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    Phases Of Love 7 ( 2008 )
    Somebody Loves Me / Darn That Dream / I Wish I Knew / Teach Me Tonight / The Nearness Of You / I Could Write A Book / Close Your Eyes / S'wonderful / Early Autumn / But Not For Me / Get Out Of Town / Solitude / What's New / That's All

    Sally Night stares out at you looking for all the world a singer who is releasing an album purely as an excersize in vanity. It's something of a surprise therefore to discover she's actually quite an accomplished sounding jazz interpreter. 'Darn That Dream' for example sounds subtle - some light bossanova, some beautiful Piano and a smokey, sultry vocal. 'The Nearness Of You' is the kind of material Billie Holiday would have brought to life and Sally does too. A simple arrangement combines with arguably the finest vocal on the entire album. Her voice is rich and velvety and warm although comparisons to her heroes Fitzgerald and Holiday are wide of the mark, she hasn't yet got the emotional resonance of the Jazz masters, but that can come with age. Well, Sally has started this career a little later in life than most, but with jazz music that can be seen to be a good thing.

    One Sally Night album is probably all anyone will ever need as her thing of bringing back old standards to life surely has a limited shelf-life as far as a recording career is concerned, yet it's nice to hear things like 'I Could Write A Book'. This stretches out caressingly over six minutes and has some proper, good old fashioned pre-sixties style Jazz playing on it. Melodic jazz with spaces, yes sir! Anyway, 'Solitude' is another well trodden Jazz masterpiece, but the thing is, Sally does it justice, absolutely. I'd watch this girl live time and again, although living in Coventry, all I get to see live are numerous pigeons shitting everwhere. Not good.

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