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    Crazy Hits 1 ( 2005 )
    Soft Intro / Axel F / Popcorn / Whoomp / 1001 Nights / Bailando / Don't You Want Me / Dirty Frog / Magic Melody / Pump Up The Jam / In The 80s / Pinocchio / Wonderland / Dallas / The Pink Panther / Crazy Sounds

    A ring-tone phenomenon that started from a 17 year old Swede imitating the sound of a two stroke moped engine. The sound effect wound up on the net, eventually with accompanying animation featuring a frog wearing a white motorcycle helmet, leather jacket and googles. Ambigious genitalia, but as this is a family web-site, we won't go down that particular route. The character makes hand-movements as if twisting the controls of a motorcycle, whilst making his 'crazy' comedic sounds. Then, flies off into the distance with a long, squeeky 'whee' sound to complete said 'crazy' sounds. Perfect to be licensed as a ring-tone, of course. After nearly taking over the ring-tone market and spawning numerous imitations, a single was released. The UK, being the market place for dumb, novelty hits, sent the song to number one for weeks and weeks. The song? Anybody remember Axel F, theme tune to Beverley Hills Cop? It's that song, with the Crazy Frog making his distinctive sounds at numerous 'strategic' stages throughout the track. Now, as a one off, well. I dismiss such novelties as part of life. Bob The Builder released a single, the Teletubbies released a single. Etc and so-forth. 'Axel F' reached a new generation too young, unlike me, to remember the original. Fair enough. It's rubbish of course, but still, part of life as I said. Releasing an entire album however is a crass money-making enterprise of the lowest order. 'Crazy Hits' is taking the idea too far.

    Do you remember, throughout the 80s and early 90s, compilation albums were eligible for the regular album charts. This lead to a top ten wherby half the albums were various artist hits compilations. Eventually, the UK record industry saw sense and separated such various artist compilations into their own chart. With the launch of 'Crazy Hits', basically consisting of Karaoke standard backing tracks with added beats here and there, some tracks appear to be the original backing tracks, other songs are taking things way too far as they barely even feature the Crazy Frog himself at all! Um yes. With the launch of 'Crazy Hits', isn't there a case for just having specialist, genre charts? Well, just to ban idiotic nonsense like this, it needn't happen. The benefits will be outweighed by the disadvantages. At the end of the day, this album exists. Hopefully, the bargin bins beckon, but you can bet your bottom euro that some idiot will drag the album out at parties and call you stupid for not having a sense of humour. I've plenty of sense of humour, I find the artist, unfortunately still known as 'Seal' hilarious! 'Crazy Hits'? A '1' of course. But that's only because it exists, I don't 'do' ratings of '0'. Oh, and a note to all of you who will curse me for reviewing this piece of dung in the first place? The old 'why waste your time.....' thing? Well, visit my Tatu or Robbie Williams pages for the joy that is readers comments!

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    Readers Comments

    Martyn Cooper wiley442@hotmail.com
    "omgomgogm this is sooooo much betta dan all da crap dat u'z lot listen 2 olol. radiohed are poop, dey make crappy mumblin noises at least da crazy frog has musick in it olol!!!!" Yes. It's shite. This isn't music. This is the definition of plain fucking annoying. I have nothing else to say other than Adrian is my idol.

    john,county kildare john.j.doyle@nuim.ie
    y'know when someone gets pissed off because you criticise an album you have never heard....? WELL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IT IS MY PROUD HONOUR TO TAKE THAT LIBERTY HERE! the perfect arguement against the e.u. methinks or the less politically interested among us, will be just happy to hear this described as the blood on the tracks of artistic retardation. robert johnson is directly linked to the yardbirds, and abba are directly linked to this. e'nuf said. doesnt even NEED a rating realistically speaking........

    will willvero@hotmail.com.au
    It is so fucking sad that Coldplay's Speed of Sound got pipped on the charts by a bloody animated frog. You could say the same about Gorillaz, but Damon Albarn has made clever music there, but crazy frog....i've said enough.

    Simon odd_fellow@hotmail.co.uk
    Will, it was not sad at all that the crazy frog beat 'Speed of sound' to number one, it was hilarious. 'Speed of sound' was a truly dreadful piece of music from a useless band completely undeserving of their fame and popularity. I thought the frog was just like a gimmicky, bad joke, but i can honestly say i prefer it to the worst song coldplay ever recorded.

    bassplayeredd eddie123zeppelin@hotmail.com
    i agree with Simon, even is this is the worst thing to get to number 1 at least it stopped that pretty dull, dreary coldplay song from getting to number 1.

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