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    To The Rest Of The World ( 2010 )
    Prism / Flare / Forever Young / Back Home / Worry Free / City / Fumes / All Down / I Want to Know / To the Rest of the World

    Trail spent nine months raising twenty thousand pounds on slicethepie.com, attracted the interest of Faith No More producer Matt Wallace and decamped to LA to record their debut LP. The album is due to be released 22nd February 2010 in the UK, with second single 'City' following a week later. Trail do big rock, anthemic choruses and sound very American even though they are actually British. They could find themselves a big audience a few years down the line. Naturally, this kind of Pearl Jam/Foo Fighters-esque rock isn't exactly brand new to the world yet Trail do this kind of thing with some panache, the guitar solo that spins away throughout 'Back Home' for instance is really rather good. Lead single 'Prism' is all clattering drums, chiming guitars and falls somewhere towards sounding like Muse, no bad thing. 'City' is a little straighter than 'Prism' although certainly radio-friendly enough to attract sales and airplay, sharing the chiming guitars of 'Prism' and strong musicianship, particularly from the rhythm section. 'Forever Young' is good enough to be a third single should they feel they want to release one, it bites a little harder than 'City' and would easily fit on the playlist of any respectable rock station.

    Darker tracks such as 'All Down' mix with the lighter beauty of the acoustic led title track and a satisfying thirty nine minutes are here to be had by listening happily along with 'To The Rest Of The World'. With a bit more money behind them generated from touring and record sales, their next outing could be quite something. For a debut though, 'To The Rest Of The World' is more than enough to be getting along with, endlessly listenable and a great driving album.

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