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    Everyday Demons ( 2009 )
    Demon Eyes / Too Far Gone / On And On / Cry Out / Why'd You Change Your Mind / Pride / Walkin' Mat / Dead Of The Night / Tonight / Comfort Zone / Evil Man

    The Answer are a hard-rock band hailing from Newcastle and Ireland. This is the 2nd set from this four-piece band who sold over 100,000 copies of their debut LP. Early listens to 'Everyday Demons' suggest they have enough power instrumentally to be a decent live proposition and also enough guts to win over a fanbase over a period of years. Indeed, 'The Answer' have won enough of a following from virtually word of mouth alone to ensure that 'Everyday Demons' entered the UK album charts at number twenty-five and also enough to start to gain themselves some attention stateside. AC/DC also picked up The Answer as a support act during their 'Black Ice' tour, which must have been a pretty cool experience for the guys in The Answer. Like many UK rock bands not signed to a label with money, they lack enough production ommmph to really enable 'Everyday Demons' to truly stand out though. Where is the booming rhythm section hiding and why are the guitars not sparkling out as they should do? Well, these are actually reasonably minor quibles when old fashioned yet enjoyable rock such as 'On And On' pops up.

    'Pride' opens up sounding a little like Rush, which is no terribly bad thing to open up like. The title track kicks off in pure, good old fashioned 'Guitar Hero' style, which is no bad style if you're that way inclined. Plenty of the tracks here have worthy solos, actually. What's lacking at the moment are true rock anthems, but I guess The Answer have time on their hands to work on that. Well, 'Pride' and 'Comfort Zone' arguably come closest and arguably come close enough to cautiously welcome The Answer well and truly to the rock-hero fold. It's make or break for them next time out, though.

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