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    We Started Nothing 8 ( 2008 )
    Great DJ / That's Not My Name / Fruit Machine / Traffic Light / Shut Up And Let Me Go / Keep Your Head / We Walk / Be The One / Impacilla Carpisung / We Started Nothing

    Something of an NME sponsored hype over here in the UK, The Ting Tings proudly sit at number one in the singles charts as I write, with their 'That's Not My Name' release. This debut album has been written about like it's basically three or four decent songs plus much filler, but isn't that how all great pop acts used to work? Well, apart from the usual Beatles, Beach Boys? As such, 'Great DJ' opens the album with those cute female vocals and with that music that crosses over in the way the danceable 'Take Me Out' by Franz Ferdinand managed to do. 'Ah ha ha ee ee ee ee' she sings, and why not? The second song, which was also a single of course is 'That's Not My Name'. Heavy beats, those girlish, brattish female vocals and an instantly memorable and uplifting chorus. Pop gold for tracks one and two then? Well, yeah. Human League managed it back in 1982 and they had Phil Oakey, come on?! Why can't Ting Tings do the same for the 21st century and soundtrack the summer? With such three minute delights as 'Be The One', instant thrills are pretty much guaranteed. 'We Walk' has surface depth and what does that even mean? It means it reminds me of early to mid eighties music, no bad thing in our house.

    'We Walk' is a great little tune that manages to rival the singles without so obviously bashing you around the head. I actually believe 'We Walk' is the keeper for me, one of a clutch of songs here that might not be deeply irritating in a few years time. 'Fruit Machine' is very 'now' sounding for example and although the groove is nice and all, all this party music is a little tiring over one album sitting. 'Fruit Machine' hurts my head.

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    MMahoney Yorkshire
    Ting Tings 8 out of 10???!! This music is bad. Devistatingly bad. In fact it depresses me because it reminds me of a time I had nothing better to do than listen to banal pop drivel disguised as music. If there were any more Ting Tings CDs left within a say 2-mile radius of my house, Id take personal responsibility to track them down and destroy them along with their owners and all their worldly possessions.

    AJSawrey Cumbria
    MMahoney must lack ears, it's a fine Album, yes her voice can sound grating but it doesn't matter, the songs are good. Guess I'm not two miles away from his house. Still it 's in Yorkshire, so easy to be depressed, being miserable a condition of living there isn't it, and miserable isn't what you'll be if you listen to this record.

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