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    The Stone Roses 10 ( 1989, UK pos 19 ) more best albums...
    I Wanna Be Adored / She Bangs The Drums / Waterfall / Don't Stop / Bye Bye Badman / Elizabeth My Dear / Sugar Spun Sister / Made Of Stone / Shoot You Down / This Is The One / I Am The Resurrection

    It's hard to imagine now if you weren't around at the time just how much of a boost this record gave the UK music scene. Techno & house music had started to sell more and more and the charts were looking less than healthy. There was a dearth of new talent - especially guitar bands. The Stone Roses debut made a huge impact in terms of inspiring other groups to form and start up. Oasis anyone? Liam took his sense of cool and swagger straight from Ian Brown the Roses singer. Never an inch as cool as Ian Brown though :) Preparation for this record started as early as 1984. The Stone Roses had struggled, written songs, performed them across the country refining them. Released a couple of singles along the way. John Leckie ( legendary producer ) helped them when it came to the recording of this, their debut album proper. The songs? 'I Wanna Be Adored' with it's slow, slow build up. Impeccably played musical backing and a new guitar hero is born in John Squire. It's a perfect album opener, a statement of intent in every way imaginable. 'She Bangs The Drums' is a pop song, a rush of guitars not heard since The Byrds invented Folk Rock. The years of refining had served their purpose as this really is perfect. It's impossible to imagine any way you could improve many of the songs here. 'Waterfall' with it's delicate repeating guitar figure and it's dramatic ending. Even 'Don't Stop' which basically is 'Waterfall' ran backwards with a new forwards lead vocal. There are prime 'sixties' harmonies that are so affecting you get little tears of joy in your eyes. The first half of the record is concluded with 'Bye Bye Badman'. Everything in it's right place, it's impossible to imagine any other song being here. Evocative lyrics that serve their purpose and sound great when sung.

    The short medieval 'Elizabeth My Dear' opens the second half but the real gem is when we reach 'Made Of Stone'. The band were justly proud of this and released it as a single. It's simply a heartbreaking, swoon-some classic pop rock song. It's so atmospheric. You just know this is a great album. It creates it's own world and atmosphere whilst simultaneously reminding you of almost every great Sixties English group ever. The great songs just roll on and on. 'Shoot You Down' with it's little shuffling rhythm. 'This Is The One' - a mighty guitar workout. And, ending of course with the epic 'I Am The Resurrection' which nicely ties up what had been begun with 'I Wanna Be Adored'. The belief is infectious. There really is no faulting this record and the acclaim it received placed a huge burden upon the group. No matter what happened next we have this album, and nothing will change the memories and the thrill someone somewhere is receiving right now listening to it. A masterpiece.

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    Readers Comments

    Jonathan Roseveare jrr1@ukc.ac.uk
    It's a great album, but aren't you being over generous? It's not perfect, especially when you look at Bye Bye Badman and the short track that follows. Made Of Stone is glorious, as is the end guitar solo, but again without the solo the album would have ended on a sour note with I Am The Ressurection which is good but hardly fantastic. Also sometimes I get a feeling that some of the tracks melodies are just too simple, especially on I Wanna be Adored and Waterfall. Having said that it's still a great album. I'd give it 9.

    Julie Doyle juliedoyle73@yahoo.co.uk
    I couldn't have put it better myself. A fantastic band and a superb album from begining to end, even today 14 years on, classic! I was lucky to be a part of the Manchester scene at the time and truly believe the Stone Roses changed music and Manchester forever!!

    Reidar Samuelsen reidar.samuelsen@lillestrom.vgs.no
    So, Adrian (or it could be Afrienne, if yer not careful), you - like the rest of British record buying people like to like The Stone Roses. It seems to me that this so-called faith in yer own recent bands is a result of wishful thinking more than a result of the merits of the band's eponymous debut. Yes, I have it. Yes, I received it (from the record company, in fact)in 1989. And yes, I am really familiar with it. But I don't subscribe to your and others very inflated view of it. It has its qualities but these are nothing more than what goes for most of the good records your countrymen produce every year. In fact - I would say that "The Stone Roses" is nothing but a rehash of ideas and songs (yes, even soundscapes) used before the band had even started. "I Am the Ressurection" - good as it may be - is not even influenced by tea (please, don't call it psychedelic?). And "Elizabeth, My Dear" - as a put down of yer Queen it doesn't come near the Sex Pistols and their "God ! Save the Queen" - dear me.

    "She Bangs the Drums" ("the past is yours but the fuchure's mine" - good!) and "I Wanna Be Adored" are the best tracks on this vastly overrated album. (By the way - my view of it may be influenced by the fact that in the spring of 1980 I witnessed the band playing in a rather small club in Oslo, my hometown, oh, yes a far cry from the inebriated festival audiences they played to at the time in Blighty. And I couldn't hear anything from the larynxes of Ian Brown. Reni though was quite easily the star of the show. A modern-day Keith Moon - if I ever did witness one - and a sever blow to the band's musical expression it must have been when he left. John Squire was great too. But the concert was a rather poor replica of their record.) So there mr Denning - The Stone Roses and their eponymous debut have been hugely overrated. (Listen to the Kinks and their "Village Green Preservation Society" or "Muswell Hillbillies" instead. Where are they by ! the way in your hot 100?) See ya and keep up the good work.

    Declan Duffy declan.duffy@bbc.co.uk
    Re the debut album I will never understand anyone who is critical of this album. The fact that it was quite obviously influenced by what went before it is made irrelevant by how wonderful the songs are, and (and this is the point) how wonderful the FEELING which it gives is to those of us who understand it. My favourite album ever. (And just so as you know how highly I rate it, the two which follow it in my list are Exile on Main Street and Revolver.)

    Diane swankyken@hotmail.com
    This was one of my favorite albums near the end of my high school years, when there were only two of us listening to this sort of music. It felt like a special secret, having this wonderful album to ourselves while our peers were listening to hair metal or boy pop. I do believe it has flaws ('Shoot You Down'), but by sheer ratio of good to bad it's still one of my favorite albums (incidentally, Oasis' 'What's The Story Morning Glory' is pretty high on that list too). I envy those who got to experience the Manchester scene firsthand...I only knew what I read in 'Rolling Stone' and saw on '120 Minutes.' That level of excitement and feeling of promise is too rare in music today.Anyway, thanks for that wonderful nostalgia trip.

    Severed_Alliance 10068729@ndai.ac.uk
    A spot on review Adrian a landmark recording which will always be revisited. One of my all time favourite albums. Highlights... Waterfall, Bye Bye Badman, Made Of Stone, I Am The Ressurection. 'The Stone Roses' 10/10 btw Re: 'Second Coming' I think there are far too many critics of this record. True there was some Zeppelin-esque stuff in their which didn't go down too well with indie diehards. However they never truely wandered from their roots and some of these tracks sound like their debut, though 'Ten Story Love Song' appart few match the debut tracks. 'Second Coming' 7.5/10

    Nathan Harper nator9999@comcast.net
    Every couple years the English music press discovers some amazing new revolutionary band that's going to completely change the face of music---first it was the Sex Pistols, then the Stone Roses, and now the Strokes. But when I actually go back and listen to these bands, I think to myself "wow...this is REALLY overrated." The Sex Pistols were just badly played, nihilistic classic rock, far inferior to their contemporaries The Clash and the Ramones (who also beat them in the "first true punk band" stakes), the Strokes are just glorified postmodern retro-rock, and the Stone Roses are...well...not really that interesting at all. I mean seriously, what exactly is it that they contributed to the music scene? There are a couple good songs on here, but it doesn't strike me as anything revolutionary, the Smiths had been doing the same thing way better since the early eighties. And NME recently listed this as the greatest album EVER. What the fuck were they thinking? They also had a P! ixies album as well, who are also a bit overrated, but not as much as this band. Don't give in to to Spin and NME hype, this is just an average record and that's that.

    Bagu guinness_trail@yahoo.com
    I have to agree, a true masterpiece. In Canada, the CD was released w/ Fools Gold. I remember listening to (Song for my) Sugar Spun Sister for the first time and being simply blown away. The jangle guitars, lazy vocal, tight bass and drums, yeah-yeah-yeah backing vocals...I truly thought it was the 2nd coming. Very few things give such feelings of fun, giddiness and exhilaration. Nor do many records compare: Rubber Soul, Physical Graffiti, Skylarking, OK Computer, Loveless, Treasure, and Definitely Maybe are but a few.

    Brian badger@gregory1972.fsnet.co.uk
    The criticisms of this album miss the point. If you were 16 in the UK when this came out (as I was),energised by the new acid house movement but pissed off by the blandness in the charts (which were full of terrible boybands and soap stars,not much different to now)then this album and this band were our saviours! Before I heard them I was listening to 60's stuff and wishing I had something that good in my time to get into. I'll never forget seeing Top Of The Pops with The Stone Roses doing "Fools Gold" (an amazing record) and The Happy Mondays doing "Hallelulah", it was so exciting,they looked great and sounded great. You could feel that something was happening, a change was coming. Everywhere I went people were talking about them.They had a mystique about them and seemed to come from nowhere. I still love the album today and not just from a nostalgic point of view. It stands up and has an incredible spirit and self-confidence about it. They may have screw! ed up afterwards and influence Oasis but don't hold that against them! For a year or two they were untouchable. For me The Stone Roses is quite simply one of the best British albums ever 10/10

    Adam B bondio_2k@yahoo.co.uk
    Jonathan Roseveare needs a slap for saying Bye Bye Badman isnt perfect! I seriously thought he was joking when he wrote that! Bye Bye Badman is an example of a song that IS perfect. Its prob 2nd best on this ablum though after This Is The One (perfect track also) This album is a 10 without a doubt. Ressurrection does get boring though and it pisses me off when people always go on about it being the best roses song. Made of Stone, Waterfall, She bangs.. etc all go into making this an amazing album.

    rex j.tutton@cant-col.ac.uk
    Many years ago , a very weary John Peel , after hearing yet another rather lame Stone Roses effort being played on his Festive 50 , said " I dunno what you lot see in this group . They remind me of Hermans Hermits . " What genius ! Thats exactly what the Stone Roses sound like ! Not the Beatles /Stones / Who etc. But Hermans Hermits ! Peely , we love you ! RIP .

    micky micky22@hotmail.co.uk
    I think your spot on with this rating its pack with little gems. People who pick falts with this LP miss the point i think they were never about profection, even when they played live. But they could entertain crowds, they were a people's band & the people could relate to the tracks on this LP. Lets not for get this LP inspired Noel Gallagher & Richard Ashcroft to name a few.

    Joe Aston j_j_de_Haas@hotmail.com
    Another indication of how the Eighties were petty much the first time since the Elvis-era that the US produced much better music than the UK. Theres not much wrong with the Stone Roses but, just like the Smiths, its really just quite dull. Its hard work finding anything that makes you really jump out of your chair, as opposed to say, The Pixies, Soul Asylum or R.E.M. . As another indication of how overrated this is The NME gave it a 7 out of 10 when first released, about a decade later they suddenly named the greatest record ever. Mindless nostalgia indeed.

    jeff jeffm@hdmooers.com
    I'm a 40 year old in California still crying in my coffee over no more Stone Roses. I can't even find the Seahorses anywhere! Anybody have any recommendations for who I should check out?

    Gary biggazza_saf@hotmail.com
    From 'Adored' to 'Resurrection', there is not a track on there that can possibly be skipped. It is one of those albums you can never truly get sick of. The variety in music over one album is tremendous. Take the Kaiserchiefs for example...once you've heard one of their songs you've heard them all. With the Roses you get so many jingles. Made of Stone is the business: the only song I've heard that sends shivers through my body, due to its deep, melancholic, yet hugely compelling meaning and sound. For all those who are dubious about Bye Bye Badman...don't be! It is easily the most underrated song on the album. It is a song you could play on repeat for hours. The lyrics,drumming and guitar throughout are spot on. Ressurection is beautiful. It's where every band member comes together and puts in their fullest performance, every member hugely impacts the song...from Mani on Bass, Reni's sound drumming, Squire amazing plucking, to Ian's full hearted si! nging. Let's be honest...Ian Brown ain't the best singer in the world - - but for once it just doesn't matter. That's how good the band are. 11/10. Easy.

    Danny dannyelsom@hotmail.com
    This quite simply "the best album ever made". Even now, almost 16 years on you can never get tired of these tracks. I just wish these boys could put everything behind them and reform god only knows what would happen to ticket sales? but i suppose this is very unlikley to happen for a while yet, but anyway boys thanks for the greatest album ever made! wer'e all in debt?

    Dave Counsell counselldavid@hotmail.com
    It sometimes seems trite, pretentious and hyperbolic to speak of a record changing lives, but In the case of The Stone Roses, for me anyway, and so it seems for many others, this is fact. I listened to once and though what the hell?, listened to it again, and I was irrevocably altered. From then on in, music had such an absolute meaning in my life. It was almost religious, I tried to convert everyone I knew to this record. It changed the way I dressed, my politics, my atitude on life and I learned to play guitar. Whenever people ask me what is your favourite LP of all time, I reply with ease. I think my answer will remain the same for many years. If another album topples it, then it will be some magical music. Either way, I win.

    John Crichton llcooljohn2k1@hotmail.com
    Maybe 10 out of 10 is a bit generous, but i can see where your coming from, it's no definately maybe, revovlver, white album, sgt peppers, electric warrior etc... but you cant deny its a deffinitive album for british music, if it wasnt for this album we would be listening to what the Yanks listen to....crap!

    Paul Wilde _Picnic@yahoo.com
    The production and instrumentation are not perfect- Second Coming is better for that. Shoot you down and This is the one aren't that good. Some of the best songs The Stone Roses wrote aren't on this album either- eg. Mersey Paradise, The hardest thing in the world, Standing here. On some versions, What the world is waiting for, Elephant Stone and Fools Gold are included. With those songs, it does become special- Elephant Stone in particular is very important and makes them worth the title 'The new The Byrds'.

    chris chrisfret2004@yahoo.co.uk
    I know this is a good album and everything, but man is it overrated. Or maybe its just that the Roses themselves are overrated - one good album and one fairly shit one is hardly the stuff of legends. and dont give me all that 'influential' shit - there are many things that have influenced me in my life which i would definitely not wish to return to!id give it an 8/10. love she bangs the drums and this is the one.

    Well its still a special album to me , those hazy lazy summers in the late 80s early 90s were soundtracked by this . Yes "dont stop" is unnecesary and ians vocals are so weak they could float away but the songs are amazing - informed by 60s psychedelia , touches of folk and funk here and there . Mainly though the roses had real charisma, looked like a band , you believed this was a group in the real sense of the word , like the beatles were . Of course they blew it just like suede did later on in a storm of drugs,ego and litigation but just for a while this seemed like the start of something special for a generation.

    Lee Auty Bolton
    When this album came out i was a plasterers assistant and 19 going on 20. My first encounter with the stone roses was purely by chance. I was mixing plaster in a barrel and the radio was on. The opening notes of "waterfall" came on. I was transfixed by the sound. I knew i had to listen to the album and spent four happy months listening to it repeatedly. Great album! Funnily enough i just heard love spreads 3 minutes ago so im off to check out the second coming. Ethereal sounding band

    JB pigsanbeans@yahoo.co.uk
    This guy Reidar Samuelsen, reckons he saw The Stone Roses in 1980! Don't think so mate, check your dates!' Am The Resurrection' has possibly the best guitar solo of the 1980's. indeed one of the best solo's ever. 10/10

    Sidekick Croatia
    For me, there's life before and after this album. From the first time I heard 'I Wanna Be Adored' on TV until now, magic still exists.My favourite track is 'I Am The Ressurrection', which I find perfect, the drum intro, joined by guitars, simple but interesting lyrics (narcisstic? maybe...), and an amazing solo, one of the best I've ever heard. I also adore 'Waterfall', such beautiful song can't be described by words. My other favourites are 'This Is The One' and 'Fools Gold' (even if it doesn't appear on the original album).This album definetly changed me, and soon became my all-time favourite. It would be perfect if 'Mersey Paradise' appeared, along with single version of 'Elephant Stone' (with drum intro). Even though, 10/10.

    Lee Auty Bolton
    I agree with JB's comment about the guitar solo at the end of "I am the ressurection". It is truly one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. To me it shares joint number one spot with Jimmy Hendrix's "Voodoo chile". And i believe that Jimmy would have loved this track.

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    Second Coming 7 ( 1994, UK pos 4 )
    Breaking into Heaven / Driving South / Ten Storey Love Song / Daybreak / Your Star Will Shine / Straight to the Man / Begging You / Tightrope / Good Times / Tears / How Do You Sleep / Love Spreads

    The five year wait for new material was answered. Had the band been touring and refining their new songs? No. Had they lived a life of rich decadence? Quite possibly. It was a record born in the studio. It was a shift in sound, at least - upon hearing the Led Zeppelin / Roses mix that was 'Love Spreads', the single released to preview the album. Hardly a Roses classic, but there was enough there for the optimist to believe the album could live up to the reputation of it's predecessor. A b-side to the new single was a lovely sweet song 'Your Star Will Shine'. It was everything early Roses B-sides had been and more. Things were looking fairly promising, but then the album arrived. The cover art is cool, but the first disappointment was the inclusion of 'Your Star Will Shine' in place of a new song. The second disappointment was the first track 'Breaking Into Heaving' taking two, three minutes to get going at all. I remember my first exposure. The sense of despair and loss. Loss in the right word, loss of hope - hopes dashed indeed, and I was almost in tears. The second song didn't help. A Led Zeppelin styled rocker with some swagger but displaying none of the magic of their debut, and not touching Led Zep for quality either. The third song calmed my fears slightly. 'Ten Storey Love Song' though not as good as anything from 'The Stone Roses' at least shared the style and sound, a certain magic. 'Daybreak' was another poor man's Led Zeppelin.

    The record continues much in this vein. We do have the noisy and dancey 'Begging You' which works pretty well. A couple of songs toward the end are fairly glorious. Only fairly. 'Tears' is soulful and features some of the best vocals on the whole record. 'How Do You Sleep' almost matches anything from the debut with a particularly strong chorus. 'Love Spreads' and 'Your Star Will Shine' appear, and there are enough good songs here but it's just not upto the impossibly high standards they'd set themselves, or the impossible standard some of their fans were expecting. Yeah, me included. Perhaps my perceptions of this record are clouded by these expectations? But then, after the five year wait for this record to emerge - it sounds strangely rushed in places, certainly from a songwriting perspective, if not exactly from a performance perspective. The performances are fine, The Stone Roses could play pretty well and they had a good group chemistry.  It still may have been better for the group to have played these songs in concert, prior to recording them. The songs could have been refined, maybe a song or two dropped. 'Breaking Into Heaven' sounds like it needs quite a bit of refining, but nevermind that now! It doesn't matter, The Stone Roses, still with more to give, imploded rather messily shortly after this release.

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    Readers Comments

    Rob Eustace rob.eustace@tesco.net
    Great band no question, and two quality albums without doubt. The strange thing is as much as I love the debut I do tend to feel it's been a little over rated over the years (the best album of all time, come on guys). I'm further confused by the fact that "Second Coming" is continually slated by the masses. It's a wonderful peice of work and much of it isn't that far removed from the debut surely?. What did people expect Squire to produce after such a lengthy break, he was clearly in a no win situation. Had he re-produced the blueprint from the debut he would inevitably have been accused of playing safe and being unambitious in the creative stakes. The fact that "Second Coming" is heavier in its approach for me works wonderfully. Yes it is Zeppelin influenced without doubt and this was probably Squire's biggest downfall as in a commercial sense the mere mention of the Zeppelin name was enough to send most of their fans diving for cover. Was the lengthy guitar workout at the ! end of the debut not a sign of what was possibly to follow?. "Second Coming" is crimally underated and Squire's guitar work is top notch throughout. Browns vocals are still painfully thin at times but I can live with that. Most people I know who own this album have clearly dismissed it after one or two plays, give it time and you will be rewarded. By the way when is someone going to review Squire's next outing (The Seahorses "Do it Yourself") which for me is another fine set and a nice balance between the two Roses albums.

    Reidar Samuelsen reidar.samuelsen@lillestrom.vgs.no
    Dis record seriously stinks. And it amazes me how so many of you Britons fail to grasp this fact and desperately cling to the myths of this seriously overrated band. I can't really see the point in dis record ever coming near to anybody's favourite faves. Bad music made by jaded bores with too much money on their hands.

    Brian badger@gregory1972.fsnet.co.uk
    I remember being dissapointed by this. They left it too long,pure and simple. Love Spreads is still a great track tho and the album sounds suprisingly good nowadays.

    Adam B bondio_2k@yahoo.co.uk
    I give this album a 10. I reckon its as good as the first album. Songs like 'Tears' (definatley best on the album & Squires best work) and 'How do you sleep' are excellent. The brilliant opener 'Breaking into heaven' is perfect. I love Squires guitaring on this record and think he really suits the heavier guitar style. Beauties such as 'Your star will shine' and 'driving south' get overlooked though. Its funny how people slag this album off when it is miles better than any of these shitty new bands such as franz and kaisers could ever do.

    Martyn Cooper wiley442@hotmail.com
    I don't care what you think of the rest of the album, but Begging You is just dancey and noisey? What the heck? It's a great track. If you like Fools Gold, I can't find any reason for you not liking this as much.

    Ricardo nunez101@hotmail.com
    I simply don't understand what the problem with this album is. Ok so it took these guys like 4 years to come up with this album, people got sick of waiting and when it finally came out, the public was like: "so I waited 4 years for this?". The debut is a really good record, but the truth is, i still can't see what makes Second Coming so inferior to Stone Roses; both have their good songs and not so great ones, and, although Stone Roses is a more consistant record, Second Coming has a bit more of an edge as far as sound and the way the songs are performed (the rythm section is a bit more emphasized than on the previous and John's guitar playing is a bit more raw and harder, but IMHO, even better than S.R.). The only reason I would say that S.R. is slightly, just slightly better than S.C. is because the later one contains a song I can't stand- Ten Story Love Song,- but other than that It's a perfect 10 (I really love the opening trak, Straight to the Man, Daybreak, and, THE be! st Stone Roses song out there: Loves Spreads)

    pat drago yanksta2001@yahoo.com
    In my opinion, this is the better of their two albums. I really dont have a problem with any of these songs. It flows alot better than the first album. Kindofa combination of LedZep and the White Stripes. This record is musically much better than 90% of whats getting played today. Indie community didnt like it? oops guess they missed something...this is excellent. Only thing I dont like is the cover. Look hard enough and you will see why...other than that I can sleep real could at night after listening to this cd..."Tears" is a classic. i cant say I dislike any song. Personally, on this album I think these guys can sing, guitar, bass, and drum rings around most bands. I dont see how anyone cannot like an album that swings like this. I can image how tough it must of been to do these songs in concert. very meaty yet delicate at the same time. nice acoustic percussion and guitar touches here and there, good rock solos all over the place, insightful lyrics about childre! n, the soul, life, death, and awsome slide guitar sandwiched here&there. Alot of LedZep 1 thru 4 all over this, Funk, almost hiphoppy, folk, organbluesjazz, but done in their own way. Their first album is good, but comparecd to this cd, it reminds me of early REM and rolling stones. Their second album is more high middle period stones, ledzep, the who, even a little country rock and grateful dead or 70s soul/funk. listen and dont sweat what your indie friends think. Lets face it, indie is as much a packaged mainstream genre just like everything else. Its alot smaller world than it used to be, and I think people are tolerant of more types of music. So enjoy and relax. Music should be a pasttime, not a doctoral dissertation on philosophy... stressdown people...I tend to let catagories blend into each other anyway. so much good music out there, i let the critics worry about if its "good" or not. I hate musical purists (smiles)...especially in the indie genre, it just ! doesnt make sense...

    ferdia hackett ferdiahackett@oceanfree.net
    what an album 10 braking into heaven daybreak driving south tears are a nwe direction but tenstorey love song are the roses of old straight to the man is so laid back people stop knocking this album yes its differnt from the first but that does not make it rubbish listen to it again YOU Will change your mind different but GENIUS 9/10

    Paul Wilde _Picnic@yahoo.com
    The first 5 songs (and Tightrope) are the highlight of this album. Breaking into Heaven when it gets going, Driving South, Ten Storey Love Song / Daybreak / Your Star Will Shine. Daybreak is a great funky jam in which Squire doesn't need to show off too much because everyone is working equally well. Your star will shine is great folk rock.

    Lapinot Capetown
    I'd give it 8/10, but the sort of 8/10 which reflects a mingling of greatness and error. Because Ten Storey Love Song, Begging You, Love Spreads and (minus its introduction) Breaking Into Heaven are as good as anything on the debut. On the other hand, Good Times is a mistake Ė not a bad song but not a special one, with relatively poor lyrics and a band which just isnít suited to it. And although Your Star Will Shine is pretty, it shouldnít have been both a b-side and an album track (also, Ianís voice is in very bad shape towards the end). The running order doesnít do the songs many favours, either, and I usually programme them to run: Breaking Into Heaven/Ten Storey Love Song/Driving South/Straight to the Man/How Do You Sleep//Tightrope/Begging You/Daybreak/Tears/Love Spreads. And then I love it. Excellent, evocative lyrics; lovely melodies; insinuating rhythms (Love Spreads is as much a dance track as Foolís Gold). There are still parts which mean itís not as gre! at as the first album (the introduction to Breaking Into Heaven is, for me, too long and the lyrics of Tears are pop music-standard rather than Stone Roses-special) and the band members are obviously pulling in different directions which isnít always positive. Even the greater technical ability is sometimes frustrating in that it seems to have precluded as great an interest in the texture of the sounds as on the debut. And then it all falls into place. I suppose that the lack of public progression didnít help people appreciate it. It was as if the Rolling Stones had appeared fully formed with Aftermath and then disappeared until Exile on Main Street. But looking at it for what it is I love it.

    Neil Melbourne
    So refreshing to read some sensible comments about this album. For me, this is easily the better of the two SR originals, main reason being there's more of Squire in here. It's a shame Reni and Mani got overlooked (even excluded) to som extent, but this record really is a triumph. Let's face it, Ian Brown may have the charisma but he is a shite singer.The Zeppelin comparisons are inevitable, but Second Coming is so much more than just a pastiche. It brings the Zeppelin sound bang up to date, in a way that has never been matched before or since. "Tears" features simply the best guitar I've ever heard and the rhythm section is superb throughout the album.I'm in two minds about "Breaking Into Heaven" - if you sit through the intro it's extremely rewarding, but by the same token if you skip straight to Squire's opening mellow twanging, you get the hit that much quicker.I can't really be objective about this album - it's been my religion for the past 10 years or more.

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    Complete Stone Roses 8 ( 1995, UK pos 4 )
    So Young / Tell Me / Sally Cinnamon / Here It Comes / All Across the Sands / Elephant Stone / Full Fathom Five / The Hardest Thing in the World / Made of Stone / Going Down / She Bangs the Drums / Mersey Paradise / Standing Here / I Wanna Be Adored / Waterfall / I Am the Resurrection / Where Angels Play / Fools Gold / What the World Is Waiting For / Something Burning / One Love

    Whilst The Stone Roses had signed for mega bucks to Geffen Records their former label set about making a bit more money from the band than they undoubtedly already had. A compilation 'Turns Into Stone' was issued first of all and contained amongst other things the full length versions of 'Fools Gold' and 'One Love'. The full version of 'Fools Gold' has an extended dance rock ending that is breathtaking. The extended 'One Love'  is inferior to the original 7" version, the extended dance ending sounding rather clumsy second time out. 'The Complete Stone Roses' was issued a few years later than 'Turns Into Stone' and contains more songs overall, but only the 7" versions several songs. 'Fools Gold' was originally issued in the wake of the groups debut album, became their first top ten UK hit and helped their momentum, really helped break them. An imaginative drum pattern and heavenly lead vocals are highlights of 'Fools Gold', and the groove of course. It spawned and helped create the early nineties dance/rock crossover indie scene and was heralded by many as their finest moment ever, though it's not quite. It's a wonderful performance but falls short of much of the songwriting contained on 'The Stone Roses' album. 'Sally Cinnamon' was a single released a good few years before the album, and was the first signs of magic. It sounds like they were fumbling their way to greatness, but the mid section of the song still shines, even with slightly shaking playing. This 'shakiness' just adds a layer of extra charm for me, though.

    The remainder of this compilation is made up mostly of B-Sides. 'Standing Here', 'Mersey Paradise' and 'The Hardest Thing In The World' are pretty darn good though, and almost as good as anything from their debut. 'Where Angels Play' is as good as anything they ever did. 'Elephant Stone' was re-recorded for it's single re-release and it's that version that appears here. Released originally before their debut, it's not so far behind it in terms of quality. What lets 'Complete Stone Roses' down is cheap packaging and the entire cash-in nature of the thing. It doesn't sound like an album, it SOUNDS like a compilation, and not a very well sequenced one either. The songs themselves, ignoring edits or remixes of the likes of 'I Wanna Be Adored' and a hideous new mix / edit of 'I Am The Resurrection - are nearly always gloriously entertaining. 

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    Gary biggazza_saf@hotmail.com
    Adrian, I can agree with you for most of that. However what is so hugely disappointing about this compilation is the dismal effort to shorten some of the songs..as you've said: editing or mix. Take Waterfall for example, the original version is far superior and sounds more musically natural than the newer version. Adored is worst-affected I think. The best part of that song is the terrific build-up, the slow bass beat, and the idea that suspense was building. She Bangs and Ressurection are cut short much in the same way. I love the musical ending to Resurrection. Many people beg to differ. However there are great tracks on it as you said...Sally Cinnamon being one. All Across the Sands is a less popular one, but still is a good song. There are 2 songs I dislike on the album: Full Fathom Five and Something Burning. Full Fathom is a total waste of time, money and effort. It's pure experimental from Silvertone records though, an experiment that has no doubt! backfired! Nevertheless, whether it be 20seconds of Fools Gold, or 20minutes...you still get that same happy feeling inside. The best bass line ever I feel. The psychadellic sound is glorious!!!! A grand album, not a patch on the 1st though. 8.5/10

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