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    Sam Sparro 4 ( 2008 )
    Daydreamer / Too Many Questions / Black & Gold / 21st Century Life / Sick / Waiting For Time / Recycle It! / Cottonmouth / Hot Mess / Pocket / Cut Me Loose / Sally / Clingwrap / Can't Stop This / Still Hungry

    I can't stand that trance anthemn 'Black And Gold', such a huge hit for a song that sounds stylistically like it could have emerged any time since 1997, or so. Has dance music really not evolved at all during the last eleven years? It's come to a stage where dance music played in clubs has cross generational appeal. You have the house kids of 1988 going to clubs with their kids and both liking the same music. This kind of stuff is the new MOR music - as likely to appeal to shoppers in Marks And Spencers as it is 'the kids'. It sickens me, it really does. '21st Century Funk' says it all really. Fake sounding, fake funk fuck bass lines, drum beats that are too loud, a very busy track designed to be played from mobile phones as an MP3 file, you know, teenagers walking around with their mobile phones? It was better in the eighties, when at least the sound you'd get from your 'portable' hi-fi would be half decent. Mobile Phones aren't designed to have great speakers - you're supposed to put your bloody headphones on, idiots!

    As for the song 'Clingwrap', this thing is actually offensive to my ears. The vocals are shite and apologies for all the swearing in this review but Sam Sparro makes me very angry! Besides, it looks like Robbie Williams has retired, so i've got to vent my spleen in some direction. 'Clingwrap' for the record is some kind of hideous eighties throwback, reminding me of Level 42, someone I really don't want to be reminded of. It also becomes apparent Sam Sparro wants to be prince. He wishes.... Well, 'Hot Mess' is a clear highlight and sounds like a GOOD Prince song. Who would have thought it? I still have a question mark over Sam Sparro's decision to look like Trevor Horn from The Buggles, though.

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