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    love it when i feel like this

    Love It When I Feel Like This ( 2007 )
    Ice Cream Sundae / Wide Awake / The Neighbour / Either Way / Push the Ghosts / Reap What You Sow / Loosely Dancing / Two Lovers / Don't Wait Up / Got Me Sussed / Cloudy Room

    A new band from Birmingham in the UK who have been hotly tipped since the start of the year to be one of the bands that make it. They've got to where they are through well-received live gigs to build a following and a well put together myspace page, a must for all new bands these days, I would have thought. They've been compared to the baggy bands of the early 90s, but there isn't really a lot of madchester in Birmingham. Rather, they've got a singer who seems to have taken a leaf or two out of Mike Skinners book, they go for the emotional jugular with their widescreen, U2 sized songs complete with U2 styled lead guitar. As many new albums are these days, the production is rather too clean for the rock n roll to reveal itself on vinyl. I've no doubt there is enough evidence here to support to claims they are a great live act. A few virtuoso moments, just for very brief moments, on the drums. The lead-guitar i've already mentioned, a key facet of The Twang sound. The singers vocals are slightly nondescript, although better when he allows his local language and accent to come through. So, the album begins well. Well, 'Ice Cream Sundae' isn't enough to convince, but 'Wide Awake' is a well constructed song that it's easy to imagine going down well at festivals. 'Either Way' is perhaps my pick of the bunch, with spoken verses and an anthemic chorus, it hits home right to the heart and it's an uplifting tune. What I really want to do is ask The Twang or their fans a question. Why, with every album ever released around, plus the 100 or so albums released every week, should I consider buying The Twang album? Well, clearly i've got a review copy but let us imagine I haven't. From hearing this largely uninspiring, lacking in 'wow' factor, heard it all before although well put together album, why should I spend 10 on it?

    I have this album on repeat all morning. Well, it's 10.48 and I got up at 8am. It's no problem, I enjoy listening to music and writing about it. This album just continues to pass me by. There are parts that stick, the guitar in several songs sticks. The vocals completely pass by, some of the lyrics are decently striking. They sound like a competent band who have won several 'best new band' competitions because it's easy to imagine them pleasing a large crowd when played live. Where's the invention though, where's that distinctive thing that's going to stand them out from the myriad of new artists that appear every month? They don't have a point or purpose, although being a local band as such ( well, west midlands at least ) of course, I wish them well and every success. That's about it. Check out their myspace page if you are at all interested and 'try before you buy' that way. You might like them.

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    Dan P dperris@laingorourke.com
    Yep, I agree with you're review. Its not band at all, some nice guitar work on there too. However, the vocals & lyrics ruin it for me. Comparisons to the Stone Roses in the music press are way off! 6 out of 10!

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