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    From Now On 2 ( 2002 )
    Evergreen / Anything Is Possible / Light My Fire / Lover Won't You Stay / Lovestruck / The Long and Winding Road / You and I / Side by Side / What's in Goodbye / Cruel to Be Kind / Over You / From Now On / Fine Line

    Winner of the first, hugely popular UK entertainment TV show 'Pop Idol', Will Young, enlisted the following people to play and help him make his debut album. Lance Ellington - Vocals (bckgr), Cathy Dennis - Programming, Vocals (bckgr), Producer Tony Cousins - Mastering, Jack Daley - Bass, Karols Edwards - Percussion, Steve Fitzmaurice - Mixing, Brad Gilderman - Mixing, Tee Green - Vocals (bckgr), Isobel Griffiths - Orchestra Contractor, Martin Hayles - Engineer, Nick Ingman - Conductor, String Arrangements, Sylvia Mason James - Vocals (bckgr), Henrik Janson - Arranger, Conductor, Ulf Janson - Arranger, Conductor, Steve Lewinson - Bass, Steve Lipson - Producer, The London Community Gospel Choir - Vocals, Milton McDonald - Guitar, Heff Moraes - Engineer, Mixing, Michael Peden - Producer, Mixing, Jimmy Robertson - Assistant, Jeremy Stacey - Drums, Engineer, Paul Turner - Bass, Gavyn Wright - Orchestra Leader, Geoff Foster - Engineer, Richard Stannard - Drums, Vocals (bckgr), Producer, Adrian Bushby - Mixing, Simon Hale - Conductor, Keyboards, String Arrangements, Ed Johnson - Vocals (bckgr), David Krueger - Arranger, Programming, Producer, Peter Lewis - Engineer, Charlie L. Russell - Programming, Matthew Ross - Engineer, Thomas Dyani - Percussion, Richard Dowling - Mastering, Anthony Drennan - Guitar, Adam Brown - Engineer, Anders Von Hofsten - Vocals (bckgr), Philip Rose - Assistant, Tomas Lindberg - Bass, Per Magnusson - Arranger, Keyboards, Producer, Oskar Paul - Programming, Producer, Steve Price - Engineer, Jörgen Elofsson - Producer, Alvin Sweeney - Programming, Engineer, Mixing, Pete Murray - Keyboards, Jeanette Olsson - Vocals (bckgr), Pete Gordeno - Keyboards

    Robbie Williams producer Guy Chambers gets involved, co-writing a couple of songs. Unbelievably, Burt Bacharach co-writes a song with Catchy Dennis, of all people, song five, 'Love Struck'. It's a nice song, although the vocals of Will Young are absolutely..... SHIT. Of all the thousands upon thousands of people who auditioned for the first series of 'Pop Idol'. He was the best singer? Somehow I doubt that. Watching the second series, we've already had at least three dozen singers audition better than Will Young, but then, Will Young looks the part. Not having a good voice also fits the current pop scene. It's almost like we're back to the late fifties, very early sixties - completely manufactured popstars. There is one very important difference, however. Back there, the arrangers were often proper classical arrangers. The muscians nearly always professional muscians who took their job seriously. These days, the manufactured pop-stars are produced by hacks. Their records are performed by failed pop-stars themselves, such as Cathy Dennis, or, hacks. That so many people were required to produce this album beggars belief.

    The Beatles tune 'Long And Winding Road' produces a good vocal performance from Will Young that overcomes his obvious limitations as a singer, eg, very poor range, little dexterity, absolutely no versatility - by being a very easy listening rendition of said Beatles classic. The Doors song 'Light My Fire' has been previously covered in an easy listening style by literally a dozen other performers at least. That the crew behind Will Young thought it a good idea that he cover it in a similar style as well, just shows the chronic lack of imagination the guys behind pop-music in the UK display at present. Back to the second series of Pop Idol, which I've been watching with fascinated, often laugh out loud at the stupidity of it all.... interest. Anybody that looks even slightly, well, odd. Gets booted out. Anybody that shows a little imagination and thought, gets booted out. Who was it?? Ah, yeah, Darius from the first series. Performed a Britney Spears song, to much ridicule from the judges, and the nation at large, at the time. Darius has gone onto modest pop success since of his own accord, writing his own songs, even. Mostly rubbish songs, but at least he's himself, more or less. Not a terribly interesting self, but it's more than Will Young is. Will co-writes, with about five other people, around three of the songs on this album. What did he do exactly? Make the tea? Look to the opening paragragh. How many backing vocalists does he need, exactly? Oh, I realise they didn't all sing in the same song, but still. Ah, what even is the point?? Oh, this album gets a '2'? Yeah, the Cathy Dennis songs are decent pop songs, you know? 'Lover Won't You Stay' and 'Cruel To Be Kind'? Yeah, those two. Decent songs that even the limited Will Young can't quite ruin, although he tries.

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    Readers Comments

    Emily will_young_rox97@hotmail.com
    Hi Adrian, I'm writing to comment on your review of Will Youngs album.I take it you are not a fan? The only good thing about it was that it gave me a laugh. You might actually want to listen to Wills voice, because there happens to be a hellova lotta people who think Will has a great voice, me included. You obviously haven't LISTENED to the album, just looked at the tracklisting on the back. If you had actually done this, you would realise that cathy dennis and bert bacherach wrote whats in goodbye, not lovestruck as you seem to think.Will's voice is extremely soulful and always in tune, and he always sings live, if you have noticed, which you probably haven't since you seem to have your head stuck up your arse at the moment.When you hear his new single however, hopefully this might change your opinion, which by the way, is not constructive at all, just aload of blabber about how crap Will is. Had it been constructive, then this reply might have been a little less harsh. Any! way I'm sure you will greatly appreciate my thoughts and comments, but I have to say I'm SO not coming on this crap that you call a website again. Ever!

    Christine Thompson chris.thomp@virgin.net
    ? Yeah, the Cathy Dennis songs are decent pop songs, you know? 'Lover Won't You Stay' and 'Cruel To Be Kind'? Yeah, those two. Decent songs that even the limited Will Young can't quite ruin, although he tries. Just for the record - WILL YOUNG WROTE CRUEL TO BE KIND THE FIRST WEEK AFTER HE WON POP IDOL.

    joy joysaphine_@hotmail.com
    have you even heard 'from now on'? i don't think so! how wrong can one person be? it's a brilliant album! and oh yes, please learn how to count :)

    kateforrester kateforrester@onetel.net.uk
    Adrian- I would take your review far more seriously if you had at least got your facts right- there are so many glaring errors that you obviously have not even had the courtesy to buy the album! One of the songs you actually liked was in fact co-written by Cathy Dennis & Will himself- Please in future do not write reviews from other peoples opinions-listen for yourself preferably with an open mind not a pre conceived opinion.

    maria willsgirl79@hotmail.com
    you're talking shit - don't even bother to write a review of will's next album...you need to get your facts on this one right first.

    Debbie Nash debbienash@blueyonder.co.uk
    you really don,t have a clue do you, did you actually listen to the cd or take time to do any research, when you review an album you need the correct info, i,m sorry, the only shit iv,e heard is yours, i have the album and no it,s not one of the greatest but you can,t knock the vocals and as for saying he has no range do you know what that is?it seems to me you just don,t like Will Young, when you review another album try actually listening and do some research and seperate the artist from the song, just listen

    Why did you bother to review Will's superb debut album if you hate him so much? I don't even bother to listen to some so-called singers when I have heard them once. You are wasting your time and money on your webiste. Get a proper job.

    Stephanie Powney stephwillfan@hotmail.com
    Hmmm think you've got mixed up re who wrote what on Will's album. For instance, Burt B. didn't write Lovestruck with Cathy Dennis, Will did... and Guy Chambers wrote Lover won't you stay ... I get the feeling you really don't like Will, no matter what. You begrudgingly admit his vocals on Lovestruck are OK.. Well.. what did you make of Fineline? You see fit not to mention that... a vocal of quite staggering versatility and beauty.. hmmm. Tell me something, do you really listen, or are you so blinded by the Pop Idol tag, like so many sour people in this country, who can't stand success. You obviously haven't heard Will sing live (I have) because if you did, you could not say he has weak vocals and is limited. You even admit to half liking Darius. Well, that says it all for me! Yours etc..

    Diane dianesinnett@tiscali.co.uk
    Take that cotton wool out of your ears ------- Oh ---- and get your facts straight!!!!!!

    janice taylor nannyt24@hotmail.com
    Reading your review of Will Young I wondered when you had last cleaned out your ears. He was and still is the best and most unique singer that has been around for many years. He is due to release his new single and album and I can assure you that these will prove what a versatile singer he is. We are all entitled to an opinion but in my opinion yours is so wrong

    Joanne badgirljo@ntlworld.com
    Thanks Adrian, for giving me the best laugh I've had all week. Just read your review on Will Young's album 'From Now On' ... with respect, you spout so much crap your arse must be jealous.

    Mandy Delaforce mandy_delaforce@hotmail.com
    That is the most ridculous review of From Now On I have evr read. I take it you did actually bother to listen more than once. Are you aware that this album was the 19th biggest selling album in the country last year.Hardley poor for a debut album. Also you don't even mention Fine Line, hardley a run of the mill pop song. Will Young Is in fact a very versatile singer who shows that in all of his live performances. If you knew anything about him at all, you would know that unlike many so called manufactured pop stars he always sings live with each redition being just a little different. Can't be bothered to say anymore because you are obviously deaf and biased.

    mary msaberhagen@aol.com
    I thought your review was hilarious. Just a few glaringly obvious errors in there.Darius sung the Britney Spears song on Popstars NOT Pop Idol. That error and the fact that you think so many people on Pop Idol 2 are better singers than Will Young has made your review absolute shit just like your description of Will's voice! When you are reviewing an album may I suggest you get your facts right first? Will co-wrote Cruel to be Kind and Lovestruck with Cathy Dennis, and From Now On and Over You with Biff and Jules. I make that 4 songs not 3 and as you said yourself Cruel to be Kind is one of the songs you like.

    Linda lindabloo@aol.com
    Your review on this album has given me the biggest laugh I have had in ages. Will Young is one of the most talented unique singers I have heard in the past 20 years. This album was amazing, I never did like Long and Winding Road, although I do like Will's vocals. It amazes me how one person's taste in music can be so different to anothers. Will has a huge fan base ageing from 12-60 and even people such as my son who is really not a fan of his at all admits he has a great voice, so as far as your comments are concerned on the album and on Will's vocals in my opinion is absolute crap. I would like to hear your opinion on who you rate as an excellent male solo singer.

    Tracey Traceymoll@aol.com
    You're talking out of your backside lol. Your review was so painful to read I was crying with sheer laughter.

    Adrian responds.....

    Q : "I take it you are not a fan?" Adrian : "No."
    Q : "how wrong can one person be?" Adrian : "I apologise for cribbing the songwriting credits from All Music Guide. "
    Q : "Why did you bother to review Will's superb debut album if you hate him so much?" Adrian : "Variety is the spice of life. Listening to karaoke artists such as Will helps me appreciate real artists and real interpreters all the more."
    Q : "When you are reviewing an album may I suggest you get your facts right first?" Adrian : "No, you may not!! Okay, look here. I apologise for getting the song credits mixed up. When you've reviewed nearly 1000 albums, such mix-ups are entirely possible, if eternally regrettable. I apologise, and would have corrected said facts, but a dozen people at least have already done so for me."
    Q : " I would like to hear your opinion on who you rate as an excellent male solo singer. " Adrian : "Neil Young!"

    brill review of will's album!!NOT!!! get your facts right first before posting!!

    Paula j.bourne7@ntlworld.com
    Adrian, I suggest that you go and hear Will live in concert. I have never read so much rubbish in my life. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but how can you say he cant sing, he has the most phenomenal voice ever, I love the album, hearing him sing live, I can times that enjoyment 1000 times. He is astounding.

    I have just read your review on Will's album and I have to say that reviewing over a 1000 album's must have affected your hearing. You should get it checked!!

    Mike Harrison fughedaboudit455@yahoo.com
    I've never heard a thing from Will Young, much less actually heard OF Will Young, but I already know he sucks. Any album by a manufactured pop artist is bound to be "for the moment" and ONLY for the moment. By the time all you teenybopper girls who flamed Adrian for this review turn 20 years of age, you will have long forgotten this "Pop Idol" schmuck. All of you girls are real suckers for Corporate England much like the teenybopper girls here in the US are real suckers for the latest corporate musical fad. Go buy some REAL music by musicians who have had to fight and slave and scrape for YEARS to produce ART while making a miniscule amount of money, and support THEM instead!

    Skip bushbabyskip@hotmail.com
    Read your Will review...and I have one little question. Do your ears work?? You obviously have some kind of hearing disfunction if you think Will's just another run of the mill singer. He's a talented song-writer, who writes a large proportion of his songs, just wait for his new album! He has an amazing voice, with a fantastic range and superb dextreity. I suggest you listen to his new single and album when it comes out mate....you'll be in for a BIG surprise.

    Mac webmaster@albumvote.co.uk
    Your rating of 2 is too kind, to pull your self away form you’re Beach Boys, Smiths and Nick Drake albums to listen to this must have been painful. Look at the state of the UK charts filled with TV compotation winners, where as good bands like Mansun, The Longpigs and Suede bite the dust. How can we ever give the US another Beatles or Stones when virtual reality TV dictates the future of British music? Will, you and the other contenders and the organisers of these shows are to blame for this and from a musical prospective – you deserve nothing.

    Michael Baker guess_who@hotmail.com
    I was disgusted that someone as untalanted as Wiil, Could cover great song such as Light My Fire and The Long And Winding Road. I suggest you listen to the originals.

    bassplayeredd eddie123zeppelin@hotmail.com
    Excellent review here. What a big pile of shite. The mere thought of people defending the album is laughable. People read some of the other reviews, you know the ones about real bands that make real music.

    BillyZane billy@hhs.nl
    I agree with you Adrian, this album is just bad. How could he rape a musical masterpiece like ´Light my fire` from The Doors. In ten years you hear nothing more about this guy. Just another teen idol

    stone otherstuff_46@yahoo.com
    Never much heard of Will Young, though this fellow sounds like any participant of America's own "American Idol", indeed. I find it interesting that the only people who are spitting acid on Adrian are women who are clearly melting all over this Will Young character for all the same reasons teenyboppers melt over the Backstreet Boys -- sexual attraction.

    Martyn Cooper wiley442@hotmail.com
    I notice it's just the woman that find Adrian's review ridiculious. Fuck off, get real music. Will Young - a manufactured piece of horse poop.

    top of page Friday's Child 7 ( 2003 )
    Love The One You're With / You're Game / Stronger / Leave Right Now / Matter Of Distance / Dance The Night Away / Very Kind / Free / Going My Way / Out Of My Mind / Friday's Child

    I had to review this, didn't I?? Just out of principal. Out of curiosity, bearing in mind the anger from Will Young fans directed towards me due to my review of his debut. I'm writing this review the day after Michelle, that larger than average house-wife has won pop-idol 2. I supported her all the way, so anxious that the usual stereotypical young boy whom young female fans and middle aged mothers get gooey over before they even listen to the music, didn't win. How was I judging the debut Will Young record? I was judging it harshly, because it's a bad record. Unsuitable production mostly, as 'Friday's Child' bears out, actually. I wasn't reviewing Will Young so much as reviewing 'From Now On' by Will Young. All the conclusions I drew were based on the recorded evidence, not on the first series of pop idol and not on Will Young, who I'm sure is a great guy. Ok?

    Right, before regular readers of my site give up on me in astonishment at the rating i've given this album, bearing in mind my strict Sixties rock and obscure 80s alternative/indie upbringing - I have one thing to say. The voice of Will Young, as based upon 'Friday's Child' ( rather than based upon 'From Now On' or based upon his live appearances or anything else, i'm reviewing 'Friday's Child' after all, not anything else ) is that his voice sounds quite soulful. He sounds older, which is a stupid thing to say, because he is. He sounds more mature. Perhaps he himself was disappointed with the way 'From Now On' turned out and wanted to do something about it?? Well, have you asked him? Sometimes, it's best to use your ears and your brain and draw your own conclusions. 'Friday's Child' is so much better than 'From Now On', that it may as well be a different artist altogether. Two of the first three songs are pretty great! 'Love The One You're With' has a great gospel feel which Will copes with well, third song 'Stronger' is a great pop/soul song. It has none of the artificiality that blighted 'From Now On'. You don't need 100 co-producers, musicians and writers, you really don't. The natural talent of Will Young shines through so much more on this album than it did on the last. It's that simple. The first album was a cash-in, that's how the record industry works. But, for a lasting career, the second album had actually better be good, otherwise, goodbye Mr Will Young. That's how the industry works.

    Well, I don't care for a few of the songs here. I don't care for the way his voice sounds during 'Leave Right Now', at all. Maybe it wasn't his fault, it's light material in any case. The ballad, 'Love Is A Matter Of Difference' you'll either love or hate, it's so sickly sweet. The housewives and Will Young adorers, will, well, adore it. Myself? I don't like it. I love the string section though, I do have a sentimental side. Sometimes, sentimental can cross the line marked 'Cheesy, do not cross', however. The second half of the album tried to add a little variety, with the r'n'b sounding 'Free'. 'Out Of My Mind' is very very good, sounds like it's going back to 'Off The Wall' era Michael Jackson, almost. The soulful feel that the better songs on this album display could well be a concerted attempt to break the American market. That sounds cynical of me, but it's probably true. Anyway, I have no problem with it. This soulful sound suits Will Young so much better than the lightweight pop and mis-placed covers that blighted 'From Now On' so much. So, conclusions?? Well, there are three or four genuinely impressive songs here. The rest is ranging from good, to so-so, to poor. If Will keeps control of the direction his career is heading into, he may well have a lasting career on his hands, after all. This is the direction he should pursue, the slick yet impressive soul of the title track, the enjoyable and accomplished disco soul nostalgia of 'Out Of My Mind', the opening song and the third song. But, what do I know?

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    Readers Comments

    Graham ham_is_nice@hotmail.com
    I don’t normally listen to much chart music, but I was given this for Christmas by someone who thought I would like it. At first I thought a pair of grey socks would have been more welcome, but, as you say, some of the songs are actually quite good. The lead single is comforting and the title track features a decent vocal performance, I suppose. He is hardly but there could be a career in the pop industry for Mr Young. Not something I would have said after hearing his debut. I do have one gripe though... ...ok, this is a nice album but why are you reviewing this when you have not yet reviewed any albums by Beck Hansen? Surely Beck is one of the most important solo artists of the last ten years and I cannot believe he doesn't feature on your otherwise fine website. You can go back to "karaoke singers" once you have given Odelay and Mellow Gold the proper attention. I’d give Friday’s Child 5/10 – Ok, b! ut nothing special.

    Alice Reid alliebabe6187@hotmail.com
    Well I'm pleased you have finally given Will some of the credit he is due after your complete and somewhat undeserved slating in the first review! Now I don't want to give the impression of being a screaming teeny-bopper even though at times, that is what I am but I genuinely admire Will's musical talent which is why I so objected to your comments on Will's voice being adequate. Some of the first music he did, such as too many covers was not the bets way to launch his career but if that's what he had to do to get where he was today well then I think it was all worthwhile because I would not want to have never heard this album. I think a 9 or 10 would be a more suitable rating but at least you showed a little more appreciation for one of the greatest talents on the modern pop scene.

    Sarah sarahedgecombe@msn.com
    been a fan for 2 years and i have never heard better music he has a good singing voice he is different to most of the crap out nowadays i have both his albums and i hope they sell well if anyone wants to join my will young site just go to msn groups and type in WILLYOUNGFANSITE plenty of info bout will young :) it only for people who like good music

    Colleen T. jasmine-kalina@yahoo.com
    just love Will's voice. You have to understand that sometimes a person's UNIQUE voice, coupled with looks/personality, grabs our attention. I believe that is why Will won Pop Idol. "Je ne sais quois"...he's got it! Just because someone is technically a superb singer means little... a voice that grabs our attention and soothes, entertains, and/or stimulates us is far more precious and rare. AND his choice of material is exactly the type I love...SO this is why I LOOOOVE WILL YOUNG! P.S. I'm an "old married lady" in Hawaii who has kept up with pop music since the time I was four years old. I love everything from Motown to bhangra, from Coldplay to Tarkan. I think I should've been born in the UK!

    Richard pykark@fsmail.net
    Liked the review, and must admit I am not a fan of Will Young. I do agree with you though that he has amtured since Pop (bored)Idol and I am well impressed with this particular rendition. His voice does lend itself to this particular style, adn I do find myself thinking that I would buy (god help me) a album that was heavy with this style. Hopefully Will will evolve.

    Christine chris.thomp@virgin.net
    Hi Adrian. Hallelujah the man has seen the light. I too do not particularly like Love Is a Matter of Distance, and it is the only one on the whole album I can say that about. I would much rather he had put one of his 'throwaway' B sides from his singles on instead - Cry on the back of LRN is a fantastic song as is Down on the B side of Your Game - both co-written by Will. He also wasted two great songs on the B sides of his charity record for Children in Need - If That's What You Want is a VERY sexy little number and Ready or Not is a great floor filler - both of which would have easily fitted on F.N.O. Alibi of Love which Will has included in his set list for his summer tour was supposed to go on F.N.O. but didn't, and I reckon it was sacrificed for LAWR - grrr. Will is still learning his craft - do any of us ever STOP learning? - but he always strives to do better with each successive album. He has laid down tracks in collaboration with Nitin Sawhney and I can't WAIT to ! see what music he and Will have come up with. By his own admission Will is not a 'music man' providing lyrics and melodies only so he co-writes with musicians - and he certainly knows how to pick them having 'discovered' Nitin last year.Will does his own A & R so if his work isn't well received the buck stops with him. Once again, I think album 3 will be an eclectic mix but with a underlying theme. I have heard Sawhney's work and if that's the direction Will is taking then I will definitely be buying into Will Young for many years to come. My rating: 10/10.

    Gill gproudfoot@btinternet.com
    I am glad you have actually listened to Friday's Child. Will has obviously matured with this fine album. His hands were tied contractually when he produced From Now On and he himself says that this album is much more his style. Roll on album number three which he is writing at the moment.

    Crystal, fictioncave@hotmail.com
    The comments has been coated and re-coated with sheer biasness and being in a state that the commenter is in, I can fully take that he is not quite in his right mind. He was probably a) a wannabe pop idol that got kicked out before the auditions or b) a Gareth supporter. Also, although not a great big fan of Will, he is but a pop idol figure, I personally find a great talent in his voice. Having such discourteous comments on his album, I for one can wonder how you managed to survive through the whole album? Much less two! I would have to give Will a pat on the back for a job well done on the two albums though my personal favorite has been “Friday’s Child.” Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to his opinion, and I happened to not agree with yours. Ah, the brilliant views of opposition.

    matt mattwaring@snowboard.com
    Isn't it funny how all the replys supporting Will Young are from females. Is it me or does the charts and pop music currently evolve around image. I think so, ladies I think your really need to listen to some decent music, I mean what good characteristics does Will Young have, he can sing - wooo who can't these days it doesn't mean someone is talanted. And in order for a singer to be something speciall, I beleive that they should have an original voice, not something that is always in tune, for example, tracy chapman or B.B.King. Does he ever play an instrument - no. Does he write all his songs - no. Is he a good preformer - to those who fancy him yes - to everyone else - no. You lot need to appreciate good music. Oh keep up the good work adrian, i find your site very usefull for when I decide to treat myself to a new album.


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