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    Blue Collar Jane 8 ( 2013 )
    Blue Collar Jane / What People Donít See / I Wish You Would / You Canít Judge A Book By The Cover / 29 Ways / Leaviní Here / Got Love If You Want It

    The Strypes are 4-piece rhythm and blues band hailing from Cavan, Ireland. They are a welcome throwback, influenced by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Howliní Wolf, The Rolling Stones and The Animals. They are also extremely young, not even out of their teens but coming from Ireland is a plus, they will escape the spot-light and besides, they couldn't possibly have come from England as the new English bands are all so very self-conscious - you either sound like Oasis or you don't exist. So, we have here a seven track EP over in less than twenty minutes, an EP that has won approval from Jeff Beck, among others. Watching Glastonbury 2013, the new band that impressed me the most was 'The Strypes' and they had one thing Saturday head-lines The Rolling Stones didn't - youth and energy. The drummer is cool, all curly hair and looking for all the world like the Grandson of Bill Bruford, legendary Yes and Jazz drummer. The same drummer, incidentally, that convinced me my wife was worth speaking to, because she knew who he was. She'd actually heard of him! Anyway, 'The Strypes' differ from all those 60s British blues bands because they have lived through punk. We get a real punk energy throughout several songs, and as for the blues, some mean harmonica here and there. Watch them live, and at some point the guitar player will do an eyes closed, semi-orgasm kind of look whilst playing a guitar solo. That's the blues!

    Still the weird thing remains that these boys aren't even listening to their parents record collections, they are listening to their grand-parents records collections! It's not all nostalgia, as I said, they sound like they've lived through punk. The fact that they are all too young to have actually lived through punk at all, should hardly be here nor there.I once knew a band local to me, and the guitar player did all these old-fashioned, twiddly rock solos, and smiled whilst doing so. 'The Strypes' have a guitar player that does that. I mean, here is 'Got Love If You Want It' played utterly with enthusiasm and sounding as good as anybody that has ever played it, perhaps better - because here we have a genuinely great bass player, not yet twenty, really filling out the sound. We have the happy, curly-haired drummer who is a potential star in the making. We have the best harmonica playing I've heard in decades. Lead track, 'Blue Collar Jane' encapsulates everything this band is about, familiar blues licks and melodies with punk energy coalescing into a new song, as vital as anything I've heard during the past three years, or so.

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