slice of barely updated disco, this mid-tempo ploddingly unimaginative song needed such a striking video, of course. Well, again, the music is arranged well enough, if by this far in the album, playing it suspiciously safe. Oh, and Robbie Williams as a grinning skeleton? All my dreams nearly came true. Until I realised it wasn't real and was just special effects!

    'Kids' was yet another UK hit song for Robbie. Half of the vocals are sung by our lovely Kylie ( Minogue ) rather than Robbie. So, half of the song is better than it would usually be on a Robbie Williams album, at any rate! This could have been the song to crack america for Robbie, were it Madonna rather than Kylie. Our Robert can continue to dream of cracking America. He can dream. He can't sing very subtly, but he CAN dream. After this semi-highlight, it seems only fair to mention a low-light. Robbie albums usually have a few of those to choose from. Well, it's a close run thing. In the end, the terribly uncool 'Forever Texas' wins the day. It sounds like how you imagine your Geography teacher would sound, 'gone dance'. And shouting. At the end of term disco karaoke. Still, special mention to the quite lovely 'Road To Mandalay', a genuinely good song on an album otherwise nearly completely devoid of them.

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    Readers Comments

    Alex Zaitsev zaitsev@perm.ru
    Oh, well, I'm mad. I could've been doing something useful, but I'm writing a comment on Robbie Williams...geez. Anyway, I don't understand why you're so harsh to the guy. Sure, he's a routine popster, but at least his songs aren't by - the - book ballads or "dance, motherfucker, dance" crap. At least he bothers to write melodies....sometimes. Like the one in Road To Mandalay. Now, I confess, I love the hell out of this song. It's just brilliant! Oh, well, I must be sick...

    Hatchy hatchking@hotmail.com
    Have you heard his new 'song' Radio? Biggest jug of man juice heard in yonks! Come on Robbie do yourself and everyone else a favour and retire. Failing that move into phase 5 of your career and pretend to be a tortured artist (a la Pete Doherty) and either go into an asylum for druggies or simply die...please.

    Sarah sexy_devil733@hotmail.com
    if you have ever seen one of Robbies concerts you will notice that very few singers have the auror Robbie does on stage. Everyone has a good time regardless of whether they like him or not because he has a sort of energy no one else has.maybe you should go and listen to one of hs albums wit an open mind next time,and then tell me what you think. As Robbie sed in one of his songs 'you cant argue with popularity'xXxXxXx

    Escapology 2 ( 2002 )
    How Peculiar / Feel / Something Beautiful / Monsoon / Sexed Up / Love Somebody / Revolution / Handsome Man / Come Undone / Me And My Monkey / Song 3 / Hot Fudge / Cursed / Nan's Song

    EMI re-sign Robbie Williams for a ridiculous amount of money, reputedly the second or third highest deal for any artist ever, in the history of the entire known universe. His latest, this album right here, 'Escapology' manages to become his best-selling US album to date, reaching the lower regions of the fifties on the Billboard album charts. To even begin to pay-back the huge amounts of money EMI have given him, it needed to be top ten at least. EMI clearly have completely lost their marbles signing a guy with little world-wide profile, for such huge sums of money, but lets forget EMI for a second. A number of truly horrible things exist on this Robbie Williams album. 'Song 3' for a start, which will have anybody familiar with Blurs 'Song 2' reaching for their sick bags. What does it do, 'Song 3'? Well, it's a usual Robbie song, rock by numbers with half screamed / half shouted, vocals. 'Sexed Up' is a ballad, stupidly. 'Nan's Song' opens with a little attractive folky guitar before descending upon the arrival of Robbies voice, which sounds a little rough across this albums 13 songs. Sounds a little bored, to be honest. Robbie can retire right now and run across the world with all of EMI's money. In actual fact, I wish to fuck that he would. 'Feel' is a highlight, if you can call it such. A commercial song with good pop structure and even reasonable Robbie vocals. It works well enough to sit alongside other 'fine enough' Robbie songs on a future 'best of'. 'Something Beautiful' is excrement with a plodding rhythm, both music and vocals straining and seemingly drawn by a competent session muso whilst Robbie writes lyrics right out of a dot-to-dot 'how to write lyrics' book.

    Truly the most bizarre song here is the seven minute long 'Me And My Monkey'. 'Me And My Money'? Me and my fucking shitting monkey? It opens all mexican/spanish. Opens well, good music. Mr Arse-head Williams sounds so fucking dumb when the lyrics open. "Ahhh..... me and my monkey!" sings Robbie. The music is actually pretty good, well done, I like the music. But, seven minutes of this? Seven minutes? It's comical. 'Me And My Monkey'? Jesus christ.... it's actually quite catchy, if truly comical in every single respect. About half way through, you'll want to vomit. You'll want to go around the offices of EMI Records and fire-bomb the place. They've got money, a reputation. They could pour the rumoured 100 million they're giving Robbie into developing new worthy talent. EMI Records are home to both The Beatles and Radiohead. Makes you wonder, doesn't it? EMI signing Robbie for such a huge sum puts everything in jeopardy. The Beatles catalogue may soon be up for grabs if EMI go down. Wanna buy it? Robbie fucking Williams will probably buy it. Fuck him up the arse. <

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    Mike Surman mikesurman105@hotmail.com
    Oh lordy lordy... You've had me in stitches! I thought it was just me and about another 30000 people who thought robert was a cunt! The only males i know who like robert are england shirt wearing shitheels who put their arms around each other and bellow 'and thru it aaaaalll she offers... etc...' Someone once said to me that Angels was as well written as imagine.. That's a dead giveaway for a cunt.. I didn't try to explain why i thought maybe he was wrong. Oh, by the way, roberts 'let me entertain you' was a ripoff of the rolling stones 'sympathy for the devil' Just sing roberts lyrics over the top you'll see what i mean, if you don't play an instrument that is... me and my monkey? Erm... Beatles white album, everybodys got something to hide except for ME AND MY MONKEY! Anyway must go, ive got an england match to referee and do you know how i found this site? Probably like everyone else, i put robbie williams and cunt in my browser!! I thank you
    hatchy hatchking@hotmail.com
    Yes! Yes yes! I am soooo glad there are others that agree with me! This is a pile of wank! I had the displeasure if listening to this tripe whilst I had a summer job in a clothes shop last year over and over and over again. Why? "Because its popular with the customers!" Please FUCK OFF CUSTOMERS and listen to The Beatles instead. Why he is so stupidly popular is beyond me and quite frankly if he keeled over tomorrow I wouldnt give a toss, because the world would be rid of one more cretin! EMI where are your marbles? This album is rank, the artist is detestable, this sort of shite makes me so angry! Robbie Arsewipe Willimas please leave the room!
    gareth colliergareth@hotmail.com
    the boy can entetain granted, but his songs are nothing new, ripped off and arent refreshing. He is purely for the satisfaction of people who do not dare venture into real true music.Its a sad state of affairs when someone as talentless as he is can get where he has got. He holds no musical value at all, its just cheap, commercial crap.
    Peter Finch Peter_Finch63@hotmail.com
    i was reading your messages about robbie williams and i found myself getting rather pissed off. why ru all against him? i think hes a great guy and the best solo pop act to come out of britain in a long time. obviously you are all so shallow minded and would rather listen to such droning shite as radiohead and the beatles. get a grip. escapology was one of the biggest selling albums of 2002-2003 and his english single success obviously shows he isnt rubbish. so at the end of the day i find your comments crap and unworthy to print on the internet. ciao

    Mike amishrevolt97@sbcglobal.net
    I was looking at recent reader's comments and saw a comment for Robbie William's Escapology. And I noticed Peter Finch called Radiohead and The Beatles "droning shite." "Droning Shite"!?! If The Beatles and Radiohead are "droning shite" than what is a shit solo artist who can't even sing worth bollocks? My cat can sing better than fucking Robbie Williams! Robbie Williams vs. The Beatles. ?? What's wrong with that picture? On one side, "A Day in the Life" and on the other "Me and My Monkey"?. Fuck him up the arse is right! "Droning shite" my ass.

    Sarah sexy_devil733@hotmail.com
    I have to say all u ppl hu r ritin negativ stuff bout Robbie r gay u obviously havnt heard the real robbie story hes been thru so much and to cum out of it fitin strong i fink its 1 hell of an achievment. Victor is rite hooever u cunts r ur jst jelous that u didnt make summit of ur lives and he did. im 13 and i have a brilliant taste in music the guy hoo rote this obviously has not. He has no talent and is a wanker. as 4 all u hoo agree wiv him ur wankers 2. If u dnt like summit dnt lisn 2 it and dnt tell ppl 2 stat h8ing it.As 4 Hatchy ur da biggest loser on this site apart from Adrian himself the wanker.As 4 those hu like Gary Barlow, He made Robbies life hell. So y dnt u all get lost and go complain about some other crap. Robbie is decent, get over urselves.

    Sam sammy_p89@hotmail.com
    Before I start my rant, I want to request that Sarah should be taken away and thrown in prison because she is such a bad speller. Anyway, Robbie Williams is a dick. What's with his faux-rock star persona, when he is so obviously a pop star, listened to by gays and 12-year old girls. And how the hell can anyone compare Williams to the Beatles, when the Beatles are quite obviously the greatest band ever. Go and listen to Revolver or Abbey Road, and then tell me what you think. God I hate some people!

    Peter Finch peter_finch63@hotmail.com
    ok lets get 1 thing straight. we all have our own tastes in music, ye, but to seperate the good from the downright bollocks lets look at success.you all think robbie is shite? well 5 albums released, 4 of which reached number 1, and several went triple platinum. add onto that 5 UK number 1 singles and one hell of a concert last year,(nebworth to all u robbie hating scum). and yer thats right he had 375000 fans there over 3 days.doesnt sound too bad does it?if you would much rather place a coldplay CD in your hi-fi or some other equally depressing drivel thats fine by me, but if i ran the country i would round you all up and force you to listen to me and my monkey and other such classics. yer we all hate some music, but lets look at the facts before slating robbie.ok yer i dissed the beatles, but if you are under 35 and u like the beatles you are either very sad and lonely or have a condition of some sort where you think rubbish predictable music is gr8. anyway i think i! have made my point, and i shall enjoy reading all of your hilarious and incredibly immature replies. ciao x

    Mike Bryant amishrevolt97@msn.com
    I realize I'm being baited, but I'll take the bait anyway. Yeah, we all know Robbie Williams is great because we all know that the number of units sold is directly proportional to the quality of the artist. If this was true, then the Holy Trinity of rock would most likely be The Eagles, Michael Jackson, and doubtlessly some awful pop boy band. Popularity does not equal quality. Oh, and The Beatles are obviously rubbish predictable music.(?) They're predictable? As opposed to what, Robbie Williams? The Beatles sure were predictable, they went from Merseybeat to psychedelia to releasing a double album making use of a wide array of styles. Those Beatles sure were predictable. I bet everyone could see Revolver coming. I almost didn't post this, because your pathetic mix of ad hominem and bad grammar had me rolling with so much laughter that I could barely type. You guys are really helping people take your views seriously by using the term "gr8" in a sentence. "ciao"

    Sarah sexy_devil733@hotmail.com
    Sam, first of all i will spell however i want i hav listened 2 d beatles freaquently throughout my life and i happen 2 fink dey r gd 2 jst cuz i fink robbie is good dosnt mean i cant like netin else i like everytin from eminem, robbie, radiohead, coldplay, the rasmus, xtina, britney to usher, ludacris, kanye west, jessia simpson (wen shes not doing an utterly suicidal version of 'angels' it was rubbish!) and katie Melua.newayz my point is i like a wide selection of music jst cuz i like robbie dnt mean i dnt like nefin else. an that 'faux-rockstar persona ' is jst a front actually u shud really read up on wat kind of a person he is before dissin him i bet u avnt even listened 2 netin from his new album because ur not open minded and once ur mind is made up u probably wouldnt change it. but i dnt n jst as much as u probably dnt no robbie so dats enuff about u. robbie has about another 3 or 4 albums 2 cum yets, or so his contract states so u will jst av 2 put up wit him 4 now, ! wont u? and hes not only listened 2 by gays i no loads of str8 men hu listen 2 robbie, even if dey dnt lke it (which most of dem du), because dey r man enuff to not complain everytme 1 of his song comes on. b4n luvnhugz xXxSarahxXx

    dan cadman danielofcadman@hotmail.com
    I dont have anything new to say. Just that YES robbie is shit. Im glad that peter believes the more records sold the better the artist, thats very sweet. Did it ever occur to you that it was miss swear alot 13 year old "I have brilliant music taste" that was buying all of them. Good report again adrian

    Sarah sexy_devil733@hotmail.com
    how d hell can u say robbie is predictable? 'Radio' was a complete change that i no has brought him loads more fans.and i was readin a comment posted ages ago that said robbie doesnt even play an instrument uh hello? he plays the guitar.and hu the hell uses words like 'lordy' anymore.u lot dnt no wat your talkin about. o 'lordy lordy' u lot piss me off so bad.i dont believe escapology should have got a 2 rating i mean come on me and my monkey is a classic did it ever occur 2 u that rob is a joker and yes he does take the piss out of himself sometimes and 'song 3' was probably supposed 2 b like 'song 2' by blur 4 gods sake were u 2 thick 2 work that out?.Robbie is better than some embarrasin shite like Peter Andre anyday. And did u ever stop 2 think that EMI probably signed Rob because he is good and he does deserve a place @ the same record company as the beatles and radiohead.

    finchy Peter_Finch63@hotmail.com
    for some reason mr mike bryant i have this image of you as a spotty gawky student type who thinks the whole population of earth is less intelligent than him.i may be 15 but i sure as know what im talking about. and just to silence any tension, im not gay. the whole army of male robbie fans arent gay.ive had my moments but thats another story.... anyway... to the point...whatever there is of it left. where are all the robbie fans on this site? has mr denning been filtering out all the robbie lovers leaving me to defend him? it seems im leading a 1 man army against a tidal wave of hatred towards robbie. i no ur out there. hes just got another platinum selling album and another number 1 single. yeye mike. thats his 6th number album and 6th number 1 single. all that equals success. you can say you dont like his character n thats understandable.i cant see why not hes very charmin. u may not like his music which is also understandable because we all have different tastes. some! good (finchy) some bad (bryant. however, no1 can deny he is a fantastic entertainer with an array of fans who can perform a variety of music (remember swing) his record sales say it all really and he's consistently been up there since 1990 with take that. in 2001 i took my sister to watch a robbie concert. at the time she was as ignorant as u lot. "ooo robbie is shit" "he cant sing". she preferred such shite as marilyn manson and slipknot(just as opinion folks) i took her to the robbie concert and the pessimistic bitch actually enjoyed it. she almost cried at "angels".thats proof that if i can convert stupid goths like her in2 lovin robbie then u can too. btw ppl....i wanna no what bands/arist arouse you in the morning. then i can dismantle yor arguments and make u look stupid. not bad for 15 am i???

    Sharon smjc5991@ntlworld.com
    You all hate him that much that you are on a site about him!!!What sad lifes u hav got! Jealous?? Got 2 be!! Listen to the words from his songs then you might understand him a bit more!! Come undone what a track!!. He is who he is if you like him good if ya dont he dunt care.

    Paul Wishart Scotland
    The comments left on this page are absolutely hilarious. To the pro-Robbie people: You realise that Adrian is reviewing the album, not the person? He is listening to the songs which, frankly, ARE dull and simplistic. There are no highs or lows, just a drone with Robbie's vocals over the top. The music is written by other people and Robbie's face/voice is put on the front to make it sell better. Why? Because after 'Angels' there are a set number of people who will buy Robbie because it's Robbie. How often do people seriously listen to 'Life Through a Lens' nowadays? Or this album, Escapology? Selling a lot does not relate to the quality of the album. Promotional techniques, name recognition etc. sadly have more to do with it. Robbie Williams is NOT a musician. He is one hell of an entertainer, and I have seen live shows where he has the crowd in the palm of his hand. But he isn't releasing music, he's releasing a product. And the product, this album 'Escapo! logy', is terrible. Nothing to do with Robbie selling alot or being a pretty face with tons of money; this album is terrible. And that is what Adrian is reviewing. Pro-Robbie folk: accept it!

    Greatest Hits 6 ( 2004 )
    Old Before I Die / Lazy Days / Angels / Let Me Entertain You / Millenium / No Regrets / Strong / She's The One / Rock DJ / Kids / Supreme / Let Love Be Your Energy / Eternity / Road To Mandalay / Feel / Come Undone / Sexed Up / Radio / Misunderstood

    Robbie Williams was born the same year as me. His eyes are green, the same color as mine. He's around four inches taller than I am, and supports Port Vale rather than Liverpool. We are, contrary to popular belief, two entirely different people! And, then some. You see, for years and years, Tom Jones was my most hated singer, because he didn't so much sing, as just bellow out every single syllable. No emotion. Robbie as a person is someone I admire, I like him as a person. Yet, his vocal technique? Well, it leaves a lot to be desired. Let's take 'Angels'. His breakthrough hit, at a time when five singles had flopped from his debut album. Let's take this fluke hit that saved his career, yeah? Well, his charm also saved his career, rather than musical talent, he has charm in spades. Anyhoo, where was I? Oh, yeah, 'Angels'. When he reaches the chorus, when he reaches up to sing the "and though IT ALL.... SHE OFFERED ME PROTECTION" section, windows break. Glasses smash. That's the kind of vocal projection the man has. Some may admire such bellowing, others may not. Let's face it, there is a reason Robbie has never cracked America. That reason is that his voice is shit. Well, again, a correction. His voice has power, yet he has no variation, little subtly. He doesn't know the meaning of the word, subtle. He doesn't realize, that singers have to mean what they sing. Sometimes, perhaps Robbie means what he sings. He did when he sang 'She's The One', still his finest moment to date, because the song actually meant something to him. Most of the other songs may as well be 'Agadoo', for all the meaning they actually have, once processed through the Robbie shouting register! " Agadoo-doo-doo, push pineapple, grind coffee, To the left, to the right, jump up and down and to the knees ... " - you can hear Robbie singing that, can't you? He apparently wanted the Bono line in band-aid 20, yet entirely correctly, Bono himself got this most shouted of all lines within the band-aid song. You see, Robbie wanted the loudest, most shouted line. The man cannot sing quietly, or with any emotion that doesn't require him to shout.

    Robbie has such supreme lyrical statements as 'Let Love Be Your Energy'? He has good moments too, the lovely 'Road To Mandalay' and new single, 'Misunderstood', in which he finally realises he doesn't need to shout to get his point across. It's quite good, actually. As for 'Radio', well. Words cannot even begin to describe this atrocity, other than Gary Numan has just shot himself, just so he can turn in his grave. It's so bad, words cannot even describe. Yet, credit where credit is due. Robbie turns in 'Misunderstood' to follow up 'Radio'. 'Misunderstood' is a good song, yet were Robbie to actually turn in an album of good songs like 'Misunderstood', rather than his usual tripe, his record sales in Britain would plummet. They'd increase visibly everywhere else in the world. A world that hadn't seen him looking cute on 'Big Breakfast' when Take That appeared on it. A world outside of the UK, a UK that seemingly doesn't give a shit about any music that isn't concerned with personality and image. Lemme give you an example. I have control over the music that is played in the shop I work at. Yeah? I put a Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits song on. Robbie fans, do you know who they are? Well, you might not think you do, but you do. See, if you came across a random song of theirs, you'd say such artistic brilliance as they produce, was shit. Yet, if you came across, for example, 'Hallejulah', from the first 'Shrek' film, you'd say it was great and probably cry out, "Oh, that's from Shrek!" and then sway to the brilliance of the compostition. Leonard Cohen spent several years as a monk, is seventy years old and can barely speak, yet alone sing, anymore. Yet, there is a song from his new album that is better than the entire career of Robbie Williams. I still give this a '6', because to be honest, ratings at this stage, are meaningless. Still, when WILL people realise that just because a song isn't 'familiar' to them, that it doesn't mean it's bad? And, just because they recognize some random song in a film, or on the radio, that is doesn't mean it's good? I can play Tom Waits and people scream. Yet, I play the same Tom Waits, albeit the song that's in 'Shrek 2', and people won't scream, they'll actually like it. Why? Because the song being in 'Shrek 2' must OBVIOUSLY mean it has some merit. I mean, what the kind of fucking system is that? Well, it's the system 99% of people who buy singles have. And, also. 99% of Robbie Williams fans. Idiots, the lot of them.

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    Readers Comments

    paul spectorsound@aol.com
    why do you waste your time reviewing this clown? why dont you review genuine talents like rufus wainwright or ed harcourt?

    Sarah sexy_devil733@hotmail.com
    for once, i agree with u. i agree that the system is fuked up and jus cuz a song is, say in shrek 2, doesnt mean its good. but ppl who like rob ent idiots:(lol.and he CAN sing with feeling he doesnt shout EVERYTHING. Well not most thngs anyway lol.xXx

    joanne playgirljo69@aol.com
    And to all of you who are saying listen to the beatles.... Your about 70 and passed it so no wonder you dont like the good old robster probs because his music is "to loud" and it gives you a headach.. you keep on listenin to ur beatles chicks because thats ur music for the past were now in 2004 and robbie is the star of it!!

    joanne playgirljo69@aol.com
    Lol reading all the things that you guys have put just makes me fall to the ground in stitches!!!! Robbie Williams is a great bloke and him music is top class, if it wasent he wouldent be where he is today.At the end of the day you are all jelous because if your not why the hell are you slaggin the bloke of??? hes fit hes rich and he can sing!! now tell me this, have a good long look at your self are you fit? are you rich? can you sing? no no and no that is why your all saying this about him, and why use bad words? Because your sat at your computer and your getting mad because you want what he has got, why elce would you sware?? well please feel free to email me if you dont agree because i KNOW im right. xxxx And in band aid 20 he is the only one that can sing!

    daniel ward dappawasp@yahoo.com
    Hmm Joanne, Joanne! keep your hair on. Firstly nobody is jealous of Robbie Williams, he's not fit, he CAN sing (but not very well), so what if he has loads of money? is he happy? I don't think so judging by the hounding he gets from the press and the lack of privacy. But then he brought it all on himself. He's also a dirty tramp because he spat a photographer. Ugh!! Camel! And actually he isn't the best singer on band aid, he's the worst! Also his songs are designed for one purpose. To get played endlessly on local radio. Would radio 2 ever play him? no because they like to play real music from real talent-not just music for the conumer generation PS. the beatles were 'fit' but also produced genuine, timeless music, so therefore their albums are, on average, rated higher than Robbie Williams. But still, at least he's got charisma, which is more than can be said for Ronan Keating...

    daniel ward dappawasp@yahoo.com
    Also, so what if the Beatles were in the past and Robbie is from 2004? Have you ever listened to a beatles album in your life? probably not, if you have then i stand corrected but just because Robbie is in 2004 that dosn't make him better than the beatles.

    Fraser Baker faecbaker@hotmail.com
    Like dear old Robbie I too grew up in Stoke where I knew a lad, now thinking back, who looked remarkably like the Monkeyfaced Twat. Also, remembering back, we held a singing contest on our street where I found out to my great joy that this lad couldn't sing for shit. Two remarkable similiarities. So if this trend is to continue, Robbie, like the lad I used to know, should be happy walking around public with whacking great dirt marks across his face, smelling like a used tampon, sharing a bed with the flea ridden family dog and also have a keen liking for council estate pop. I hope this is true because I'd have even more justifiable reasons to hate him.

    richard frank booshank620@hotmail.com
    I think that the readers comments are possibly better to read on this page then the reviews, because it says so much about the kind of chimp that is defending Robbie Williams. None of those retards can fucking spell! Do people really have so little time in their lives that they have to use bloody text speak?

    Sarah k xtellme_astoryx@hotmail.co.uk
    How can you say Robbie is not fit? The point is that is does matter that we are in 2004 music has changed and you old-timers just have not caught up yet. Fraser, it really does just sound like your jealous and yes people would be jealous of him because hes got it ALL, and no matter how much you people try and deny it he is top class. Just because you do not like a certain type of music or a certain person you do not have to tell everyone to follow your views. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Fraser, have i used enough proper English for you?

    Gary Rosson Gary@rossong.freeserve.co.uk
    I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the reviews of Mon.... sorry, Robbie Williams particularly the simian references in a couple of the comments. I myself have, for a few years now, referred to this prat as Monkey Williams as he looks like an extra from Planet of the Apes, sings like one too! Me and my Monkey? I think they've been letting the wrong on stage! Great site, by the way.

    Martyn Cooper wiley442@hotmail.com
    I'm 13. I can also type properly, unlike Sarah. It doesn't make me a "fuckin geek olol", it actually makes me a better person than you. I have good music. Yes, I actually do. Two years ago, I was probably listening to the same shit as she was.. e.g. Robbie Williams. Now: Pixies, Stone Roses, Aphex Twin, Morrissey, The Smiths.. Yeah, give me some of those. I'm happy enough. Yes, but two years ago, I listened to the tripe Sarah listens to (probably). Fortunately, I developed my own taste in music. I just hope Sarah learns how immature and pathetic she is and how unbelievably shit her music is soon. As for Robbie Williams. The guy's a talentless cunt. She's The One was a fine tune, but it was also sung by World Party in 1997, as you can imagine, their version is far superior to the cunthead which is Robert Williams'. Otherwise, complete bullarse (is that even a word?). Oh, yes, I did find it hillarious when I noticed similiar pages include the Spice Girls. "datz da best musak eva lolo!11" Adrian, keep up the fucking excellent reviews. You've introduced me to some really good music in the past year or so. I love you, actually. Cheerio.

    Intensive Care( 2005 )
    Ghosts / Tripping / Make Me Pure / Spread Your Wings / Advertising Space / Please Don't Die / Your Gay Friend / Sin Sin Sin / Random Acts Of Kindness / The Trouble With Me / A Place To Crash / King Of Bloke & Bird

    Well, another year another Robbie Williams album to discuss. What fun we have on this page discussing the relative merits of 'Angels', 'Me And My Monkey', 'Let Love Be Your Energy' and other 'classics' co-written by Robbie and his now former collaborator, Guy Chambers. I for one am glad Robbie is using a new collaborator, purely for the fact the Williams/Chambers partnership had surely run its course? Stephen Duffy, his new writing partner can't fail but bring something new to the table. We need to remember if we're an old-time Robbie Williams fan that at some stage his music needs to evolve and mature. If we're not a fan of Robbie at all, we can either choose to not listen or choose to give the guy another chance. With every album I give the guy another chance, and always come away feeling rather flat and often quite upset at the sheer mediocrity of the music in question, as well as Mr Williams vocal and lyrical approach. Which brings me to 'Intensive Care', of course. Musically, we're more or less in the same territory as before, although possibly not quite as base and obvious as previous Williams efforts. Several of the musical arrangements here seem to have actually had some though put behind them, not least the first single, 'Tripping'. Early reports in the press misleadingly led us to believe Robbie was about to release a reggae album. 'Tripping' does feature a slight reggae beat but it's not just about that. It's a lyrically interesting song, one of the best lyrics Robbie has written and the music is well performed and interestingly arranged. It's not world-beating but it is one of the better Robbie Williams singles for my money, no question. Another interesting song both lyrically and musically is 'Please Don't Die'. Many of the tracks on the album are less egotistical and more downbeat than previous Robbie efforts, which may take some getting used to, but he's softened his vocal approach as well. Which is all the better as far as this listener is concerned. We're all listeners at the end of the day, fan or not. I still place myself in the latter category, but that's not really important. I'll review anybody to give the site a better balance overall.

    A song that raises my eyebrows is 'Your Gay Friend'. It's upbeat and a more typical Robbie number I suppose, with quite frankly irritating lyrics that don't look all that good when written down on paper and just sound slightly silly when sung out loud. Still, the music is ok. Oh, a point that deserves a mention I suppose is the fact Stephen Duffy, rather than just presenting music to Robbie encouraged Robbie to get involved in its creation. Even to the extent of getting Robbie to play rudimentary bass on several of the songs. Still, this is all to the good if it gives Robbie a better understanding himself of song-construction and what's involved. That way, he can stamp his own true personality on the songs he creates rather than just serving up what's expected of him or dictated to him by a collaborator or record company. 'Intensive Care' has faults, of course. It lacks variety and is a little too dour overall, to be honest. A few more songs as good as 'Tripping' would have helped no end. Still, this is a major step in the right direction. A new, almost but not quite, heartfelt Robbie Williams. One who may yet sing from his true heart and soul and create actual art, whatever the merits, rather than just an entertainer.

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    Readers Comments

    andy hanrahan hanrahan_us@yahoo.com
    I ave 2 say...dat iz 1 of d worst reviews ive ever readed...only joking. I was waiting to read your review on this album. I love my music and I've gotten a lot from this site in terms of recommendations and interesting comments. But I have to say the Robbie Williams page and the comments are very entertaining. I'll be regularly checking back for the comments from the 'TRUE' robbie fans. cheers

    finchy finchy63@hotmail.co.uk
    6 and a half is crap. ive listened to this album over and over and it beats anything out there in the charts now. this is robbie at his best and deserves at least an 8. it seems the whole swamp monkey race such as the whole polulation of this website despises entertainers such as robbie, and would rather watch the gallagher brothers stand on stage looking bored and singing flat monotone shit. may i just point out......another world record broken by robbie......1.6 million tour tickets sold in one day......and im one of them!! oasis or the beatles never did anything like that....ciao

    valerija valerija.zabret@guest.arnes.si
    I agree that Intensive Care deserves much higher mark! I tried to find at least one bad song on the album, but i have to say that i couldn't. Robbie really impressed me this time. The album is a mixture of everything in my opinion. Everione can find a song that suits you best on the album ... if you can't, than you have a weird taste :D

    Sara tallrik@hotmail.com
    Well like the cliché goes, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I like Robbie Williams very much, especially his lyrics. Anyways, about Robbie not being able to break America, if you think about it not that many English artists have been able to reach success in the U.S. Added to that, at the moment there seem to be little room, in the U.S., for any music that isn’t rap music. So I don’t think it’s because he can’t sing. Intensive Care wasn’t supposed released in the U.S.. but due to a large import of the album and demands from American fans, it was released in the U.S. as well.

    Dan Shirley danshirley@blueyonder.co.uk
    It's been a while since I left my last message of kindness towards this cheeky faced chappy (see above), in fact I don't remember leaving it at all - I just Googled my name. I bet Robbie does that alot. Anyway, I've got over my hatred for Mr. Williams now, instead all I feel is pity for a sad deranged boy trapped in the body of 30 year old fat dancer, with little or no talent do pass his time with. He should probably get a hobby, and interest - maybe golf or self-mutilation. Something I don't have to see him do. I just don't understand why he is still producing music - nobody's interested, not even little girls. Give it up mate, you've been rumbled.

    John Co Kildare
    "You all hate him that much that you are on a site about him!!!What sad lifes u hav got! Jealous?? Got 2 be!! Listen to the words from his songs then you might understand him a bit more!! Come undone what a track!!. He is who he is if you like him good if ya dont he dunt care" Hehe, absolutely loving it! Yeah that's right Sarah, this site's all about the Robster and noone else, hmm, that's why it's called Adrian's "ALBUM" Reviews then, innit... And you're absolutely right, anyone who doesn't like the Blobster must automatically be "jealous", as surely to criticise one so outstandingly "gifted" as he is must only be constituted of spite and nothing else, eh? ANY1 WHO DUSNT LUV HIM IS ONLY JELOUS CUZ HE IS GREAT AND DATS ALL I HAVE 2 SAY, blah, blah blah. Rock on guys, I'm off to listen to some, eh, music...

    Rudebox( 2006 )
    Rudebox / Viva Life On Mars / Lovelight / Bongo Bong-Je Ne T'Aime Plus / She's Madonna / Keep On / Good Doctor / The Actor / Never Touch That Switch / Louise / We're The Pet Shop Boys / Burslem Normals / Kiss Me / The 80's / The 90's / Summertime / Dickhead

    The last song is called 'Dickhead'. How appropriate. Now, Robbie has apparently been miserable lately. Living in LA hasn't done him much good, the Americans still don't rate him as an artist. His old foe Gary Barlow has penned a top ten American hit with 'Back For Good'. Robbie can't even break the top fifty. Take That have penned a hugely awaited new comeback single and are releasing a new album. Robbie, in his pit of despair, has turned his back on credibility, eg, an actually sympathetic and talented collaborator that might help him. Instead, he's gone for the gay market and the Scissor Sisters market and hired the Pet Shop Boys. The Pet Shop Boys were great producers in the late eighties. They produced one of the best albums of Dusty Springfield's career. Marrying the Pet Shop Boys to Robbie Williams however surely should have at least raised some eyebrows, somewhere? Surely, somebody, perhaps Robbie's own mother, has said 'THIS IS A BAD IDEA'.

    ROBBIE WILLIAMS FAN A)Do the rudebox, Shake your rudebox. Do the rudebox, Shake your rudebox. Do the rudebox, Shake your rudebox. Do the rudebox, Shake your rudebox. BEST CHORUS EVER.

    ROBBIE WILLIAMS FAN B)Ok then back to spaceship, take both pills fuck the matrix. Jack those jills shake your Playtex rock 3 stripes not the asics. A.D.I.D.A.S old school cos it's the best ? yes Tk max cost less yes. Jackson looks a mess bless PARDON?

    ROBBIE WILLIAMS FAN C)Ok then back to baseheads dance like you just won at the special Olympics I got the rudebox of the back of a spaceship, so sick I just had to take it The R.U.D.E.B.O.X. up yer jacksy, split yer kecks sing a song of semtex, pocket full of durex body full of mandrex. Are we gonna have sex (yes) will you wear your knee socks (ohh) back to the rudebox BEST LYRICS EVA!!!!

    Sadly, it gets worse from the first track on. Robbie was never much of a rapper, anyway. I'm not either, you know? So, I don't. Robbie, heed my advice. Don't! This album? It leaves me short of words. I don't really know what to say. 'Bongo Bong-Je Ne T'Aime Plus' joins 'Rudebox' and joins half a dozen other songs here in being at least as bad as 'Me And My Monkey', which was already Robbie's worst song and one of the worst songs of all time. 'Bongo Bong-Je Ne T'Aime Plus' just takes the bloody biscuit, though. Yet, i've got to feel sympathetic to his inept vocals and his now increasingly banal lyrics. Why? Well, he's feeling a bit down. Ahhh. Let's all feel sympathetic for Robbie, with his millions of pounds, his various houses, his crass and sexist attitude to woman, his lack of an actually NICE personality, his insecurities which manifest themselves in taking drugs, using women and making crap albums every year. Feel sorry for him? Well, it's lonely at the top. Robbie? It's even lonelier at the bottom. Highlights? There are none. Read the track-listing. How many high-lights do you think there are? Oh! No, sorry. The extra half mark is for 'Louise', a song which when it popped up randomly on my MP3 player made me wonder for a moment who was singing it. I didn't recognise his voice at all. Wow! Speaking rather than singing and taking lessons from deadpan Neil Tennant is paying off after all...

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    Readers Comments

    Stephen Murphy writeme@stephenmurphy.com
    Thank God. When will this sub-Matalan sales assistant stop making records? Half the country is addicted to this offal, but i don't get it. Like bubblegum if you want, like 'an easy listen' but don't like this silage, this cud. This utter turd is squitting all over modern music and everyone just laps up his warm, incontinent dribbles. He has now earned the laughable epithet 'Robbie', as if he is so talented he doesn't even need a surname, like Sappho or Vincent. Arsehole. I'd rather listen to Rebel, the dog from champion the wonder horse, choking on a plastic bag. Surely a fatwa is not far off for this simian jester. And don't bother objecting if you can't speak, read or write, or if you can only write with your thumb on a square keyboard (i.e. txt!). U R RONG ABT RBBIE. HE is da GTST. Anyone who thinks like this has a neurological disorder and should seek medical help or medication.

    tim isthisadytaken@hotmail.co.uk
    i think u should just get off robbies back mate..not a huge fan myself but cut the guy some slack..hes one of the most succesful british artists ever so i think that says something in itself...and what about last night? best international male artist..it says somethin. the public will speak...not many people care about what the media or people like u think anymore

    I´m glad I´m not living in England. If I did I would be ashamed to tell anyone. It seems to be the worst country in the world to come from if you are a big star. So much hatred and contempt that are puked out. If you are famous and rich you have no right to suffer from mental illnesses like depression, you have no right to suffer from insecurities and lack of confidens. No you should be sitting counting your money with a big smile it seems. Money equals to happiness? Only a greedy, bitter englishman thinks that way. If you are a rich star like Robbie Williams you have no right to be human and have feelings - no, we laugh at you, despise you and hope that you will fall as hard and as soon as possible. Adrian, you "review" of rudebox shows all this. It´s on pair with The Sun and other gossip-tabloids (feel ok about that?). Pick a couple of lines and punish them with hatred. Hate and despise the artist. Mention as always America and of course is Gary Barlow so much mor! e talented. Well, Musical magazines and papers that matters and that haven´t always loved Robbie Williams rank the album Rudebox very high (NME: 8 of 10, MOJO, MusicWeek also etc.) and Rudebox is one of the best (maybe the best) Robbie Williams album ever. There are 16 songs + 1 bonustrack, so if there are 5 covers there are still a whole album with his own songs. He has covered songs that have meant very much to him in his youth and he does it very good, especially Lovelight, Louise (which the album Intensive care was built around), Bongo bong and We´re the Pet Shop Boys. His own songs are a mix of beautiful ballads, hiphop, soul, disco, rap and countrystyle. You can hear that he really likes what he is doing and that makes the album hugely likeable. The great song She´s Madonna is going to be a hit and there are several more. He sings with emotion in the beautiful songs Summertime, The 80s, The 90s and Burslem normals. Viva life on Mars are catchy just like ! Keep on and Good doctor. The actor are also a great tune. He r! aps in h is own way (there is actually no rulebook of how to rap) and does it well, he talks, sing-talks and sings. As always the lyrics are personal poetry. The people that don´t like changes and don´t admire popstars that take risks and leave the comfort zone like Robbie has done with this album can stick to the reunited Take that. They haven´t changed and nothing have happened in 10 years. It´s all the same. It´s quite pathetic with an ageing "boy"-band, but money counts. So respect to Robbie Williams for taking this step and it´s amazing how good it all came out. I, as well as a lot of music magazines and other people can highly recommend this album. It has it all and there´s never a dull moment. You can listen to it many times and never get bored because of the beatiful mix of styles.

    Ashley Whitehead ash_888@hotmail.co.uk
    All these people who r slaggin roobie off needs a slap. He is one of the greatest performers the music industrie has seen. Yeah i have never ben to one of his concerts but wen hes on the tele he is amazing .he has has made some brilliant tracks like Angels, Feel, Betterman, Come undone,. So if anyone disagrees with me Contact me on ashley.whitehead1@ntlworld.com

    Stephen Murphy writeme@stephenmurphy.com
    We're all entitled to our opinion. The Big mac is the most popular food in the world but it doesn't mean it is good for you. Just because millions of people like something doesn't mean it is any good. What makes me mad is the ammount of coverage and attention this man gets, where other artists who work harder and try to make art, flounder. It's like a bad dream. Heroine's pretty popular too, but I'm not getting in that queue any time soon, either.by the way. It's Y-O-U. You. Not "u". Whilst people like me can still spell, hopefull some people care what we think. One full stop at a time will suffice. If you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. When "The people" as you call them all speak together, it is usually bad for humanity, q.v. Neuremburg. Just because a bunch of text-crazed Hollyoaks addicts buy a record in their lemming billions, doesn't make it music.

    Vicky Thomson vickythomson@hotmail.com
    Take that any day !! Robbie's concerts are self obsessed and who does he think he is... He asked girlies in the audience to get their boobs out.. unfortunately a few bimbos did and as the camera zoomed in for full frontal - robbie said yeah or nah... finally asking a jordan lookalike to a nearby hotel for afterwards... I wouldn't touch Robbie Williams with a barge pole !! AT least take that are fun.. and not so selffffffffffffff obsessed... Robbie ... you have had your day ! Get married and stop being such a mysoginistic... bore.

    Will D willgsafeass@hotmail.com
    Robbie Williams is the product of a incestous relationship that took place in Stoke-on-Trent in the mid 1970's. His songs are dire, his personallity is false and has been very lucky to get where he is today. Gary Barlow on the otherhand is a decent bloke, with a fantastic voice who had his career ruined by the red top newspapers. Im so glad Take That are top of the Charts again and Robbies career is in decline, he will end up a obese, kebab eating peasant where as the Take That boys careers will go from stenght to strength. Robbie is a sack.

    A.J. Sotone captain_virage@hotmail.com
    I'm not a Robbie lover OR hater, I think songs like Supreme and Strong are more fun (musically, his lyrics really are shite) than anything Thom Yorke's pretentious little gang has given us, and Robbie himself is far more interesting a spirit than nerdy betwetters like Chris Martin or self-fellating cunts like Bono. The problem with Robbie is that he seems to still have a certain inferiority complex about having been in a slightly gay boy band, and he's been pining for recognition and credibility ever since. And that's why he had to release a maggot-infested crock of shit like this, ranking high on the list of the worst because-I-can albums ever (only just behind Lou Reed's Metal Machines and still far ahead of Dylan's self portrait). Come on mate, stick with being a housewive's fantasy and releasing some nice guilty-pleasure pop, because the musical skill just eludes you.

    Thom McDowall Nottinghamshire
    What's not to like about this album? Well frankly, everything. Tattooed fuckwit does no justice to Williams. Talentless cunt (tattooed fuckwit) just about captures the essential character of the man. But then again who's the mug? Ugly kid Joe or those sufficiently brainwashed with music industry hype that they are prepared to hand over good money in exchange for unadulterated shit. Having said that, this is about as good as it gets from Williams so at least that's a positive note to end on.

    Jim Johnston Paisley
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This is to thank u Adrian for all ur accurate and hilarious views of this piece of EXCREMENT's albums!! And also to the hilarious comments, both slagging and defending the turd!! How he got where he is, I will never know. Can't sing, terrible lyrics, terrible processed production, God, I'd even rather listen to the Cheeky Girls than this LOATHSOME BASTARD!! I hate Take That, Westlife and all other boy bands, but I hate this spawn of Satan far, far more!! The lassie who said he must be good because of his sales, hilarious!! Daring to mention him in same sentence as the Beatles is TREASON, and should be punishable with a spell in the Tower!! I am sure his "depression" is an act to get headlines. If I am wrong, the day he does himself in, will launch one of the biggest parties Britain has ever seen!! To sum up briefly, HE IS LOWER THAN VERMIN!!

    Andre Drummond Keele
    This album is really terrible, but can I just point out that 'Bongo Bong-Je Ne T'Aime Plus' is actually a cover of a song by the brilliant Manu Chao. The lyrics are hardly meant to be taken seriously, just listen to the original. Robbie Williams cover is utterly pointless though, just sounds shit in an English accent.

    Chris lloydchristmas@hotmail.com
    Hmm... Well, I have read through all of the preceeding reviews and have considered the comments, both good and bad. I have struggled with a torturous internal dialogue, and have not slept for a period of 72 hours. Having weighed up both sides of the argument, I can only conclude that Robbie Williams is the most hateful, simian, talentless, whining, yo-yo dieting, self-pitying, derivative, turbo-charged cunt of a fucking CUNT ever to draw breath. PS: He can't sing. PPS: He is a cunt.

    Reality Killed The Video Star 6 ( 2009 )
    Morning Sun / Bodies / You Know Me / Blasphemy / Do You Mind / Last Days Of Disco / Somewhere / Deceptacon / Starstruck/ Difficult For Weirdos / Superblind / Won't Do That / Morning Sun Reprise

    When Morrissey left The Smiths, he relied on his then producer and fellow Manchester musicians to help him craft the masterful 'Viva Hate'. It was Smiths-like in places but also contained Morrissey's touch over everything, even the songs that didn't sound like The Smiths. In short, it was clear he was heavily involved. Robbie Williams, for 'Reality Killed The Video Star', has abandoned the terrible production and results The Pet Shop Boys inflicted upon 'Rudebox' and returned somewhat closer to the sound that made him a star in England in the first place. A short interview with uber-hit producer Trevor Horn is quite telling though - he revealed that Robbie basically would pop into the studio once a week, merely to check how things were getting on. Robbie had written demos with a bunch of his mates and instructed Trevor to more or less get on with it. Hands-on? Doesn't sound like it, does it? It's also clear how much Robbie has taken from Take That's recent reunion albums, essentially a mature pop-rock sound designed to appeal to as many people as possible. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. I can't help but feel Trevor Horn and Robbie have played the game far too safely, for example, Horn rarely gets to inject anything distinctive sound-wise, bar the odd squeak on lead single 'Bodies'.

    Lyrically, 'Reality Killed The Video Star' isn't the old 'I-AM' from Robbie, rather a slightly subdued, introspective and whining Robbie. Why does nobody love him? Rather odd really, as apparently he is now in love. Was that before or after he wrote 'Reality Killed The Video Star' - ah, whatever, I don't really care. This is very much a dull LP, I can't even be bothered to get annoyed by it, that's how 'safe' everything here is. Sure, superficially this is a strong LP, well performed and well produced. There's no out and out stinkers although the doo-wop of 'You Know Me' tries too hard to be a Mark Owen Take That song. 'Blasphemy' is a good song, although some of the lyrics are questionable. What we get are strings, Robbie and Piano. We also get 'deaf and dumb dinners' and some drivel about gravy. Oh well, never mind. 'Do You Mind' could be a third single, after 'Bodies' and 'You Know Me', which i'm guessing will be a single. Arriving next though is something rather interesting....

    Trevor Horn produced The Pet Shop Boys was had a big hand in creating their classic sound. 'Rudebox' sounded like a big confused mess and sounded like everything apart from 'Pet Shop Boys'. For 'Last Days Of Disco', Horn has created a very 80s beepy analogue synth type sound and by god, this is actually that very rare thing, a genuinely good Robbie Williams song. I can count those on the fingers of one hand and this is what, his eighth album? 'Deception' sounds like Robbie trying to be Gary Barlow, 'Difficult For Weirdos' sounds like 'Rudebox' and 'Won't Do That' sounds like shit, mixed with Beatles 'Sgt Pepper' style orchestration that we all know was Trevor Horn's ultimate responsibility. So, all in all, a surprisingly solid Robbie Williams album although also a surprisngly unmemorable one. He's normally memorable for the wrong reasons, eg, the awful 'Me And My Monkey' - here, he's just, well, normal. I'm not sure it really suits him, actually.

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    Jeremy Berg London
    Aw come on Adrian, admit it this is a pretty smart, solid effort from Robbie. The lyrics are far less egocentric, and there are some decent tracks on it. Ok it's no masterpiece....but perhaps a 7/10 for the dear boy? This might be the best that he will ever do.

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