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    Lonesome Blue( 2000 )
    Lonesome Blue / Open Up Your Heart / Bummin Around / Love To Give You / Heart On The Line / Look Homeward Angel / Living Without You / All I See Is You / I Must Have Been Out Of Mind / Take Me Back To San Francisco / Sweetheat Hoedown / Trying To Forget About You / Let Me Be Your Man Tonight / Drinkin Bout You All Night / Closing Time

    Who would have thought that the band to resurrect the ghost of Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers would actually be from Scotland of all places! But, that they are. They sound so damned authentic you can hardly doubt their motives or anything else. This is accomplished country music. The singer has a voice! He has a character! The opening title song is grin inducing and pedal steel is present and correct! What more could you ask for? There from Scotland remember. Far from Nashville :) Even the lyrics are authentic and the likes of 'Bummin Around' guarranteed to wipe the frown off anyones face. This isn't rocket science. This isn't 'serious'. This is just fantastic wonderfully happy silly music. All the songs are pretty decent actually.

    The highlights for me arrive right in the middle. 'All I See Is You' is so ridiculously happy sounding! 'my grey skies turn to blue...' with a little inflection in his vocal to remind you of all the great country singers that have ever been. And, this guy is from Scotland! Ok, ok. I won't say it again! 'I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind' is a sheer splendrous wonder. Splendrous? Hmmm. The album tails off towards the end, runs out of steam so to speak but highlights do remains. Fun remains. Music critics have compared them to the Flying Burrito Brothers. I can't hear it myself but perhaps its just the fact that its so refreshing to hear brand new country music played with heart, soul and intelligence? And, you know. That's enough.

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