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    Silence Yourself ( 2013 )
    Shut Up / I Am Here / City's Full / Strife / Waiting For A Sign / Dead Nature / She Will / No Face / Hit Me / Husbands / Marshal Dear

    It's immediately clear Savages have listened to both Siouxsie And The Banshees as well as The Birthday Party. They basically create a tremendously exciting racket that almost seems too good to come from a British band - British bands simply aren't this good anymore. They've got a thunderously deep bass guitar sound, a post-punk singer and lead guitar player, and a good drummer. Back in the 90s, it would be worth mentioning they are an all female band, The Savages have fortunately escaped such blatant trivialities and sexism. It doesn't matter, it really doesn't, all that matters is they are arguably the best guitar band on the planet right about now. What also earns an entire point by itself is that when playing on Saturday 29th June, 2013 they dedicated a song to John Peel - watching them live, they also embodied the spirit of early Joy Division. Yes, they are even better live than on record, something whilst seeing them I found almost impossible to believe - it warms the cockles of this old mans heart, it really does. So, three songs in you find 'City's Full' which follows the noisy but not 'a song' 'I Am Here' and album opener 'Shut Up' which finds itself in a place that Siousxie previously inhabited. Still, 'City's Full' is the real deal, a thunderously fast paced and deep bass, post-punk scratching from the guitar andenjoyable wailing from the singer - with passion. That bass though pins it all together, it's the glue and a sound so many bands choose to ignore.

    True, if we must use a Siouxsie or Joy Division comparison, Savages have nothing to compare yet to 'Hong Kong Garden' or 'Transmission', but let's hope their writing develops further. Peter Buck from REM once said something wise, that your first couple of albums you can get away with the shock of the new, but if you make it to album number three you better learn how to properly write songs. A lot of the punk/new wave acts never did make it to album number three, so let's hope Savages aren't just anger and a one-album wonder. Let's take 'Hit Me' as an example, this is such a glorious noise, fast paced, tribal drums, thrashing guitars and as angry as any punk - this is tribal and 'indie' taken to an extreme, a two minute sonic punch. Then 'Husbands' arrives, which seems on first glance to be an actual song - and the singer immensely impresses, wails and seriousness and passion and everything you could want from a singer - she has a real presence. Talking of Siouxsie And The Banshees, they were never, ever this good as a group of musicians. Just saying, as a last point of note for all those wearing the old rose-tinted glasses.

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