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    Kissing & Missing / Freetime / We Meet Over Bridges / Broken Man / All I Know / Mischievious / Forbidden / Further Down / Ten & A Half / Calling Time / Cavalcade / Holding On / Stencil / Tranquillizer

    I have Flitwick Records to thank for this. I signed up to get a free Fall single but was so impressed with the idea of a bunch of people giving records away FOR FREE I kept in contact with them and joined their mailing list. Visit their web-site and take a look. What I wasn't expecting was to receive something as good as this! A new band that show a lot of potential even if they haven't quite nailed down a particular style as yet. We open with 'Kissing And Missing' and it introduces itself Fall style with clattering drums and primitive keyboards. This and the following track are both under two minutes long - fast and uptempo. 'We Meet Over Bridges' has a great guitar introduction and the music here reminds me of that legendary band from Leeds 'The Wedding Present'. The vocals do a little too - pretty decent vocals here actually. And, 'Broken Man' is just wonderful! Really, this is a good song melodically and the singer suddenly echoes Morrissey in places. Only in places :) The singers pretty damn good actually. I like his voice. And, this is just such a catchy song, I find myself singing along and the little musical interlude in the middle section features great weird sounding keyboards and guitar.

    'All I Know' is another Wedding Present type of song. The keyboards that run throughout and underneath many tracks are effective and the mixture of keyboards, guitars together with charmingly pavement/fall type drums should be kept. Well, they can do what they like of course, but I for one like the sound! Not all the songs are great. Most are pefectly respectable though and the closing 'Tranquilliser' is entertaining. I'd like to see them try more slower songs as well. 'Forbidden' is taken at a slower tempo than many of the songs here but actually is no less biting or entertaining for it.


    Readers Comments

    I think its rubbish - I really do. Thank fuck the band have split up.

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